Old Forge hosting Fire Drills this weekend

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Old Forge hosting Fire Drills this weekend
Fire departments from all over the state come to Old Forge for the event

To mostly sunny skies from tuday t with highs in the low 70s anovernight lows near 50.

Earlier we mentioned during the accident in old forge, the emergency response was immediatedue to a t the old forgfire department across the street.

That conference is the annual firefighter's drill school weekend.

This is the 53rd year fe are e event.

It was started by aew inviduals wdecided to hae classes to teach important skills to state including re departments inungsauquoifrankfort, fnkfort courses westmoreland and many oer fr arou the statare he classes "over the a it hasvolvedinto a destinion f firefighters from all er w york statincluding e year.

Tside states and we condt claes, we haveourses available to them and they come here tparticipate in the classes plus its also the ordarie of almost a christmas like atmospre and getting together for a certain time of the year.

The fire school event coinues

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