Big Ticket - ES South at Stroudsburg

Video Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA - Published
Big Ticket - ES South at Stroudsburg
Original Airdate: 9/13/19

Touchdowns boy are they rolling right now in eastern.

Let's go to the epc big game within that division 3 know east stroudsburg south paid a visit to 2 and won stroudsburg to perhaps an early statement game.

>>for south.

Their way through the first still scoreless really in fish looking down field.

Christian sect sap all that 62 yards down the sideline for the score at south takes a 7 nothing lead 4 minutes to go in the 1st half still 7 nothing same grover's pass goes through the hands of his receiver and into the arms of who else sept how about that 7 himself a nice little game so cavaliers keep them out nears off the board the 1st half 7 nothing early 3rd quarter now south still beating 7 nothing leo 7 the pot.

The kick is feel the bicep and this kid is everywhere taken a couple of moves gets to the edge and 2 guesses what is going to want to get to may go it's it go back inside that felt about that all the way to the house doing it all cavaliers go up for it teen to nothing are you not entertained give me the gladiator there we go 2 minutes to go in the game south looking to put the game on ice christian arrington on the kerry you've seen this young man run the ball before to without sheikhs an arm tackle 35 yards to the end zone, south on top 21 to nothing about the stroudsburg south they go on the road in the stroudsburg and win it 21 to nothing set receiving touchdown an interception.

>>and a punt return td all might work to help out of that so they get that little brown jug back there.

>>the post said christian air is off to a pretty darned good start wouldn't you say you get a new production just business as usual for coach walters and the cavaliers for

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