Big Ticket - Liberty at Easton

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Big Ticket - Liberty at Easton
Original Airdate: 9/13/19

You already knew that little bit of the stuff you actually care about and that is of the football and you mentioned the other 3 know epc south the incoming into the night the eastern red rovers and lot of people were curious to see how they would do tonight against a perhaps a bit of a step up in competition liberty is almost 3 another loss of the very end of bethlehem catholic last week.

But for the east and they're averaging 47 points a game to get a sophomore quarterback with a g adams running the football well, but you're right elevated competition, how they fare is the hurricanes that they've let's go on to tell us.

The sun was rolling early on this season off to a 3 in oh start the be facing their toughest opponent to date tonight in liberty the 2 in one hurricanes came in cottingham stadium, fresh off a tough last minute 2722 loss.

>>crosstown rival bethlem catholic last week john company looking for to get that bitter taste out of their mouth from a week ago and also to exact some revenge against the rovers who beat the hurricanes last year at as the stadium 2821.

Sun will get the ball to start in a march right down the field naji adams taking the hand up coming right 11 yards to the head.

>>capping a 10 play drive that was 6.43 left in the first the rovers with the early 7 nothing lead liberty what answer on their first possession in a big way dallas homes dropping back into it a little shaken big he's going to keep it himself and rumbles down the sideline, pulling away making it look easy 48 yards to the promised land and with 4.39 left in the first we're all tied up at 7 apiece.

2 minutes into the second naji adams taking that pitch why not he gets 18 of the 19 yards.

He needed to reach pater next play he finishes the job getting in from the one home team with the 14 7 advantage and liberties next possession to have a little trouble on special teams there deep in their own territory looked upon jack robin hauser gets the yips with the snap.

A couple of times he's down in the 19 the stunt sort of capitalized on a short field settling for this 31 yard jackson hi to my or field goal.

It's 17 7 rovers liberty fumbled it away on their next possession, 7 plays later.

They cash in the rover's do not see adams taking that pension plan the rock and a magic guard 4 yards layer with 3.36 left in the second east and up 24 to 7.

The rovers came up with a punt block and the canes next possession and first play from scrimmage cold a little play action rolls out.

And says shoot i got this he finds own 4 yards later rovers head into the break up 31 to 7 liberty got the ball coming out in the 3rd, but they would park the rover's takeover and first play from scrimmage they go to the air cold france who puts it up for chase homes.

He halted and beats the defender and finds own 32 yards later and with a 48 left in the 3rd easton pulling away 38 to 7.

Naji adams fumbled it away and the rover's next possession.

But he makes him and that their next drive flipping the switch in going the distance 78 yards.

Sometimes the truth hurts his 4th trip to pater tonight.

The rovers role the they take a bite out of liberty tonight, 44 to 7 finance all 4 times and i was very good, you know much play but for a good life 40 minutes this game.

Topic an opposing walk in against linebackers in the second level a bit of a good job of a the pass game on back putting in state even a stain on day, let's go for big ticket.

>>all right.

Thank you dave the easton red rovers in convincing fashion you mentioned off to a 4 and oh start.

Now they will get him a us next week and was another good test for them sure is not yet already lead the region in

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