Big Ticket - Nazareth at Freedom

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Big Ticket - Nazareth at Freedom
Original Airdate: 9/13/19


>>and another blockbuster battle in the pc south freedom playing host to 3 unknown as with the patriots, the defending district chance coming off wins of parkland in bethlehem catholic nazareth blew out central catholic last week.

The kind of really really great defensive affable look at this freedom getting right after that nazareth the bats wasting no time this is their second offensive snapped jaylin stewart 58 yards and he's gotten 2 minutes in it 7 nothing for 2nd quarter now it's 14 7 nazareth.

>>jalen jenkins to on screen up later, it's 14 to 13 that we missed the extra point to keep that in mind that would loom large later it's 14 to 13 louisville's that get a great kick return with nazareth making a short in 3 plays after that anthony that i in 21 yard strike, 2113 in front and they would extend that lead after forcing a punt and some freedom penalties aiding the cause is anthony across from yard out with a nice effort by house to get in there nazareth up 28 to 13 in the 1st half freedom with one the final flight before the half jenkins going to the air we've seen this a time or 2 before dan nate stepped from 7 on the season day in number 4 little return there style points going to the end nazareth 28 to 13 at the break that's your 3rd quarter here we go our jenkins going deep this time to his own jersey ice pass and catch location in the corner 32 yard touchdown that makes it a one possession game again 2020.

Nazareth after 3 4th quarter nazareth striking back big play here.

Paris scrambles finding mates to panic in the corner of the endzone tapping toes for the touchdown and it's a big one that is it going to have school record for touchdown passes, 24 garston a stiff by the way those his older brother travis whose low on that passed on strike in the arm think on that he showed it all off at the legs and the arms state that 35 to 22 freedom not done jenkins to matt rustin across the middle that the 29 yard touchdown and makes it 3527.

Early in the 4th quarter skip too late in the 4th quarter 2 minutes left lets them that freedom another shot and jailed store lose again the following the 49 yard touchdown run that makes a 3530 threes.

You know we've got a 2 point conversion attempt another they missed that extra points to the need to go for 2 here to tie the game.

Jenkins rolled to his right working in the end zone gets is there to panic for nazareth is incredible it is incredible not an i in team, but it didn't need it they're not sit down and that was it doing the nazareth blue eagles and yet another upper echelon epc south thriller.

>>get a 3533 win at freedom that is a statement when if ever there was one and we're talking all year long about this new tough tenacious nazareth defense you wouldn't know it from the points that they made the big plays when they needed to make the big plays when they had to you and i were talking.

This is coach tom most complete team in recent memory.

I say, yes, i so come in you beat the reigning.

>>we champion district, 11 champions tonight on the road you're for now i've got say you're making a pretty thick skin and fur ne stefanik of the defensive side of the ball get 7 interceptions before games, the game sealing play in the 2 point conversion and then he has catches hauer says.

>>touchdown breaking a record breaking touchdown of the offensive side.

It's of an interview on the yeah.

>>congratulations nazareth a

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