Red Bank at East Hamilton

Video Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN - Published
Red Bank at East Hamilton
Red Bank traveled to East Hamilton to take on the Hurricanes.

Three contests.

East hamilton entered the game scoring an average of 40 points a game.

Can't score when you turn it over though.

Jadon high recovers the east hamilton fumble which sets up this play on the ensuing drive where madox wilkey throws this one to lucas brown who fights his way down the sideline the next play wilkey goes back to brown who takes this one in to make it 7 to nothing red bank the turnover bug seems to have been the canes.

Helmet on the football.

It comes out and red bank recovers.

That turnover sets up this drive as deangelo ross takes this one around the edge for a nice gainer that sets up this wilkey pass to brown who charges down the sideline to take it within 5 the next play sees lumiere strickland take the handoff in for 6 making it 14 to nothing red bank later in the second east hamilton loses the ball again and the lions pounce on it again setting up another red bank drive hard charging ross take the handoff down the far sideline setting up this pass by wilkey to none other than brown himself to take this one in

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