Big Ticket - Pigskin Partners - Week 3

Video Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA - Published
Big Ticket - Pigskin Partners - Week 3
Original Airdate: 9/13/19


Now it's time for this week's picks game partners brought to you by lehigh valley health network in for this week.

>>but it county that's right.

The wilson bulldozing the see these highlights in a minute want to showcase this plight.

>>this is true course on a wide receiver sweet he's going to go down that the number 38 there that's about a la carte use the tell by watching again number 38.

>>he's used to carrying the ball in doing this scoring this time you lose the way to kill a block earlier.

They have another block down here.

That's a partnership right there course and unlock are normally the ball carrier this

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