Big Ticket - Notre Dame Head Coach

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Big Ticket - Notre Dame Head Coach
Original Airdate: 9/13/19

That gets the win and they go to 3, 1, a season with that we would like to welcome in.

The notre dame crusaders for our live interview tonight head coach ifill stand.

>>coached and we just talked about you know the tough loss to southern lehigh a week ago you come back at home tonight and put up a pretty dominant effort.

How refreshing was it to kind of get back in the win column and see your guys play some solid football.

>>those private along this week in football history that we went through last week coming off that loss.

But you know, i'm very proud of our kids for bouncing back we talked about that all week in a they showed a lot of resiliency tonight we're we're ready to keep going after this we didn't lose sight of our goals we're going to keep keep plugging away.

>>well, let's talk about your quarterback situation says you've got hit with a lot of unexpected adversity here collie content of the sophomore look so good he goes down in fact he had surgery today, he's out for a while the third-string kid he's out for the season.

So you take and your d'arnaud's probably your top receiver, he's now the quarterback and he looked pretty darned good throwing the ball tonight.

>>yeah and you played really well, i mean that's that's not easy vinny's he was behind cole and backup quarterback transition into a wide receiver now into his senior year he's been asked for for the betterment of the team to step back in their play quarterback.

Yet to 2 passing touchdowns 2 rushing touchdowns tonight did an excellent job.

It's a lot of credit to him and his character as a leader to do what he has to do is still technically are leading receiver on a team, currently feeling that in a couple weeks is going to be a leading passer.

>>coaches talk about your defense for a second coach phil stambaugh murdered and joining us here on our live obviously the tough outing at southern lehigh but you get a shot out in the 1st half against the palmerton team that has some playmakers so let's be honest they come out really set the tone.

What if you like of the most about your defensive adjustments tonight.

>>i just i mean palmer had has to the better players in league with nelson unstable and we were able to shut them down and i thought our defense really played well it's our scheme is really coming together and we had a slip up last week.

But the kids put that aside and then they showed up to play tonight.

I was i was very happy with our performance all the way around the way that we got to the to the past or the way that went after the ball and the way we shut down the wrong because like i said nelson is a very dynamic player.

>>you've got to south korea next week you've got some of the tougher opponents of the league already in the rearview mirror which is nice before we let you go because you want to ask you about the sky off to your right hand shoulder over your right and children has popped up a time or 2 in our highlights tell us tell us what this story here what is that.

>>i'm going to i want to let one of our kids very about it.

This is easy tell you about the turnover plank are out of this.

>>so the turnover it right for the first game and we painted a panda on the back.

We actually have the tallies of all the players who have had a turnover.

It's like you.

Like people are trying to get the kids in cent of and bought into it when it's a fun exciting thing for us to do and hopefully it leads to a.

>>a lot more turnovers as as we go through the rest of season.

>>as work and yet a good it's also the turnover chain at the point like the like ico workouts all right coach, thank you so had could still stand ball, notre dame crusaders big winners tonight at

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