Wyandotte Pow Wow

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Wyandotte Pow Wow

Wyandotte Pow Wow

The Wyandotte Nation celebrating it's heritage and culture with it's 30th annual Pow Wow.


Rain chances heritage and culture with it's 30th annual pow wow.

Koam's chris warner was at tonight's opening celebration and has more.

For the people of the wyandotte nation, this weekend celebration goes beyond just the dances and the music.friend: "a pow wow was really not a part of our tradition, but we established it 30 years ago as a way of bringing wyandotte people back to oklahoma to gather together and reconnect as a nation."

The celebration lasts all weekend, and includes tribes from across the country - thirty others in addition to the people of the wyandotte nation.

But for chief friend, it's just as important to involve non-tribal people as well.friend: "we always want to be good neighbors in everything that we do, we involve the community in it, and so, when we celebrate our heritage and our traditions, we want the community to join in as well."

Chief friend says there's upwards of 2,000 people that come to take part in the rich heritage of native american culture.

At the pow wow, there's people of all ages.

Chief friend says that's something that's key to keeping their history, and their culture, alive.friend: "it's one of the things we really concentrate on today is starting in our preschool, teaching the language, teaching the customs, teaching the dances, and seeing them out in arena is just, as tribal leadership, it makes us very proud."

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Dowe: the pow-wow is taking place throughout the weekend at the wyandotte nation pow-wow grounds - about a mile west of inidgo sky casino on highway sixty.


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