Big Ticket - Spring Ford at Exeter

Video Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA - Published
Big Ticket - Spring Ford at Exeter
Original Airdate: 9/13/19

They start l league play next week, visiting penn manor now another crossover game between the pack and berks county report ramsey lost wilson last week they're looking to bounce back.

>>going in to donna thomas stadium to take on the eagles to 30 left in the first rams armanti pays extends across the goal line breaks the plane.

>>that's a one yard score rams up 7 to nothing 3.36 weapon half grant still in all business here.

>>still 35 got the 10 to nothing.

One 44 2nd quarter rams up to nothing before training request of the day here in the back and great hatch there that puts them up 17 to nothing and soon kick off though eagles looking for a big play and they get it here from devon scott mishandled the ball but looking for an opening and he finds one shades of the sean jackson on this run just bursting through they're making guys miss.

>>and he goes 98 yards to the house accident making some noise.

One last june there at the end for scott that's a 98 yard score.

But then next drive and grow strikes again placed our sally great chemistry between anger his receivers rams take this one 20 47 for the eagles.

>>fall the 2 into no shame they're losing to the rams and their high powered offense

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Big Ticket - Wilson WL at Spring Ford [Video]

Big Ticket - Wilson WL at Spring Ford

Original Airdate: 9/6/19

Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PAPublished