Car burglaries at Lime Creek Nature Center

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Car burglaries at Lime Creek Nature Center
Thieves busting into the cars of outdoor enthusiasts

New at ten it's a popular spot in mason city where folks like to get back in tune with nature.

Unfortunatly, that peace and quiet is being broken by thieves.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki is live in mason city with the latest nick.

These break ins have been happening at lime creek nature center, on the north side of mason city.

People are going out for a hike and coming back to find some of their belongings are gone.

< "come back and your car is all demolished and your stuff is gone.

Some of the items you can't replace, they're valuable."

Vince ankrum from mason city reacts to hearing about car burglaries that have been happening in the normally tranquil lime creek nature center.

"it's sad to say because this is somewhere to enjoy with the family and friends, so it will wreck the fun."

Ankrum's friend, travis koraleski, is also dissapointed that someone would make a day in the park into a crime of opportunity.

"its a family place to get together and go hiking and biking, whatever you want to do.

I dont know, it's just sad to hear."

Todd von ehwegen works at the nature center, he says they do their best to make sure the parking lot is secure.

"law enforcement is very good about coming out here and keeping an eye on things, but of course, they cant be everywhere all the time.

So, there's going to be times where somebody might try to get away with something, but we do have cameras."

He thinks hikers should make sure to have their car doors locked and take extra precautions before they go on that scenic stroll.

"we would strongly suggest that you don't leave any valuables in your car.

It doesn't take much to break a window.

Somebody finds a rock and breaks it open or they're organizing and we reached out to the cerro gordo county sheriff's office and they tell us they've received 5 reports of break ins at the park in about a year and a half.

All of those burglaries have happened during the daytime.

In mason city, nick kruszalnicki kimt news 3.

Thanks nick.

A kimt viewer told us she had her car broken into at lime creek yesterday.

She says her window was smashed and a wallet was stolen.

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