Big Ticket - Fleetwood at Upper Perk

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Big Ticket - Fleetwood at Upper Perk
Original Airdate: 9/13/19

See if the red knights campaign that berks one division.

Near and dear to my heart fleetwood tigers going into a team near and dear to jim on upper part.

>>indians look at that ferocity coming out of the that's just a high class school right there oh, yeah, years 1st quarter 3rd for charlie maddocks when some of his brother tanner maddox 24 yard score tigers.

>>up 7 nothing quickly, but indians they answer back.

Her cover flack.

Rolls right nearly 5 really goes all the way out about schools across party, card, chief holes in >>17 yard score was tied at 77.

>>2nd quarter now tiger's back after cost takes the ball.

>>41 yards up the gut tigers up.

>>team to 7 indians into the end zone with them and the tigers have a lead, but the pendulum swinging the other way flack, this time, it's train bombings and 9 yards for just the goal line indians with the not the tigers off take a 20 to 14 lead in this game.

But the tigers answer on the road christian may know one of the great backs in berks county this year dusts off a 10 yard score.

Tigers tightening go for 2 and big man just like william refrigerator.

Perry allen snyder punches it in from 2 yards out the 2 point conversion and the tigers held the lead and they're enjoying outside 7 hits.

The ball looking it in the end zone, there 4th quarter costigan 12 yards makes a 28 to 20 did that shape or what at the 2 point conversion and the fleetwood tigers for the first time.

>>the program history are for know.

>>with a 30 to 20 win over up for a perk probably closer than they wanted to be going in to offer perth with the tiger showed some grit come from behind first time they had to do that late in a ball game this year and that's what you got to do if you want to be a playoff team you have to show that grip on the road.

And pretty

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