Sequoyah at Dalton

Video Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN - Published
Sequoyah at Dalton
Sequoyah travels to Dalton to take on Jahmyr Gibbs and the Catamounts.

Stud back jamere gibbs leads the banner brigade.

The dude has 12 touchdowns this year.

Dalton defense looking to earn the coveted turnover mask.

Opening series for hte chiefs, jaden mitchell busts through the line, he aint got the football.

Dalton pounces on it, parker adams recovers the football, and here we go.

I am your turnover master.

Sadly, for dalton, they fumble it away on the next snap.

Chiefs recover and march it in for the score.

Qb sneak makes it 7 - 0 sequoyah.

Then the chiefs lost their mind, they kicked it to jamere gibbs.

This dude is for real.

If you don't believe me, just watch this return.

You think this guy giving chase is gonna catch him?

Come on man!!

A 97 yard kick return.

We are tied at 7.

Not sure if gibbs is a poet but this next run is football poetry.

It's got it all, power, speed, and moves.

Gibbs stretches it in there for a 39 yard touchdown run.

It's 14 - 7.

Later in the 2nd quarter, guess who?

It's gibbs with a slick dodge at the line, then the burst.

A 15 yard touchdown to make it 21 - 7.

Dalton goes on to win 42 - 14.

Gibbs scored 5 touchdowns and has 17 in 3 games.


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