Big Ticket - Triple Hots

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Big Ticket - Triple Hots
Original Airdate: 9/13/19

Beast there in the probably will game from number 3 >>good stuff there from the west the big time for your trouble hot play of the week nominations brought to you by the high valley help them with face book page in vote.

I'm voting ends monday at to of course master anthony.

Harris, school's all-time that's down that too.

They still find kind of a nice way to do it, you is a broke his brother's record and i asked the calendar so based upon the coaches a plan our sins.

>>eagles looking good both sides of aisle.

Go to the alec and there is they lost the stable look at this play john marks and there's derrius king johnny on the spot.

>>all action makes the catch that's in the for the touchdown.

So allan get out and vote on a sure bet ever had a triple hot from al above various can spot now exeter thing get the win tonight, but this is a huge plate devon scott.

>>looks like it was going pour le let's start to kick its coast 98 yards, making guys miss the entire weight.

Not everybody but just for good measure to right.

That and out of the eagles for i got to go to spring for the rams road.

>>it goes up top 2 here to blaze start ceiling blaze with the great name for the and better catch right there.

For spring for that right there is my what

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