Big Ticket - Ticket Takers

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Big Ticket - Ticket Takers
Original Airdate: 9/13/19

Time for ticket takers and triple leading off with tonight said ticket takers i want to go to the colonial league.

>>southern lehigh's asher smith, what a night up in bangor, 3 rushing touchdowns 181 yards.

>>also added a receiving touchdown about asher-smith my ticket taker this week on the feed.

So >>a 73 yard touchdown, there's like the afterthought because it would have been the ground.

I'm going to go to naji adams is a weekly ticket taker this 0.241 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground as easton pa, most liberty.

He's now rushed for 927 yards in 4 games this season.

Well, gee i just could be just pencil him in the perennial think are right.

>>now i went to all the red lights all the tigers.

>>starts both teams, reading a big win over twin valley.

>>and we would go into upper big win there for now for the first time in program history.

>>about always like see history.

They're saying you know see the west.

>>down in the district one, jack the allen getting my ticket taker over 200 yards on the ground.


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