Big Ticket - Pennridge at North Penn

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Big Ticket - Pennridge at North Penn
Original Airdate: 9/13/19

Down there now guys sands defeat on the looking good in the box for sure that's impressive stuff.

Thanks john.

Thank you very much john here i wanted to ken ridge paying a visit to.

>>2 in one north canada nights look into.

Pick up another victory conference play getting underway in the suburban one opening quarter north bank the rhine sell find our joe mcnamara out the flat.

>>mcnamara pits picks up they yet.

Terms for a 38 yard play couple plays later kalani even gets the rock and takes it 19 yards to the house, one of his 3 touchdowns on the night the knights up 7 nothing just over 4 minutes left in the 1st quarter jumping ahead not midway through the second gets the rock and this time 38 yards to see talks that i don't know pen with a 14 nothing lead.

And the crowd at crawford of course love like they usually do next north end the session knights using the aerial attack this time find white this is a 43 yard hookup as he gets deep in the hundreds territory which would set up pass too kenneth grandy who makes a nice move here and those 12 yards to the end zone, nice inside and he is able to get 21 nothing more after the 1st half and they would roll in the 2nd half as north penn.

Picks off a 37 to 14 months of the knights go to 3, 1, >>they will pay a visit to cbe snacks north penn turned the ball over 6 times in a last week in new dick that could have been

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