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Glers as they honor formernt for their first win of the season as they host henninger.


Specianight for the notre dame jugglers as they honor former head coach ben rizzo with a fielddedication.

Eer but fit - time for tonight's big game.

Class b eastatch-upt central valley academy as thor and the thunder host th spartans.

Everyone is out for this one including the central valley pop warner team.

Actually started a spencer chant.thanks guys!

--- alicia first quarter - 4:30 to play.

Artans on the two - but a red zo shap.

A fumbled snap.

Christian cacciatore emerges from the chaos with the ball and the thunder escape the thre.

--spencer they couldn't capitalize thgh still no sce in thsecond.

N-h back on the one.

This time - they find potocki up the middle on the quarterback keeper.

P-a-t good - 7-0 spartans.

--- alicia with under two minutes to play in the half - c-v-a on the 17.

Michael dur- berg dumps it fo mitchell arndt and he does the rest.

Spartans "an't" up the outside...extra point good here - it's tied up at seven.

--- spencer new hartford makes a late push to tryor ahalftime let seconds on the clock.

Potocki heaves it up...cole brewer rcheout for the one-handed interception.

What a play...but wait the's more.

On the return - colin oczkowski pos it free - brody herrman falls on it and the spartans recover.

Wild sequence but it's sevens at the half.

--- alicia no scoring thuout e second half - we'd need overtime to decide it.

New hartford has it on the five.

Potocki hands off to vinny fanelli for a hard fought run up the middle and over the goal line.....that ends it.

Spartans walk things off in ilion for a 13-7 overtime victory.

Spencer hello everyone and welcome to sports express.

What a start to the season for new hartford!

Back here in utica - a special night for notre dame s honored a highligh ccessfuformer coach.

Alicia during halftime - the was a special ceremony - officially naming the jugglers home as "coach ben riz" spencer in addition to honoring rizzo - notre dame is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its unfted 1969 football team.

Rizzo helped gui the jugglers football team to success over 11 total seasons -earning him a membership of the eater utica s of fame and notre dameathletic .

Alicia with rizzo as head coach, the jugglers claimed the central oneida league championships, eight city championships and also haaerfect reco in 73.

Rizzo told us he was surprised but extremely humbled by this honor.

Rizzo ouue: what re can i say?

I lived a life of happiness for the 10 or 12 years i was here.

Spenr the jugglers had a game spencer the jugglers had a game to play as they hosted southern hills - notre dame hoping the festivitiewould spark a win.

Alicia it was clear ses but the storm were packing a punch in this one - nmassano on- heads to the outside - tip toes down the line - shakes a couple of tackles - and tumbles into the endzone.

Southern hills up 7-0.

Spcer the jugglers trying to get some offense going -mike pek in the pocket - launches one down field - paul zamanek hau it in for the big gain - unfortunately noe dame couldn't cash in.

Alicia second quarter - thestorm doubl will hardy calls his ownnumber p up the middle then takes the anglell the way to the house... ...a tough loss for notre dame as they fall to southern hills 49-6.

Encer parently it's hawaiian night at chiz frye field in whitesboro as the warriors look to bounce back from a week one loss to proctor.

They take on hennier.

--- alicia third quarter of thisne with th check out this run by jeffcubine stopped early but steps over th on his feet and casually breaks some more ankles en route to a big gain.

--- spencer whitesboro couldn't take advantagehough.

Then henninger in warriors territory.

Gan cook hits craig reaves junior on the slt and reaves oue defense for the touchdown.

With the extra point - the black knights take a 7-6 lead.

--- alicia in the fourth - the warriors with it.

Zhbritt buyinf the pocket - squares up and fires to the end zone where its caught by nick sardina... ...big play fothe warriors as that would be the difference.

Whitesboro takes this one 12-7.

Spencer in fnkfort - the maroon knights are looking to build off a week one win as they host the onondaga tigers.

Ia the first half- was all frankfort-schuyleropening frame contest but the knightare knock doorstep after a fumble recover with the quarterback keeper - frankfort on the board 7-0.

Spcerlater in the quarter - nick maneen punches it in from and the maroon knights are rolling up 14-zip.

Alia second stanza - tyler rosati getting in on thescoringn the sweep to the outdwalks righe endzone- frankfort with a three touchdown lead.

Spencethe home team will score one more time before thebreak - the ball to rosati for six his night - pat is no good so the knights led 27-0 heading into the locker room.

With the 312 win - frankfort schuyler improves to 2-0 on the season - the maroon knights play at dolgeville next week.

That'll do it for the first period here on sports express.

Enty more coming your way.

We'll introduce you to our first athlete of the week of the 2019 fall sportseason.

As a senior - this quarterback is embranthe leadern and off the field as hlooks to .

...but first - let's check out other scores from around the area in our sports express scoremaster.

Bumpback & athlete of the week stinger welce back sports press -t's timnow tounveil our he's been the fol point for his team's oense forthe pass plus.

In his fourth year as a starter - he's confident that unveil our athlete of the week... he been the fal point unveil our athlete of the week.

For his team's offense fthe pass plus.

In his fourth year as a starter - he's confident in that position.

Thclinton foo goes as tannedeveansoes - thquarterba is embring his senioleadershipole performance inlinton's 34-6 win againadirondack.

Deveag r four touchdow - threon the ound and e in thair.

There'a lot of respy that comes witbeing a quarterba up for the task.

Tanner: i felt rl open.

Thfirst thing i wanna dos thank myoffena quarterback shld always do .

I wanna leave the culture here and i wanna put clinton footba bk onhe map.

Wanna leave the culture here and i wanna put clinton footll ba on t map.

Wanna leave the culture here and i wanna put clinton otball back oa veryhigh pace.

Onef the things win on saturda we win the gammoe ... he really knows how to sell.

He can rely throw o, we didnt show too much on saturday but its coming i promi.

" if you know of a high school athlete who derves to be atete of if you know of a high school athlete wdeserves to be the week, here's our contact info - call, email, even hit us up on twitter!

This year - we want eone to join the party.

If you're a coach, a-d, parent, even a teammate - just sd uwho youwould like to be nominated and why.

Give us some stats and a story and we'll give you a shot!

All featured athletes wl receive a plaque courtesy of c-awards and apparel.

That'll take us to thecond intee on sports express - we're not do just y.

Coming up next after stament wiunder the lightt st.

Lawrence last weeken- thuti pioneers are back at geatano stadium taking on buff state.

Welcome back aboard the our final segment tonight - we tak a look asome colle ball.

The utica pioneers began the 2019 season with a big statement in the form of a 41-14 win over saint lawrence it was the eleventh straht week for u-c - with both the offense and defense contributingn the welcome back ard the express...inur finasegment toni a look at some college ball.

The utica pioneers began ll.

The utica pioneers began the 2019 season with a big statement in the form of a 41-14 win over saint laence.

It was the eleventh straight week one n for u-c - with both the offense and defense contributing on the scoreboa.

Though happy with the result - the pioneers sathey to enjoy it before turning their focus to this week's oppone - buffalo te.

Spcer utica is very familiar with this bengals squad -being eight rival - these teams have met every year since 2012.

The pioneers lead the all-time series five games to two - and have also won e last three match-ups.

Still - the pioneers expect a toh tescome tomorrow.

Blaise faggiano: they're defily one the faster team's we're gog to play swe have make sure tackle wl.

John nish:..50-50un-pass iwhat s just a matter of seeing your ynd peorming.

What i'm talking about.

It's just a matter of seeingo key and performing.

Ryan mccormac: we've played them for my yearsow.

They're fast, athlic and i'm really looking forward to getting out there and pushg theile.

Spencer kick-off for this contest at gaetano stadium is at noon.

More high school football gam on top for saturday the 1-0 clintonwarriors head ou take on the mounti for a class c battle.

And another all lol matchup - ht in serach of their firstwiof th battle mt.


An its the gamee've have circled on the calendar all year the acc showdown between clemson and syracuse at the dome!

Kickoff is tomorrow night at 7:30.

Encer th's it for us... we'll see

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