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Monday, 25 January 2021

central football

Credit: WEVV
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central football
central football
central football

Central ended reitz's season on its way to lucas oil stadium last season... so the panthers are in search of a little payback in this one.

We begin in the second quarter..

Central trying to add to their 1?0 lead..

A bears run up the middle is snuffed out by rakyn hayes.... that sets up third down for the bears.

Next play... the snap is almost mishandled by central... but brennan schutte snags it and barrels his way through the middle of the reitz defense to pick up the first down.

Not long after that... collins turner takes the snap... floats it to teorien evans... who avoids tackle after tackle turning on the jets for the touchdown... and stopping to flex for the camera.

Central adds to their lead.

The bears win this contest by a count of 42?0.


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