Alternative energy plan for Butte County

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Alternative energy plan for Butte County

Alternative energy plan for Butte County

Butte County and the City of Chico have a plan in the works to save customers about $5-million a year on electricity.


Butte county and the city of chico have a plan in the works to save customers about 5 -million dollars a year on electricity.

Action news now reporter christina vitale is live in chico to break down how this new system would work.

Basically that means people will be able to choose their own energy provided at a city and county level -- or stick with pg&e.... and that's through a program called community choice aggregation or (cca) woman: i think there needs to be competition and hopefully a break for the residents of the area chico and the unincorporated areas of butte county partnered to form an independent entity called "butte choice energy"..

Rather than leaving power production solely to pg&e -- the group can purchase power from other entities at a lower rate.

For many -- this sounds like freedom.

Woman: i mean we're sort of held captive by them stone:to end pg&e's string to hold onto their monopoly to our generation we needed to create something like the cca i mean if we were like redding and had a dam where we could generator power off of it thats what redding does they're a utility - biggs has a power utility function as well and so the city operates as a power generator that's not something that we have available right now but what we absolutely can do is choose where we're purchasing our power.

If the new utility is created, pg&e will still own, maintain and transmit energy through its grid.

But -- people will be able to pick between pg&e or their own choice of energy like green energy or lower costs.

Woman: i think generally pg&e has not been our friend and we know that our rates are gonna go up which is one of the reasons i went to solar and we know that our rates are going to go up which is one of the reasons i just went to solar the county approved their planning ordinance this week.

Chico mayor randall stone said the city council hasn't approved it's ordinance yet but they are working to create a cca.

"butte choice energy" could go into effect by 2021 and people could save up to two-percent on their power bills.

Woman: any way that the average person can save some money on things you need to utilize is good revenues that are coming in from this program can be invested right back into the community - however they choose to use it.

Stone: we're doing this to save money and be environmentally conscience woman: i would cheer them on city council woo woo woo right now chico is the only city involved with this program but other cities can be written in if they're interested.

Live in chico christina vitale action news now.

County supervisors have until december 31st of 2020 to submit a plan.


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