WCBI EndZone - Week 4

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WCBI EndZone - Week 4
WCBI EndZone - Week 4

Welcome to week four of the cell game of the week feature in the top programs in north mississippi the class of the ways to below and only cost town class it where the soul was captured highlights on this show tonight ... welcome into week four of the end zone thank you for joining us courtney rob in your tablet computer or ever you're watching us ... big thanks to our ... sponsor worse friday the third team there is a full moon things are going to especially weird and they day crazy blowout eve foley had it all i am a big fan of spooky these days might have been here i am sure impressed nine the last ... more than it thousand people voted in our holocaust later in facebook starkville and louisville it's been nine years since they've played against each other they are at the top of mississippi food chain might have to show which winds are at the top be help w cpi game of the at this beautiful card that we always got a style from carl hogan toyota park goldstein i leaned like a dream when packed in starkville meyer and he would pick up a first down a little bit later meyer will be back to pass yet again just waiting to see them again right into the end zone easy my knee work stare they go seven to nothing how meyer get scrambling now egg and snagging deep into wildcat territory ... this pepper later out meyer walking and hauling into the in down nothing against louisville to continue putting on the work being kirk freight and then louisville continues to chip away to michael foster and the man has tried couple ... article 13 five wine straight home games ... qstarkville all the time teams coming in from outside ... plan intended by west point to below west point running the locking 30 yard game brandon harris says in nothing west point here in the first quarter shout out to west point cheerleader had often been jacoby moquila the helmet right on aries density again like dj vu dominated 30 727 my thailand she called the she gets the way across town class in was shocked you just a little bit second quarter the charges were up 18 nothing down to oxford 25 to nothing ... mark darius leave hates the sidelines 50 yards and a couple insulator mari dylan the bar over the highlights for touching 32 to nothing 36 to 67 when oxford don't do that than these guys are your fraying oxford doesn't care new hope taking on ahs and outside vendor hikes chandler under you see the fender right here in town and takes down into one by ahs is dominating this point in their sleeping beautiful cats interception that's what turns they are into wins eight eight 810 ... so hello leads a tough way to ripley 28 grenada wins 49 pain against kaiser go aberdeen in every roof and water thousand not a lie but that's theme of tonight caledonia and heritage ... when tcp highlights that will be ... they only had to get the debt that have made a game when credit academy taken i counted nine this one felt like the fire ... line ... this is a b had to field goal that will hurt him mom ... remain about ... tj ... later in this way that most okay ... one the product that ... desoto central discrediting the unattached way they want they were latina seven to man down the the patient man that the online later he wants his way went to the ... single-parent outlay continues to look further on top of 30 support one of the games we mentioned the adelphia taken on not be county , wyndham ... 15 yard pickup one of ... i got game for voice.

Ewith the with the text now to the and when field-goal 23 to 22 23 to 20 2b count is 5/50 belmont and moorefield there quietly got about five nice ryan ... is now qb.

To get) dragging on philip case mitchell rumble rambled to the himself for the score ... troops go on with the wind more than 35 belmont eight ... just another impressive team shannon 1418 ... but this is not to you the kind ... 4240 another statement where for the lawyers on the ranch 28 ranch 2836 commitment could decide ... feeling not to be to bring ... highlights scores next ... welcome back to the end zone.

You know take a trip stillwater valley and prices late to the end down to pick up water valley taking a seven up and leave logan stewart find the five i picked out i might irving ... running the width of the field for finding a way to go right up feel take bad boy they go on to dominate 40 did nothing 4048 to nothing baldwin can be picked up by the qubec at climbing the ladder for the tigers taking the right back ... that only client name down to the wire to the five minutes installed tigers at the we 21 to 24 ... when adam feel have these lips are 2020 three ... great game for 22 cd to the knowledge a shipping of county and 48 and biggest feel defeated pat lee 46 biggest feel defeated pat lee 4627 10 red hat ... a matter than the favorite but then anna wyatt decided to defending champions for reason he ran almost 55 yard flagman wife just the playbook how the how i thought your long ... the holding call ... i72 28 ... you ... followed by the in the back and miller ... get down to the end for the test now ... had to get things going by that tackle for live ... activated 22 smith 14 ... pick on the panel this do it again one more philip kokay camp 20 taken on hamilton this lady is running here for a test now more cash out and take the handout take a side taken out ... to the end zone bear with me ... magnolia i got off to a very fast i lay ... magnolia has sent meant a lot to make 13 do nothing but here the balls of yarn randy food tall ... this book don't judge a game by the first half goes in for 60 yards that abound starkville academy goes in ... bad what a nice academy goes on to me and 33 to 20 scores a oak ... they christian academy academy 20 academy 38 out of ... interception ... alice 43 40 40 the canon ... will have is the i

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