Person Takes Poopy Parcel

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Person Takes Poopy Parcel

Person Takes Poopy Parcel

Occurred on September 10, 2019 / Bend, Oregon, USA Info from Licensor: "We live in Central Oregon and there has been a mail/package thief in our neighborhood.

We decided to try to get them on video for the police but threw in a funny twist.

We saved 1 weeks worth of full toddler diapers and emptied the poop into the box that was stolen from our steps.

One diaper was opened prior so poop was all over the interior of the box.

Bubble wrap was placed inside prior to closing the package so it looked like something good prior to reaching in for a handful of baby poop.

She cruises around looking for stuff to thieve with her accomplice.

She can be seen holding other people's mail in addition to my turd package.

We hope she enjoyed her find; it smelled absolutely horrible."

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