Honest Parenthood Quotes From Molly Shannon

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Honest Parenthood Quotes From Molly Shannon

Honest Parenthood Quotes From Molly Shannon

“Saturday Night Live” alum Molly Shannon is also a mom.

She and her husband, Fritz Chesnut, have a daughter, Stella, and son, Nolan.

Since becoming a parent in 2003, she’s been candid about her breastfeeding challenges, morning chaos, and how humor helps her face parenting challenges.

In celebration of her birthday, The Huff Post rounded up quotes about parenthood from Shannon.

They include: 1.

″[N]ursing kills in the beginning!

It felt like a little piranha until it settled down...when your milk comes in.” 2.

“I just try to laugh at the little things.

Like, I’m always amazed by how long it takes two kids to get dressed and out the door.

Every morning I say, ‘Come on!

Let’s go!

Five minutes!’ And they’re still in their underwear." 3.

“Supporting and helping other moms is important to me.

We’re so hard on ourselves.

We need to remember it’s not magic ― for any of us.

Hey, we all get stressed.

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