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Year investgation leads to a man being charged kay blevins >> waking up with u this morning.

It is time to tal about all activities that may b 1000 outside, but we don't.

China was opened in 20 the fall and joining us now is reagan's only lamont and andy back the morning guy for you to be here this morning.

We have some friends with us this morning as well.

Sometimes they're gonna be out blowing arm to little bit about the event.

First of all have to be open september 27.

I goes a full month every friday through sunday on it is a very fun small family events on their something for everybody.

There are lots of activities like hayrides with the caltrain and actually this year the corn maz design that we have is is in the shape of our caltrain theaters are countering to change the design out every year.

I'm so the maze is different so you know if you think that you've learned your way through the corn maze once it can be different.

The next year.

We have lots of kid friendly activities with pedal carts we have a new pedal cart.

They ground this year we have lot's of of corn related activities, which is very appropriate for the maze.

You can do more and wing shots you can do corn hole and other oversized yard games and then we have a corn crib station could complain the corn, we have a pumpkin market.

You can paint pumpkins you can purchase pumpkins whenever you want.

Di and fall all the time these amazing animals are owing to be here.

Tell us a little bit.

See the out what you have and an argot over there is this is labor and she is a lion head rabbit and she'll be there with some of the rabbit free and in new the goats name is oliver and he's a ball for baby that we've had for two years now, but he she'll be there with some of his goat friends that we have other animals.

We have scottish on cow on keys miniature horses, sheep and goats.

Various breeds alpaca and all rabbits and this year we have a baby potbellied pigs.

Everybody loves pics righ now.

I felt everybody loved belly things are all that exciting, and with folks with the ticket.

They can see everything the animals all the fun games identities that are available right.

You get so man tokens for ticket dominican purchase extra tokens if you just wanted to failed and keep doing activities at such a fun event, what you guys decide to do this years ago.

You know, we had the bar so we purchased the home to see rock city barn and you know those are famous throughout my early where i found these are really yeah yeah so we had died so we had that property and so it was 10 acres worth of of property so you know it was just a good fit for a barn lately and you guys are happy to do that every year old kid loves animals are amazing.

Now you are located in avicenna's iraq to an folks to come visit you as well yeah the animals by women.

Yes they can come to visit the pond by ointment but were also open for school field trips that something new with built in a bit.

Born in and were open to schools for field trips and are placed now equal right to focus on it in the fall festivities i, not make it home how they can do it and what to time and location.

Okay, so they can go to blue springs to get all the details of it start september 27 every friday through sunday and it starts it 10 am to 7 pm.

They sell the last ticket at seven but you ca sell the property longer conflict so much.

I'll be there bringing my kids yet and there' information there on your street and you guys so much for coming on valentine's morning and bring the animals amazing creatures

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