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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Medford food trucks

Credit: KDRV
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Medford food trucks
Medford food trucks
Medford food trucks

More food trucks to downtown medford and bring people from all over to eat lunch."

Stephanie card is the owner of the heart & bowl food truck.

She spoke with the medford city council on behalf of food truck vendors... as of now, all food trucks in medford operate as temporary vendors.

This means every night the trucks have to be moved.

But soon that won't be the case.

"the rules changed so we can stay for five days up to five days overnight."

Food trucks can park along downtown streets for nighttime vending from 9 p-m until 3 a-m.

And now every food truck can also apply for a permit to park in one location indefinitely.

"it's going to make my life easier.

I can keep my food truck overnight and come back the next day and just work.

Its just going to make it a much less stressful work environment."

For some food truck vendors, like dale neilson, this could save them hours every day.

Neilson says he's thankful card was able to speak with the council... he says the changes probably wouldn't have happened without her.

"the council only had so much information, as far as how food trucks operate, so to hear from someone it gave them good insight."

Cassidy says, "these changes go into affect november 1st, until then, they say they're just counting down the days.

In medford, cassidy delamarter, newswatch12."


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