The Loper Report: Downton Abbey

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The Loper Report: Downton Abbey
Film critic Wil Loper reviews the new movie "Downton Abbey."

Watch... 1 "welcome to downton."

This weekend in theaters the downton abbey film releases, but why not go back and revisit the crawley family in their six season series.

See the drama unfold between the upper class upstairs, and the downstairs staff as well in the acclaimed show.

All six seasons of "downton abbey" are availabl to rent or buy now.

"you will both admit when you realize you were wrong."

"oh well that is an easy caveat to accept because i'm never wrong."

2 "i noticed that you're wearing a shirt.

Is everything okay?"

"hey you have a major leak."

"i'm so sorry.

Let's see what's going on with these pipes."

"don't do that."


Newly streaming on netflix this week is the comedy "between two ferns: the movie" "you owe me.

Go across the country.

Get ten more episodes of between two ferns."

"ten of your dumb internet talk show and you give me a network talk show.

I'm a white man and i'm straight, i deserve it."

The film is based on the series of comedic shorts online, where zach galifinakis hosts a super awkward interview show with celebrities, and takes it on the road.

"bradley cooper co wrote, directed and starred in a star is born."

"i hear it's great."

"are you hoping that opens the door for other hot idiots?"

"how big are they?"

"have you ever seen a chicken strip."

"i've never seen a chicken wear clothes."

"between two ferns: the movie" is available to stream on netflix now "i'm just curious about the pathology behind this."

3 "all men are equal in god's eyes."

"are they?"

Finally, this week marks the 35 year anniversary of "amadeus" "his was a music i'd never heard.

It seemed to me i was hearing the voice of god.

That was mozart."

The best picture winning film plays out a fictionalized rivalry between the gregarious composer mozart, and the highly jealous and not as talented salieri.

"how good is he?

This mozart."

"he's remarkable."

"he has many admirers in vienna."

"this man had written his first concerto at the age of four.

First symphony age seven.

A full scale opera at twelve.

It makes no difference."

"amadeus" is available to rent or buy everywhere now.

" happy watching.

Those are the three things you need to watch, and this is wil loper for news 3

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