What Is a Semiconductor?
What Is a Semiconductor?

So what in the world is a semiconductor?

You're always hearing in the business news that the semiconductor stocks are selling off, or rallying, or just in focus.

There's a reasons for that.

Their performance is often tied to that of the big electronics companies you know of, and some of the semiconductor companies are massive ones, vital to the tech hardware and software ecosystem.

But what, just what, is a semiconductor?

It's a chip.

It's a chip that goes into a device or a data center and a few other things.

That's it.

Think about it this way: How do you think your smartphone actually members think you store in there?

How do you think all the stuff you or your business stores in the cloud actually gets stored?

We need chips for this.

We need semiconductors.

Need to see the rest of the explanation to fully get it?

Watch the video above for the full breakdown.

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