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Thursday, 16 September 2021

teen crime spree

Credit: WMBB
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teen crime spree
teen crime spree
teen crime spree


Walton county sheriff's investigators are still searching for evidence after an early morning crime spree.

Three okaloosa county juveniles are facing a litany of charges.

As news 13's maggie solomon tells us...those charges are very serious.

Car fragments... and some uprooted trees are the only visual reminders now... nat - car road but early monday morning... mc davis boulevard in south walton became part of a cross county crime spree.

Ekaterina lagutinh, alamo street resident "we had some fingerprints all over the front door, the back door.

There were some scratches a little bit next to the door opening itself."

The spree began with 's car.

Authorities say three juveniles - antonio lee the third, kah'tyra brown and terrance merritt - tried to steal it on alamo road around 4 a-m.

A neighbor caught them in the act... and says the trio responded with gunshots.


Allen pullings, walton county sheriff's office "he approached him and they fired at least five shots at him."

Walton county sheriff's deputies located the juveniles car - reported stolen in okaloosa county - and began a pursuit ranging from one end of the county to the other.... reaching speeds of up to 1-hundred and 20 miles per hour.


Allen pullings, walton county sheriff's office "three to four minutes later, we found the car crashed into the tree."

After crashing here...investi gators say the trio escaped on foot into another residential neighbor hood... stealing another car - a jeep wrangler - and continuing the pursuit.

This dashcam video from the sheriff's office shows the conclusion of the chase..


Allen pullings, walton county sheriff's office "everything went in our favor; no one got hurt."

The three teens are now face a variety of charges... including aggravated assault... possession of a firearm... grand theft auto... and burglary.

Lee is also charged with fleeing and eluding.

In santa rosa beach... maggie solomon... news 13.

Investigators say they found two handguns in the vehicle the juveniles crashed.

They also say they expect to charge the teens with other crimes

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