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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Memphis Tigers Take On Temple

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Memphis Tigers Take On Temple
Memphis Tigers Take On Temple

Things are buzzing right now on Tiger Lane and outside the Liberty Bow.

As the Memphis Tigers football team is preparing for its nationally televised Thursday showcase.


I'm brandon artiles.

Katina: and i'm katina rankin.

Things are buzzing right now on tiger lane ... and outside the liberty bowl ... as the memphis tigers football team is preparing for its nationally televised thursday showcase.

Brandon: it's the second straight year the team is on e-s-p-n thursday night football.

And fans are excited the program again gets to showcase their talents for on a national stage.

Local 24's brad broders is live outside the liberty bowl now.

Brad- brad: brandon and katina - hopeful games like this prove to the nation the memphis football program is still on the rise - despite reportedly being eliminated from consideration in big 12 conference expansion.

The thursday night football buzz is back in midtown memphis.

Lauraette vaughn/memphis tigers fan "we got a little bit of something for temple tonight."

Anticipation again high on tiger lane - as memphis' football team rolls out for a thursday night primetime e-s-p-n game - just as they did last september against cincinnati.

Steve thillen/memphis tigers fan "it shows off the city of memphis to the rest of the world."

Lauraette vaughn/memphis tigers fan "espn is espn so it will help us with recruiting."

Tigers fans also hopefuly this type of national thursday night exposure - keeps the momentume and lessens the sting of recent reports that u of m was 'out' as big 12 expansion candidate.

The school or the conference - however - has not confirmed that report.

Lauraette vaughn/memphis tigers fan "they will be sorry for not taking us, we need to stop sleeping on memphis, we've got a program now, we've got a proven program now."

Steve thillen/memphis tigers fan 'it's not going to stop at this one expansion other conferences are going to continue to expand and the better memphis can continue to look continue to build on this program the better."

Brad: while it won't be on the main e-s-p-n, the tigers will return to a friday night showcase next week on the road at tulane.

Last year's thursday night matchup against cincinnati drew a very respectable 45- thousand person crowd...a number the school hopes to repeat tonight.

Reporting live at the liberty bowl in midtown memphis - brad broders - local


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