McQueary Jury Picked 5p pkg

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McQueary Jury Picked 5p pkg
Mike McQueary jury picked.

Mcqueary's whistleblower lawsuit trial, scheduled to begin on monday.

The two-day selection process has been a long and tedious one - our mallory lane has been inside of judges chambers during the entire process - and joins us now live with the latest details....mallory?

(mallory) john/carolyn.....there are 12 jurors and three alternates set for this trial.

They include four men and 11 women.

The group is comprised of people with various backgrounds.

Two of the jurors are currently penn state employees - several others have some sort of tie to penn state, either a relative or close friends who work or graduated from the university.

The judge gave the jurors directions tuesday afternoon - which include that they should not research or look up any information about this case....and during testimony, they should not make any decisions until the entire case has been presented at trial.

This group will determine whether or not former penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary should receive four-million dollars that he is requesting from penn state.

He's suing the university for damages - which he claims he suffered after being let go from his coaching duties at the university more about five years ago.

He says he has been unable to find employment since his removal.

(mallory) the trial is scheduled to begin monday morning at 9 a-m.

It could potentially last two weeks.

Reporting live in bellefonte, mallory lane, wtaj news.

(john) a man

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