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Monday, 8 March 2021

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112016 10p anchor
112016 10p anchor
112016 10p anchor

Several families are without a home tonight after an apartment fire...we talked with a witness who was there to help plus, with a weather warm- up...crews battled another grassfire in southern colorado.

Mike has more in the forecast good evening and thanks for joins us for krdo newschannel 13 at 10 o'clock.

I'm emily allen.

First tonight... firefighters continue to monitor hot spots at a colorado springs apartment complex... and residents forced out by the flames... are trying to figure out what's next.

The fire started at the broadmoor park tower near 8th street and cheyenne boulevard.

Firefighters say the fire blew up on the fifth floor.

They helped evacuate residents living on the fifth and sixth floor... and neighbors did what they could to help.

Next thing we knew we kicked in the door and smoke blew out everywhere and there was just flames every where.

One of my buddies, we were trying to make sure everyone was ok.

I decided to run down and knock on all the doors of the apartments and pull everyone out and let them know there was a fire in the building.

I came outside and i could see flames billowing out of the building and everything.

It was bad.

Firefighters say one person was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.

No one was taken to a hospital.

Firefighters are looking into what started it.

And in pueblo... firefighters quickly tackled a grass fire near lake minnequa... that's south of downtown.

Here is video annabell huestis sent us from her drone.

Firefighters say it burned several acres before they got it under control.

0:31 we have a couple of acres burning behind me here.

We hit it pretty quick, we got a fire line pretty fast.

We had some people come in, helped us out.

We had three engine companies and two brush trucks as well as our fire chief firefighters are looking into what started the blaze.

As you saw that from fire... it was dry out there today... but a storm is coming.

Let's send things over to stormtracker 13's mike everette.

And mike, this storm is coming at a good time.

We're learning more about a body found in the arkansas river in la junta.

The otero county sheriff's office first received a call from a resident.

The body was found near la junta at colorado state highway 109 and highway 50.

We don't know the identity of the person autopsy is expected soon.

Colorado springs police are looking for a man suspected of pulling a gun at a party.

It happened at a motel in the one thousand block of kelly johnson boulevard.

Officials say management complained about an underage party being too loud and asked them to leave.

One of the people in the room then pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun and demanded everyone give him marijuana.

The man ran away... and police are still looking for him.

In san antonio...a manhunt is underway for a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer.

Today, detective benjamin marconi was killed in broad daylight outside of police headquarters.

Officer marconi pulled over a vehicle and was writing a traffic ticket.

Officials say an unknown suspect parked his vehicle behind the officer's and approached him.

The suspect fired a gunshot toward marconi and hit him in the head.

Medics couldn't save the officer's life.

:41 - :45 "this type of senseless violence is unacceptable."

Butt :55 -1:01"we consider the suspect to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to law enforcement offficers and the public."

Police released a surveillance photo of the suspect's car.

So far, there's no motive in the officer's killing.

In denver, more than 450 people participated for the city's first "officer down 5-k."

The event celebrates officers who put their lives on the line every day and honors those men and women who have died in the line of duty.

Founder t-j burke started the run in 2011...he started his career in law enforcment in 2009.

The event went national last year and has been hosted by 25 other states.

:40 -:49 it's a good day organizers teamed up with colorado state f-o-p and the colorado police officers foundation.

Colorado state f-o-p and the colorado police officers foundation.

Money raised will be split between the 5-k and its partners.

According to the officer down memorial page, 125 colorado officers were killed in the line of duty this year.

In 2015, the number of fallen officers was 130.

We have a timesaver traffic alert for you.

You can expect delays on cimarron street through the morning.

The northbound i-25 off ramp is closed for dirt work until 5 a-m.

Lane restrictions are also on the cimarron on ramp.

Work will continue through tuesday.

Increased thanksgiving holiday d-u-i enforcement is underway in colorado.

It will run through next monday.

C-dot reminds drivers they can gauge their blood alcohol content with the r-u-buzzed app.

It also connects you to uber and lyft.

Last thanksgiving, police arrested 283 people for driving impaired.

Dozens of fort carson soldiers are spending time at home with their families, after being reunited... just in time for thanksgiving!

The second infantry brigade combat team, fourth infantry division returned from afghanistan yesterday -- and it was an emotional homecoming after months of anticipation.

Krdo newschannel 13's mekialaya white was there... and shows us how thankful they are to be back on post.

For these soldiers, nats and their loved ones... nats the past several months have been a waiting game.

Long days and nights... wanting to be together again.

Of course anytime without spouse is going to be really long as a soldier's wife, jacqueline certeza knows all about deployments... and this time around was different.

It's been pretty rough with this guy, this was our first time without our husband when it's been me and rai jacquelyn and her one-year-old rai ray, have kept up with their soldier via phone, but it hasn't been quite the same... we've been keeping in touch with facetime, i'm so happy that there's been wifi and we've been talking, he's been seeing his daddy but finally seeing his daddy in person after 10 months... nats --- "awww daddy!"

Truly priceless.

It's an amazing feeling ... coming back.

Especially coming back from somewhere you're not used to.

Coming back to familiar faces i'm just looking forward to spending time with my family, that's all i'm looking forward to something all of these soldiers can do... after waiting so long.... i'm grateful to god that they are all coming home today to see their families on fort carson, mekialaya white, krdo newschannel 13.

The certezas say they're most looking forward to family time... a colorado springs non- profit hopes to help fort carson soldiers this holiday season.

Citizen soldier connection asks the community to free up a seat at their dinner table for a soldier can enjoy a little taste of home.

If you would like to welcome a fort carson soldier into your home, we have more information on our website at krdo-dot-com.

Amid tragedy, a family is happy to have a newborn back home after a kidnapping... e'll explain what happened to her mother.

Meanwhile, find out why donald trump is demanding an apology from a broadway musical.

A newborn is home safe in kansas after she went missing when her mother was found murdered.

On thursday, the baby's 27-year- old mom was found dead inside her apartment.

Search and rescue spent two days searching for the six-week-old girl.

The infant was found in texas....and two people are now in custody.

Investigators say the suspects know the baby's family.

Investigators do not know the motives behind the kidnapping and the murder.

A judge is denying bail to two teenagers suspected in the shooting death of a chicago congressman's grandson.

15-year-old javon wilson was shot friday after an argument about basketball shoes.

Representative danny davis says the death of his grandson shows total disregard for human life.

A 16-year-old and 17-year-old are charged with first degree murder.

Morton county, nd and in north dakota... a tense standoff is under way between police and protesters against the dakota access pipeline.

It's happening north of the protesters' camp in morton county, north dakota.

That's where protesters have been trying to stop the construction of the pipeline for months... saying the project will hurt the environment and destroy some historic native- american sites.

Right now, police are trying to block protesters from crossing a bridge in the area.

We're getting reports police are spraying protestors with water cannons... in 26 degree temperatures... at least one person has been arrested.

It's been a busy weekend for the president-elect...full of meetings for his potential cabinet.

Meanwhile, there's an ongoing twitter feud with the broadway musical "hamilton."

"we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us."

Donald trump asked the actors and producers to apologize for addressing vice president-elect mike pence after friday night's show.

But pence says he wasn't offended by what was said.

In other news, there's speculation about trump's possible picks for his cabinet.

"the only fair thing to do is ask a lot of questions, very thorough questions, and then make an opinion."

The future first lady says she won't move into the white house right away.

The new york post says melania and barron trump will stay in new york until the end of the school year.

Melania says she'll fly to the white house as needed.

President obama concluded his final trip abroad...speakin g at the apec summit in lima, peru.

He advised the world to "take a "wait and see" approach for president-elect donald trump.

The president also talked about his plans once he's left the white house.

01 - 22 president obama says he can't guarantee that donald trump won't pursue some of the positions he's taken on the campaign trail.

He stressed the importance of the u-s influence in the world...saying no other country is able to fill the void.

German chancellor, angela merkel, says she'll seek a fourth term next year.

General elections are expected to happen next year.

She's been in office since 2005 and made history as the first woman leader.

If she wins next year and serves the entire four-year term, she would match her one-time mentor of 16 years in office.

A new low pressure system will begin moving across the western states and into colorado tonight, spreading areas of clouds across the area, along with a chance for precipitation developing across the high country.

The chance for precipitation will then gradually work east across the eastern plains late monday into tuesday, with isolated to scattered rain and snow showers expected.

The best chance for precipitation with this system is expected across the southwest mountains, where significant snow accumulations will be possible.

As such, a winter storm watch has been issued for this area.

Elsewhere across the region, light to moderate snow accumulations can be expected across the mountains and the palmer divide.

Thanks mike.

A popular brand of hummus won't be available in stores for awhile... the report on the possible contamination.

Plus, a holiday gift turned into a nightmare for one family... we'll show you the item that caught on fire in the back of their truck.

We have a target 13 alert tonight... a brand of hummus won't be on the table this thanksgiving... sabra dipping company has issued a voluntary recall because of possible listeria contamination.

If you bought products before november 8, the f-d-a recommends you throw them away.

The recall applies to all containers with the "best before" date through january 23, 2017.

There's been no reports of sickness.

A line of tonka toy trucks are being pulled of shelves after a fire hazard.

The harden family from washington, was driving home with one of the trucks in the back of their vehicle.

Suddenly, the truck burst into flames....causing the family's pickup to also catch on fire.

:38 - 47 pretty shocking a toys-r-us spokesperson says it's working with the manufacture to investigate the cause.

Other retails, like sears, is also taking the item off shelves temporarily.

Turning now to sports... krdo newschannel 13's nick rothchild joins us... and nick, it was a big day in football but not for the broncos.

Broncos get the week off so we start tonight with a little i-c- broncos get the week off so we start tonight with a little i-c- y-m-i ... that stands for in case you missed it ... the air force football team won in dramatic fashion last night over san jose state ... arion worthman hit jalen robinette with about 30 seconds left in the game to give the fly guys a 3 point lead ... westin steelhammer sealed the victory with an interception ... here's how he experienced those final moments... "we knew they had to get down the field and get in field goal range to try and send the game into overtime.

He did a great job looking me off there in the middle third, jacob did a great job getting his big paw on the ball.

I just found myself in the right place at the right time."

Air force basketball in action today against florida a&m ... 1.

Jake van led the way for the falcons with 17 points and 7 rebounds ... 2.

Zach kocur also chipped in 13 points ... including 3 three-pointers ... and the fly guys roll the rattlers ... 87-62 ... to the n-f-l we go now ... kansas city was looking to extend their 5 game winning streak against the buccanneers ... chiefs have been very good in close games this year ... and they'd find themselves in another one today ... 1.

4th quarter ... jameis winston finds alan cross ... criss cross applesauce that's a touchdown ... first of his career ... bucs up 19-10 ... 3.

Chiefs ... down to their last gasp ... no dice ... the broncos gain ground on k-c ... without playing a game ... and the chiefs get to come to denver next sunday night ... sunday night football ... packers in our nations capital ... taking on washington ... 1.

First half ... aaron rodgers is really good ... fires a dart to jordy nelson ... i'm not sure that's a catch ... but the officials review it ... call stands ... touchdown pack ... 2.

Wouldn't really matter however ... fat rob kelley ... yes he calls himself fat rob ... 137 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns for kelley ... washington wins big ... 42-24 ... we're getting close to the end here for high school football season ... that means now more than ever top plays are at a premium ... let's count down the top 5 ... 5.

Pine creek made the long trip up to greeley ... and they brought their special teams with them ... collin willis ... blocks the field goal ... eagles' defense was also really good in this one ... pine creek is onto the 4-a semi's ... they'll play at chatfield ... 4.

Lewis-palmer hosting silver creek ... kevin tims ... off the play action ... looking for alex bailey ... holy guacamole what a catch ... take another look ... tims and bailey had it going on friday night ... but it wasn't quite enough to beat the raptors ... silver creek wins 28-27 ... 3.

Comes courtesy of the defending 3-a champs ... pueblo east ... and bryson torres ... torres ... power and balance ... it's like trying to tackle a big-rig ... torres scores 3 rushing touchdowns on the night ... east is onto the 3-a semi-final with a 41-21 win over holy family ... 2.

Discovery canyon on the road at fort morgan ... tyler mcfarland ... off the play action ... mustangs weren't ready for this ... josh tomjack is running wild ... he's all the way in for a touchdown ... "air thunder" on full display saturday afternoon ... d-c is onto the 3-a semi-finals ... they'll host silver creek ... 1.

The la junta tigers ... down 13-0 in the 4th quarter ... they score 2 touchdowns set up an extra point that would tie the game ... but instead they go for 2 ... and on a broken play ... apela furtado-tom ... throws it up to kian direzza ... onions!

... absolute madness in otero county ... the wild comeback propels the tigers into the 2-a title game ... where they'll host kent denver next saturday ... a new low pressure system will begin moving across the western states and into colorado tonight, spreading areas of clouds across the area, along with a chance for precipitation developing across the high country.

The chance for precipitation will then gradually work east across the eastern plains late monday into tuesday, with isolated to scattered rain and snow showers expected.

The best chance for precipitation with this system is expected across the southwest mountains, where significant snow accumulations will be possible.

As such, a winter storm watch has been issued for this area.

Elsewhere across the region, light to moderate snow accumulations can be expected across the mountains and the palmer divide.

Thanks for watching.

Join us back here for good morning colorado thanks for watching.

Join us back here for good morning


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