Dear Santa Letter from 11-year-ol Will Warm Your Heart

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Dear Santa Letter from 11-year-ol Will Warm Your Heart

Dear Santa Letter from 11-year-ol Will Warm Your Heart

11-year-old writes Santa in hopes her older sisters health improves while she suffers and is in pain the most

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Cafe rio will match the donations up to $10,000.

>>> this next story reflects the spirit of christmas and the holidays.

A pleasant view girl's santa letter asked santa to take away the pain of her two older sisters when she's the one who suffers most of all.

Good 4 utah's surae chinn has the story.

>> dear santa, how are you?

How are the reindeer?

Do you get to play in the snow?

I love the snow.

It's my favorite.

>> surae: 11-year-old bella wilson reads her letter she wrote to santa last year.

>> you probably talk to my stuffed animals when i leave them out on christmas, don't you?

>> surae: bella is living with a condition that brings chronic pain.

She's on a very strict sugar and carbs diet and spends a painful two hours every night flushing out her large intestines.

>> my stomach is always hurting no matter what.

>> surae: even now while we're talking?

>> guest: uh-huh.

>> surae: her older sisters had been through a lot.

Natalia had a traumatic cheerleading accident.

And darbee has epilepsy.

>> what i want for christmas is, well, you work magic, right?

Of course you do.

Then, i want my sisters to get better.

Not me, but them.

Let them live in no pain.

But if you can, then, will you fix me, too?

If you're only can fix two of the people, then, my sisters.

Please work your magic for one christmas for me.

I love my sisters.

And that's all i want for christmas.

Your friend, bella.

>> surae: with that, santa wrote back.

>> dear bella, your letter was ma one of the most sweet, kind letters.

Santa will be cheering you on and praying for you and your sisters.

I think you should always keep this so it reminds you of the kind, tender spirit you have.

I love you, santa.

>> i saw my sisters cry a lot.

It made me sad.

>> i can't believe with what i see her deal with every day, that she would be thinking of the two people around her.

So i hope bella's health can improve.

>> surae: a year later, mom says bella's wish has virtually been granted.

Her sisters

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