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Monday, 20 September 2021

WMBD News at 10 (1/2/17)

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WMBD News at 10 (1/2/17)
WMBD News at 10 (1/2/17)
WMBD News at 10 (1/2/17)

<<(now your forecast first )>> <<chris yates>><<(hi everybody, i'm your local weather authority meteorologist here's a look at current conditions.

And your planner for tonight.

I'll have more in your full forecast.

But first, wmbd news at 10 starts -- right now.)>> <<eugene daniel>> tonight... arson fires kick off the new two men are facing charges in peoria.

<<eugene daniel>>plus ... this year was one of the deadliest in recent memory in chicago.

How the police department plans to tackle the uptick in violence.

<<eugene daniel>>and ... back to work.a farmington police officer is honored nearly nine months after she was assaulted on the job.

<<eugene daniel>>good evening, i'm eugene daniel.paul and lauren are off tonightwe start tonight with a developing story.police are investigating a shooting... on sheridan road in peoria.the call came in around 8-00 this male victim was transported to the hospital with possible life threatening arrests have been made.

Investigators are still analyzing the scene.

We will continue bring you details as they become available.

<<eugene daniel>>as congress gets back to work for a new year... republicans in congress will be working on their own new years resolution -- to repeal and replace obamacare.mary moloney has more.<<(a promise president- elect donald trump made throughout his campaign... reiterated during his new year's speech in front of hundreds at his florida estate.

Donald trump / -r- president-elect: "regulations are coming off, we're going to get rid of obamacare."

(cheering)and on tuesday, as congress returns to work..

Repealing and replacing the affordable care act is at the top of the agenda for republican lawmakers.the process will likely take a few years, but some gop leaders believe that doesn't have to be the case.rep.

Darrell issa / -r- california: "how long is it going to take to replace obamacare?

I think it's about a three year program to transition into something... faster if we leverage existing systems. also faster if we get bipartisan support."but getting the bipartisan support will be an uphill minority leader nancy pelosi signaled that democrats aren't focused on helping republicans replace obamacare..

Rather, they want the people to "take a second look."pelosi along with other top democrats will be spending the next few weeks emphasizing the individual benefits associated with the affordable care act.

President obama will meet with congressional democrats on wednesday in an effort to block gop lawmakers from dismantling his signature health care law.mary moloney, wmbd news)>> <<eugene daniel>>president obama plans to give his farewell address where it all a statement monday-- the president annoucned he will speak to the nation for the last time on january 10th from his home city of chicago.

Tickets for this event are free... but you'll have to go to chicago to land will be distributed saturday at mccormick's one ticket per person.the exact time of the ticket hand out will be announced later on the white house website.

<<eugene daniel>>investigators believe smoke inhalation killed someone in a house fire near el paso.the fire happened new years eve in an abandoned house in kappa, crews from el paso responded to the scene early saturday morning the woodford county coroner hasn't identified the victim yet.

No one lives in the house -- which is considered a total loss.the illinois state fire marshal is assisting with the investigation.

<<eugene daniel>>peoria police have arrested two men in connection to a series of arsons.police arrested 50- year-old julius donaldson early this morning for his role in a garage fire on the 19-hundred block of northeast jefferson.yesterday - police arrested 70-year-old larry peterson for starting a fire behind the metro centre.

These are the seventh and eighth arsons in the last two weeks in peoria.

The last breakout happened in vacant houses on the south side of arrests have been made in those - but these arrests - make the fire department feel better.

<<(chief chuck lauss/peoria fire dept.) 14:34:00 "we try to be aware of, especially what's happening here in our community and the arsons on the south side, we're really working hard to find that person or persons.")>> <<eugene daniel>>the fire department reminds us its illegal to start a fire that destroys property.

And says convictions do come quick.

<<eugene daniel>>the increase in fires put a damper on the peoria fire deparment's efforts to "keep the wreath red" this holiday season.

The fire department replaced 17 red bulbs ... with white ones - for each fire-- in december.

Most were kitchen fires around the holidays.

Another started--while a person was -- deep frying a turkey.

Of course -- the outbreak of arsons --on the south side -- also contributed.

But -- the department says-- this was not its worst year for fires.

<<eugene daniel>>a tweet from one central-illinois based company is causing controversy.

It's a story from our capitol newsroom.state farm sent out a tweet last month... showing an interracial couple getting engaged around the holiday season.the post got thousands of responses from users around the world -- both good and bad.

Many of them calling for an end to bi-racial marriges.

Several critics posted they would boycott state farm for the post.hundreds retweets and positive messages came in as well.many posted pictures of their own relationships.state farm declined to comment on this story.

<<eugene daniel>>2016 was the deadliest year in chicago in nearly two decades.and while the city's police force believe they've pinpointed the root of the problem... there are now questions about whether they are going above and beyond to protect the community.jericka duncan has more.<<((nats mag mile march) we don't like this don't want thison chicago's magnificent mile, one cross carried for each person killed here in 2016.(sot reading names) joe smith, august 15tha striking testament to the city's bloodiest year in two decades.

The 762 killings were 57 percent higher than 2015 - the largest annual increase in 60 years.

Chicago's police superintendent eddie johnson.

(sot eddie from newser)if you think that 700 murders last year is okay you shouldn't be a leader (crime scene)the police say they know the why - gangs.

Eight out of ten murder victims were on police radar as gang members or associates.

(gfx 1 in)and they know the where - 65 percent of the increase came in just five of the city's 22 police districts.

(gfx 1 out)but what police won't do is answer question more people are asking - is the spike in crime because cops are pulling back?

A 60 minutes investigation aired last night found that in the wake of the fatal shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald - which was captured by a police dashcam and lead to months of protests - (60 gfx showing stops down 80% and arrests down by a third)....police stops and arrests plummeted (bill whitaker) the number of homicides have skyrocketed.

So the number of stops and arrests are going down dramatically//there's got to be a correlation.eddie johnson: well, you know, there may be some//it's not what the police officers are not doing.

It's more about what these-- what the criminal if-- offenders are doing.susan johnson counsels murder victims families.sot- 150156 we are leaving people in the aftermath without any support ///they are crime victims.the city intends to hire and promote a thousand officers within the next year and add body cameras to all police districts, but it wasn't even five hours into the new year that chicago saw its first two homicides of 2017 jerika duncan, cbs news, chicago)>> <<eugene daniel>>president- elect donald trump took to twitter today to talk about the violence... saying ... quote --"chicago murder rate is record setting - 4 thousand... 331 shooting victims -- with 762 murders in 2016.

If mayor can't do it - he must ask for federal help!"

<<eugene daniel>>a new year -- equals a new start for one farmington police officer.

Officer jennifer parkinson -- went back to work sunday -- for the first time since april.

That's when she was assaulted -- while responding to a domestic battery call.

She suffered several head injuries -- and says she had to go through months of therapy.

But she says he family -- and friends have been by her side through the entire recovery process.

<<(officer jennifer parkinson/farmington police department "my daughter said, 'mom, is it bad that every minute that i was worried.'

No it's normal.

But she goes, 'i know you have to do it.

That's you.

You help people.'")>> <<eugene daniel>>parkinson was honored tonight with the law enforcement purple heart award at the farmington city council meeting.several members of her family were there.after the meeting... parkinson said she didn't expect to recieve the honor... and that it was a surreal moment.she said she is ready to be back on the street with the community.

<<("the steps that we're gonna take to help them re-engage back into the school setting")>><<eugene daniel>> coming up... what changes students will see when they return from winter break.

<<chris yates>><<( forecast is next )>> 3 <<(now your local weather authority forecast from chief meteorologist chris yates)>> <<chris yates>><<(it has been a wet and dreary day.

Here are our current conditions.

Temperatures are in the upper 30s and lower 40s and will remain farily stready overnight.scattered showers continue to affect the region and will continue off and on through the night with locally dense fog.

Temperatures will remain steady in the upper 30s.rain showers will remain possible on tuesday with perhaps a late day snow flurry.temperatures will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s in the morning, falling in to the lower 30s by early evening.

Arctic air will settle in to the region for the rest of the week with high temperatures on wednesday in the lower 20s.

Highs will only make the lower 20s and teens the rest of the week.

Here is your 8-day outlook)>> <<eugene daniel>> coming up.

3 <<("our interactions are to take care of the people, and if you look, most interactions with the police are positive.")>><<eugene daniel>> several new state laws will be in effect... designed to keep both students and cops safe.

3 <<(you're watching wmbd news at ten.)>> <<eugene daniel>>senator-elect tammy duckworth will officially take her oath of office tomorrow at noon.the congresswoman beat incumbent senator mark kirk for the senate seat in november.

Duckworth has been touring illinois since the election meeting with voters in her district.

<<eugene daniel>>as students return from winter break... they'll be greeted by some new laws that'll impact their school year.a majority of the new laws are small changes... but some do come with an additional cost.emilee fannon is in our capitol newsroom... to explain why some school districts could be left paying the bill.<<(the next time a student hears the ring of the school bell some new laws will also be ringing in the new year.

First, students taking drivers education will now be required to watch a video on how to properly act during a traffic stop.celena bardwell // h.s.

Senior: "you have to know that it doesn't have to be negative whenever you're pulled over like you see a lot of times."law enforcement says this educational tool will keep both drivers and cops safe.sean cox // special agent: "for kids to know what your rights are.

Just because you're a kid you have rights.

And you should be able to put those rights forward, ask questions and do it in respectful manner."and if you're a young journalist working for your school newspaper you'll now have more freedom to write about controversial topics.the "rights of student journalist act" was signed into law to protect high school journalist from censorship.rep.

Will guzzardi (d) 39th:"we want our young people to think critically and to engage in the world and that way so to tell them that well you know if you write something that's a little too mean to us we're not going let you do it."

School administrations still have the power to ditch publications that invade privacy or is libelous.

And if your school district has at least 70 percent low-income students, a new law requires districts to offer breakfast after the bell.

Districts that already offer this say it's made a tremendous impact.

Principal nancy ganci/memorial elementary"we've seen a pretty drastic reduction in the number of kids that are coming down to the office with stomachaches and headaches and things, because often kids don't make that connection..

That i didn't eat and they think they're sick.")>> <<eugene daniel>>the breakfast program will begin next school will help an additional 175 thousand students get a meal through food donations.but districts are responsible for organizing where those donations come from.

<<eugene daniel>> penn state and usc play a rose bowl game for the ages tonight.

Dan molloy takes a look at the back-and-forth battle in pasadena next in sports.

3 (now wmbd sports, with dan molloy!) <<dan molloy>> today the bears cleaned out their lockers at halas hall, a day after clinching the franchise's worst record every in a 16-game season.

But gm ryan pace assured john fox will be back next season, saying the coaching staff is important to the development of the team's young players.

Two youngsters made a big impact on the offensive side this season: tailback jordan howard broke the team rookie rushing record, and former isu redbird cam meredith established himself as a legitimate nfl wideout, catching 63 passes for almost 900 yards.

He made the most of his opportunity with kevin white and alshon jeffery missing big chunks of the season.

<<(cam meredith/bears receiver) "i did get better as the year went on.

In the offseason, i'm just going to take it day by day and focus on little things that will help me do more things for the team and at the same time, go back and look at the mistakes and figure out what's the best way to attack those next year.">><<dan molloy>> the bears have a decision to make with meredith's fellow wideout alshon jeffery - he's an unrestricted free agent.

Three big ten teams in bowl action today - penn state and usc played a classic at the rose bowl.

3rd q, penn state up 1, trace mcsorely chucks it deep - it's tipped by the defender but chris godwin somehow hangs on and finishes off a 72-yard touchdown!

Usc trailing by 7 late in the 4th, freshman qb sam darnold throws a perfect pass to deontay burnett... tie game with a minute-20 left.

Penn state's turn - mcsorely's pass picked off by leon mcquay... sets up the game- winning field goal... usc wins the highest-scoring rose bowl of all-time.

In the cotton bowl, wisconsin takes on 13-0 western michigan.

Broncos ball, down 7 in the 4th, t.j.

Edwards picks it off for wisconsin deep in western territory.

Troy fumagalli puts it out of reach with this great touchdown grab... this guy was born without a left index finger... big game for the big tight end, wisconsin wins 24-16.

Iowa against florida in the outback bowl, this one got ugly.

A 3-3 game in the 2nd quarter: austin appelby throws a screen to mark thompson... he breaks about 5 tackles and goes 85 yards for a gators touchdown.

Tough final game for hawkeye qb cj beathard - just 55 yards and 3 interceptions, this one a pick- six... florida takes it 30-3.

<<dan molloy>> the big ten finishes 3-7 in bowl games this season.

Some wet weather threatened to delay or even postpone the nhl's winter classic at busch stadium between the blues and blackhawks.

But the event, and the playing surface, both ran pretty smoothly in 46- degree weather at the home of the cardinals.

It's the first-ever outdoor game for the blues, the 5th for the blackhawks in the last 8 years.

Just a minute in: michael kempny fires a grounder at jake allen, he can't make the stop... it's 1-0 hawks.

2nd period, same score - jay boumeester finds patrik berglun in front of the net to tie it up.

A little luck in the third - vladimir tarasenko banks it in off a defender's skate for the go-ahead goal - blue win it 4-1.

The bulls play their first game of 2017 against charlotte.

Jimmy butler brought the house down - hits a three and draws a foul for a 4-point play.

He takes over in the 4th - slashes for a tough two off the glass.

Butler got mvp chants tonight - biggest shot of the game - splashes a long 'j' to finish off the hornets, butler scores 52 in a 118-111 win.

<<dan molloy>> a couple final college football notes - auburn leads oklahoma in tonight's sugar bowl, and alabama parts ways with offensive coordinator lane kiffin - he's the new head coach at florida atlantic but planned to stay with bama until after next week's championship game.

Finally... this has to drive a coach crazy - duke women's basketball defends the wrong end of the floor to start the second half... louisville gets an easy layup after setting up on the opposite end to trick the blue devil defense.

<<dan molloy>><<eugene daniel>> don't go away ... chris has a 3 last look at your forecast right after this.

3 <<(you're watching wmbd news at ten.)>> <<(here is your 8-day outlook)>> <<eugene daniel>> w-m-b-d news is available on air ... online ... and on the go.head to our website c-i proud dot com ... and get the latest news ... weather and sports on our app for your smart phone or tablet.<<dan molloy>>stick around ... colbert is next.


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