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Saturday, 27 February 2021

3-2 4pm - 430pm news

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3-2 4pm - 430pm news
3-2 4pm - 430pm news
3-2 4pm - 430pm news for archiving

Dan a look at the pinpoint webcam of how nice it is this >> dan: all right.

I have to admit it, and i'm sure you've probably thought about it.

But here's a day where i felt like calling in sick.

I mean, it's so nice out there!

It might have been fun to go out and maybe do something enjoyable today.

Temperatures right now running 49 is salt lake city.

The winds are typically out of the south this time of the day.

They switch to the north usually.

But they're out of the south right now.

This is the warmest we've had after all the snow.

It's 40 in logan.

Now, with he have a problem with melting, warmer temperatures.

We'll talk about an aerial flood warning.

Plus, look how warm it is in southern utah.

We'll discuss a very large storm that will approach.

I'll tell you when coming up in 15 minutes.

>> surae: today at 4:00, former attorney general john swallow's fate is in the hands of the jury.

He's on trial for corruption.

We're live from the courthouse with the latest.

Thank you for joining us.

I'm surae chinn.

>> glen: i'm glen mills.

Nice to have you with us tonight.

The jury has been deliberating ten and a half hours the past two days.

Swallow is facing charges related to bribery.

God 4 utah's marcos ortiz is at the matheson courthouse.

Marcos, there was drama outside the presence of the jury.

>> marcos: oh, there certainly was.

The defense called for a mistrial, after it was learned there was a badly worded jury instruction.

The judge denied that motion for a mistrial, but asked both sides to fix the jury instruction and send it back to the jury.

But that still is rubbing the defense the wrong way.

Now, the former attorney general is facing eight felonies.

Some could land him in prison for a long time.

The jury raised the eyebrows, bringing about the motion for the mistrial, after learning that count 4 related to bribery was dismissed.

That was a disstake, because it was count 6.

Money launderying was dismissed.

The jury listened to the evidence from count 6 and they say she shouldn't have and it can influence their thinking.

>> that's why we argued it shouldn't have come in the first place, and over our objection, it was admitted.

Now it's been unadmitted.

It's been stricken.

>> marcos: now, the jury -- rather, the judge dismissed the motion for a mistrial.

Where it will go down the road?

Will it be a cause for appeal?

Stay tuned on that.

Coming up in the next hour, more of the jury's questions for the judge and their impact on this trial.

Meanwhile, the jury continues to deliberate.

At the matheson courthouse, marcos ortiz, good 4 utah.

>> surae: thank you.

>>> a man is now behind bars today accused of robbing a tanning salon in draper.

The robbery happened monday at the golden tan at 11th east draper parkway.

After police learned the robber's identity, they used cu cunning tricks >>aldo: police were able to link jackson to the robbery because of surveillance video from the area captured him wearing the same clothes.

In the end he walked away with $100 before he was arrested.

Today, 43-year-old william jackson sits behind bars, facing robbery and theft for robbing the tanning salon in draper.

Jackson walked up behind a customer 9:30 monday night and demanded money from the 17-year-old employee.

>> he implied he had a gun by his actions.

He didn't say he had a gun.

He just implied it.

>>aldo: the young woman handed over $170 and jackson fled in the customer's vehicle.

Police gathered surveillance from surrounding businesses and the nearby track station.

There was a utah transit authority officer who connected jackson from the video.

>> he recognized the suspect, mr. jackson, as someone who had made a report with him about a stolen wallet.

>>aldo: jackson was wearing the same clothes from the track station at the robbery.

>> he was wearing dark clothing, and a heavy nylon black-colored coat with the fur around the hood and snow boots.

>>aldo: the officers devices a rues to get jackson to come to them.

>> they called him and said we located your wallet to get him to get to the police station so he can be arrested.

That's when he realized he had been caught.

>>aldo: he admitted to the crimes and was taken into custody.

In draper, aldo vazquez, good 4 utah.

>> surae: a pair of provo police officers is taking public service to the next level.

This week, officer lauren lock and joshua combs are receiving recognition for helping a wheelchair victim of domestic violence.

Good 4 utah's ali monsen has details from utah county.

>>ali: although the officers say recognition is really the last thing they want, but the good deed they did here at the apartment complex is spreading all over social media.

It started as a routine response to a domestic violence situation.

>> on that day, she had been assaulted.

>>ali: when this team of provo police officers showed up and found a wheelchair bound woman alone with no food to eat, they asked questions.

>> the suspect left and took her phone so she couldn't call the police or family or friends.

>>ali: earlier on, a family member of the woman took off with her weekly groceriys.

She hadn't eat all day.

>>ali: the public servants decided it wasn't enough to simply make an arrest.

>> you want to solve the problem, but you can't >>ali: while the officers couldn't keep the suspect away forever or restore the woman's mobility, they say they could make a quick thought.

The thoughtful responders swung my the grocery store to buy meat, bread and all the fixings and took it back to her friend.

>> we wanted to help her out.

>>ali: community members commend the officers and they're chuckling because they say the story isn't out of the ordinary.

>> it's the type of people that work here.

It's not in our immediate job description.

>> i'm doing everything i can to serve people and help them.

>>ali: the initial post was shared in more than 100 times in less than 24 hours.

Reporting in provo, ali monsen, good 4 utah.

>> glen: in washington, d.c., attorney general jeff sessions has recused himself from existing or future investigations related to any campaigns for the president.

The move comes after sessions was accused of lying during his senate confirmation hear.

Then, alabama senator sessions denied having contacts with russia.

Reports now claim he talked twice with russia's ambassador during the campaign.

Democrats and some republicans called for sessions to recuse himself from any investigation into russia interference in the election.

The white house is calling the report "the latest attack against the trump administration by partisan democrats."

>>> on utah's capitol hill, a bill looking to fight the opioid epidemic passed.

It will limit the number of days an opioid to be prescribed, to just seven days.

>> surae: time is running out to save the bonanza flat with hundreds of acres of open space.

Bonanza flat is a place where people from the wasatch front and wasatch back have been going for decades to escape.

It's up for sale and park city wants to buy it to make sure it never is developed.

Residents voted in favor to buy the bond.

But the purchase price is $38 million.

So park city is $13 million short.

They have until march 15th to raise the remaining funds.

>> if you want to ride the wasatch crest trail, to see the fall colors, to hike to bluff lake, that's bonanza flat.

We lose that, as a wasatch front resident, you're going to lose a significant area that gives you that peace of mind, sense of solace, fills your soul.

>> surae: summit county has promised $75 million towards the efforts.

They hope other municipalities would do the same.

If you want to donate to the efforts, head to our website,

>> glen: it's amazing up there.

One of my favorite bike trails.

>> surae: it's gorgeous.

>> glen: still ahead, two more members of president trump's cabinet were confirmed today.

But he says there's non-cabinet positions he says he's not going to fill.

>> surae: seven baltimore police officers are indicted today on several corruption charges.

The details, next.

>> glen: in baltimore, several police officers are in court today to hear the corruption charges against them.

>> surae: prosecutors says seven city policemen are hard core criminals from stealing money from innocent people to robbing from drug dealers, cash and guns and selling drugs.

>> the majority of baltimore city police officers are going to be pleased today to see the charges brought against people accused of betraying their badges and trust to the department.

>> surae: the indictment says the amounts stolen ranging from $200 to $200,000.

Prosecutors say the corruption included bogus search warrants, false police reports and thousands of dollars of false overtime.

>>> two more secretaries joined the president's cabinet today >> glen: ben carson and rick perry.

The senate confirmed perry as the secretary of energy this afternoon.

And with a vote of58-41, the senate confirmed dr. ben carson.

Several of the president's picks have been confirmed this week.

But beyond the president's cabinet, there were 400 vacant roles that require senate approval.

For some of those positions, he may nominate anyone.

The president calls the positions "unnecessariy".

>>> still ahead, concerns about commuter traffic are growing in northern utah >> surae: we'll talk to one group about the efforts to address the problem, coming up.

>> dan: how about the beautiful day we're looking at off the shopko tower cam.

That's the twin peaks.

Not much in the way of haze.

Just a beautiful sunny day, but it could not last.

Could it?

I'll let you know in 90 seconds.

>> dan: this is the kind of day as i was driving into work, i had to stop and take pictures.

It's so beautiful!

I stopped looking out towards the wasatch mountains.

We have a day with no smog.

It's a warmer day.

An average temperature day.

A few high, thin clouds.

Earlier, i felt like this is the kind of day you might want to call in sick.

Maybe it's a great day to go skiing.

I'm not advocating that.

I'm simply using it as a joke.

I would not call in sick when i'm not sick.

But it's that kind of feeling.

It's just so beautiful, you want to get out and enjoy.

Eastern utah, the same scenario.

Moab looking at gorgeous weather.

That colorado river in the background.

40 in logan.

46 ogden.

49 in salt lake city.

Provo at the airport, 37.

It's warmer up on the hill at the byu campus right there in the 47-degree range.

46 price.

39 vernal.

30 in rocksprings.

We're getting out of the deep freeze in southwest wyoming after the temperatures dropped the last couple of nights.

63 st.


52 elko.

I told you there is an aerial flood warning.

It's a large area.

It encompasses much of northern utah.

So from north ogden, brigham city, hyrum, logan.

Temperatures warm up.

We had a heavy snow hit with the last storm.

Plus the excess snow.

Any warming will result in possible flooding.

The other problem is, often we'll get ice gems on the rivers and that will dam the river and you get the overflow.

That will flood mostly low lands.

But keep it in mind the next several days, the chances for flooding increasing a bit.

There's a storm in the northwest hitting seattle.

Quite a bit of precipitation.

Heavy rain and mountain snow, one to two-feet in the cascades.

The first storm will swing by north of us.

Friday by afternoon, we're still in the sunshine.

Also, our streamlined winds out of the south.

When they're red, the the the the they're southerly flow.

3:00 in the morning on sunday, it's snowing in boise.

It's going to hit us sunday, 4:00, 5:00, with lightning, thunder, sleet.

This is a big one!

Our computer models are seeing it southwest wyoming/northern utah.

It's moving quickly.

It will taper off by monday morning.

The storm as it reaches colorado won't be as strong as it is when it hits us.

Maybe a lingering snow flurry on monday morning.

Could be lake effect snow squalls that would primarily im impact davis and weber counties.

I'm just warning you ahead of time.

29 in salt lake city tonight.

Ten in rocksprings.

Tomorrow's high in logan, 44.

54 in salt lake city.

The average high this time of the year is 49.

61 in bullfrog.

69 in st.


Oh, so nice!

Cedar city, cold front brings a chance for snow for you on sunday afternoon.

That will likely change to a cooler monday for you.

But no lingering showers.

And then, we're warming right back up into the 50s.

34 in st.

George in the morning.

59 by afternoon.

68 later on.

And the seven-day forecast, we're going to bring that storm through sunday night.

So there will be a chance for showers sunday night.

Turns colder monday.

And immediately warming back up into the low 70s.

All righty, salt lake city and the wasatch front, it's a nice day tomorrow.

It's a little warmer tomorrow.

And again, it's a day where you might want to get out and enjoy.

Maybe take a sack lunch with you to work, so you can go outside and soak in the sunshine.

Here comes the storm.

Increasingy cloudy on saturday.

Warm, 58.

The storm comes through sunday.

Sharply dropping temperatures with rain turning to snow and accumulating snow sunday afternoon/sunday night, and early monday.

And then t.

Warms back up next week.

>> glen: we can't get used to it, though, right?

>> dan: no.

>> glen: we keep getting the cold swings.

>> dan: it's okay if we get them once in awhile.

It builds the snow park and keeps the haze intact.

>> glen: thanks so much.

>>> surae is standing by with growing concerns over traffic congestion >> surae: infrastructure can't keep up with the growth in lehi.

Udot plans on widening interstate 15.

That solution is years away until 2020.

And there's been an online push to get things started.

I'm joined by andrew, who is behind the website called flippin' traffic.

So let's talk.

You created this website a month ago.


>> we thought it would be fun and helpful to lighten the mood when it comes to traffic.

Bring video in.

>> surae: you're coming here.

You're also a business guy.

Your business is in one of the biggest, fasting growing areas in the state.

So a big bottle neck.

We just finished the point project and it causes everything to be congested where you guys are.

>> guest: lehi has done a fantastic jobs to do the improvements.

My company has been there for ten years.

We've seen it go from tumble weeds to this massive expansion in commercial growth.

What we're hopeful with this campaign is that we can bring awareness that it would be prudent -- fiscally prudent to borrow for key transportation infrastructure.

>> surae: udot is planning an expansion project to widen the roads on two lanes of each of i-15.

But not until 2020.

So what is your campaign exactly trying to do?

>> guest: yes, specifically, this is a project approved.

Udot knows they need t there's other projects in the state that are approved that need to be completed.

The idea here is to advnce key transportation infrastructure along i-15 and the wasatch front that will help pave the way for economic growth in the state.

Currently, this project is slated for 2020.

We'd like to advance it two years and get it started next spring.

>> surae: this is four miles and extends from sr 92 to main street of lehi.

And what do you think it would do to relieve some of the congestion?

>> guest: the more efficiently we can move people from point a to b, whether on tracks, front runner, i-15 or local roads, the better the economy and the stronger the economy is going to be in utah.

So by adding two lanes north and south, adding the crossings, increasing the capacity at the interchanges, it's going to move people north and south all the way into utah county and salt lake county and the specific area.

>> surae: this is including frontage roads, bridges as well.

It can do a lot for the area.

What are you asking people to do on the website?

Because people are contacting representatives.

>> guest: we want them to reach out to your local representative.

If you live in utah county and you commute to salt lake county, you pass through the bottle neck.

So we want people to reach out, let the legislator know this is a major issue.

And there's other issues in the state.

That's the beauty of the bill, is that we believe it will solve problems than just north utah county.

There's areas that udot has high priorities in.

If we infuse the transportation program with capital, then we can borrow with historically low interest rates and keep the projects going.

>> surae: thank you andrew.

You're getting noticed on capitol hill here.

>> glen: all right.

Flippin' traffic, we say that multiple times a day.

>>> still ahead, the update on the big flub at the oscars.

What's happening to the accountants in the center of it all, next.

>> glen: we're back with the latest in entertainment news.

The two accountants at the center of envelope gate, won't be back to the oscars.

>> surae: a source says martha ruiz and brian cullinan will remain partners at pwc, but with no longer work on the team at the academy awards.

Pwc has managed the ballots at the academy for 83 years.

Pwc took responsible for the flub on human area and breaches of protocol.

They'll investigate the circumstances and determine what actions are appropriate going forward.

>> glen: the academy had to apologize to the movie producer chapman after incorrectly running her photo during the segment where they honor those who have passed the previous year.

>> surae: they missed a few.

>> it's a great weekend for movies.

>> glen: but it's hard to decide what we should go see.

So many good movies out there.

New comers like "logan" and going up against "the lego batman movie" and "get out".

>> surae: we want to know what you're seeing and what you would recommend for us.

>> glen: let us know on our facebook page or on twitter.

You might even see your comments on our newscast as part of your upcoming segment brought to you by utah honda dealers.

>> coming up, we're looking at today's top stories.

>> surae: how technology can make surgery safer, next at 4:30.

>> glen: thanks for staying with us for the news at 4:30.

I'm glen mills.

>> surae: i'm surae chinn.

Ten and a half hours of deliberating and no verdict in the john swallow trial.

Swallow is facing corruption charges while he was attorney general.

The defense asked for a mistrial over a jury instruction worded incorrectly.

The judge denied the mistrial and the instruction was corrected.

More at 5:00.

>>> a man is behind bars today after accused of robbing a tanning salon in draper.

Police caught 43-year-old william jackson on surveillance from businesses and tracks.

The draper police devices a rues to get jackson to come to them.

When he arrived, police arrested him and now he's in the salt lake county jail, facing aggravated robbery and theft charges.

>>> a pair of provo police officers is taking public service to the next level.

This week, officers lauren loch and joshua kunes is facing recognition for helping a wheelchair-bound victim of domestic violence.

A family member took off with her groceries and she hadn't eaten, so officers bought her groceries.

>> glen: an amicus brief argues that title nine, a federal law forbidding description in schools on the basis of sex, protects transgender students from discrimination.

Today, the mayor made the announcement.

The brief filed with the supreme court.

[inaudible] rights to be free from discrimination, including the rights to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity.

>>> a new study ranks three utah cities near the bottom when it comes to being safe for children.

Salt lake city ranked 175th out of 200 overall.

While the provo-orem area came in 148th.

And ogden-clearfield, 141st.

The study looked at rates of crime and the number of police officers per capita and how well schools are functioning, enrollment and graduation rates and the environment supporting kids.

We're talking keeping them out of poverty and ensuring access to day care, healthcare, libraries and museums. personal finance website published the report >> surae: intermountain medical center is using 3-d technology to prepare doctors for complex surgery.

3-d technology allows the surgeons to practice before stepping into the operating room.

He developed kidney stones.

His kidneys had developed in the wrong place.

>> your kidneys are suppose to develop high up in the abdomen and tilt in.

They never went up.

They got stuck in the pelvis.

Unusual blood vessels coming in unusual places you can't predict.

>> surae: which can create a dangerous situation for the doctor in the operating room.

The medical director of the urological institute teamed up to create a 3-d reinstruction of wes's anatomy.

From c.a.t.

Scans came multiple forms of images, one you can hold in your hand.

>> this is an actual replica of the patient's kidney.

And the spots that you see here, are the actual kidney stones within the kidney.

This is on a 3-d television.

Unfortunately, that can't translate across the camera.

But this gives a 3-d understanding on a television for the patient and for the clinician to look at.

Which makes the experience so much better and gives insight we have never had before.

>> surae: the cutting edge technology was used while the doctor was in the operating room.

>> with the 3-d monitor, we were able to put the monitor in the operating room without goggles.

Now we have this technology.

It seems like an explosion in the last couple of years in surgery planning.

I can scroll through the images on my cell phone to get ready for an operation, to remind me about the complex nature of an operation.

The key to all of this is collaborating with a clinician.

And focusing truly on the progress that the clinician is trying to make.

And how we can find technologies that make it easier for clinicians to deliver the care and the outcome that they want to deliver.

>> surae: and not only were these 3-d images extremely helpful in preparing and during the surgery, but the team who operated on wes rated the different 3-d models during the surgery to find out which one was most helpful and what tool may be the best for future complex surgeries.

>> glen: still ahead in consumer news tonight, after the tsa keeps documents from federal investigators, represent jason chaffetz threatens the agency with a subpoena.

Details are separate ahead.

>> surae: first, let's check back in with chief meteorologist, dan pope.

It was a beautiful day!

Warmer than yesterday.

>> dan: oh, yes it was!

And hard to find any clouds at all on our toyota downtown camera.

Maybe a few high, thin wispy clouds moving by.

This is what i would have to call a perfect day.

I don't know about you, but this is perfection, at least for the 1st of march.

The question is, can it stay this way?

I'll let you know coming up in your pinpoint weather forecast.

[sound of bell ringing] >> surae: stocks flipped into the red at the close on wall street today.

Here are the numbers: the dow is down 112 points.

The nasdaq is down 42.

And the s & p 500 is down 14 points.

>>> the house oversight committee has been investigating abusive management at the tsa.

>> glen: whistle blower retaliation and excessive bonuses.

Jason chaffetz says they're concerned about transparency.

>> it's not acceptable to with hold information.

It's something we have both committed to, on both sides of the aisle, to help protect and ensure that whistle blowers are protected.

You have a right in this government, as a government employee to blow the whistle.

But when the tsa with holds documents, that's wholly unacceptable.

>> glen: the tsa's chief counsel indicates the security agency has no obligation to turn over the documents to the office of special counsel, known as osc.

>> surae: there's more news coming up on abc 4 utah.

>> glen: kim fischer here with a look at what we can expect to see later.

>> kim: here's what we're working on, coming up.

The utah attorney general's office is cracking down on illegal gambling throughout the state.

>>> plus, prescription drug abuse has a strong grip on the state of utah, claiming the lives of 23 utahns every month.

We're going to talk with a lawmaker, who is trying to change that.

We'll have those stories in a couple of minutes on abc 4 utah news at 5:00.

Until then, glen and surae, back to you.

>> glen: see you soon.


>>> still ahead, the proposal captured on camera by a california photographer, turned into a major mystery.

>> surae: we'll tell you how she tracked down the salt lake city couple, coming up.

>> dan: now, let's look outside on the shopko tower cam, showing a beautiful blue sky day.

We're going to have a nice sunset.

High clouds will give us colors of roaring and yellow and even red.

I'll let you know we're going to continue with the nice weather pattern in two and a half minutes.

>> dan: i hope you're having a good afternoon, and hopefully, if you happen to have a little bit of time off, you've enjoyed some of the weather.

And if you can't and you've been doing things with the kids, working, cleaning up the house, you've been to work, you're coming home, i'm going to show you what it's like in places where people are out enjoying some of the nice weather.

This is on lake powell, a fantastic day there.

Hyrum, still frozen over.

No wind, though in logan.

Temperatures mostly in the 40s.

Few 30s.

37 is at the airport.

It tends to be colder at the provo airport, because it's next to utah lake.

Up on the hill, though at the provo byu campus, it's like the mid to upper whos.

Bottom line, we've had a terrific day and a nice weather pattern statewide.

63 st.


It's a little cooler in vernal.

We have snow on the ground and the ashley valley and uinta basin, going to be harder to warm up in these areas as the inversion and snow cover will keep it kind of cool.

30 in rocksprings.

40 in logan.

Inversion there.

But not like we've seen in the past.

Through the evening, if you're going out and about, maybe you're going to the restaurant to get food tonight, taking the kids out on the town.

I know it's a school day, probably tonight.

Mid-30s by midnight.

By the morning, cold enough for a coat or jacket.

Few high clouds throughout the day tomorrow.

Overall, a pleasant day.

This is why i was saying the basin with the snow cover, snow cover no cache valley.

Along the wasatch front.

You can see how the eastern valleys don't have any snow, little or no snow.

Down to st.

George, much of nevada and the southern part, not snow-covered.

Much of wyoming has snow cover.

That snow tends to allow for inversion to persist, not only during the day times and the warmer march months.

But also even as late as april.

So that's why wyoming is cold.

And then, the wind blows every day.

It blows hard every day.

We have really nice weather here along the wasatch front.

That's why millions of people love living here.

Look at the high temperatures for tomorrow.

We're going to pop it into the 50s.

There will be a lot of sunshine.

Overnight lows in the 20s.

Daytime highs 54 in salt lake city.

52 draper.

Herriman, we're talking higher elevations in the valley.

The west side of the valley populated by half a million to three quarters of a million -- maybe not three quarters.

Half a million people moving out on the west side.

The weather is different.

Herriman, your high, 49.

Davis county, mostly clear to mostly sunny.

A little bit cooler the further north with go.

I mention we have an ininvestigation in cache valley.

So 20 tonight.

Tomorrow's high is 44.

Northern wasatch front-cache valley we have the aerial flood warning in effect.

40s for park city.

Snow on sunday.

Snow monday morning.

This is going to be a good storm for the mountains.

We're going to see one to two-feet.

Not in park city, but up at the resort.

Castle country, we'll get snow sunday night and monday morning.

Look at the warmup next week, st.

George, so nice.

How about a 70 on saturday and sunshine.

Clouds come in.

The winds blow sunday, monday.

Few showers sunday night.

Then, next week, we're looking at 60s and low 70s.

It's a change in the weather pattern in salt lake city and the wasatch front.

58 degrees on saturday.

Gusty shifting winds on sunday.

Thunder and lightning, hail, some snow early monday morning.

Notice the temperature drop.

After that, we're warming back up to around 51 on wednesday.

57 on thursday.

As march is a month of changes.

We don't have a lot of inversions.

And we have those warm days and those cold days.

That's the way it will be.

>> glen: we like the no inversion part of that, right?

>> surae: yes, we do.

People on facebook say this is a good car wash day.

>> dan: that's right.

You don't have storminess for a few days.

>> surae: to a touching story in california.

A bay area photographer catches a romantic area proposal but never got the name of the man and woman.

>> glen: we talked to the photographer who reached the salt lake couple.

>> reporter: when doing a love story, it helps to have a sound track.

For this one, we went to the original source.

>> he wanted something romantic.

>> reporter: so stephen moore chose sweet notes that echos through san francisco one afternoon.

Photographer angie wilson happened to be there that day and followed the sound.

She snapped the picture along the way of the couple.

>> they were under the middle of the dome.

>> reporter: imagine angie's surprise when the man dropped to a knee, the woman broke into tears.

>> they only had eyes for each other.

They didn't see me.

I took the pictures and walked away.

>> reporter: that's right!

She walked away.

A year passed and valentine's day approached.

And angie began to wonder, did they get married?

Would they like a copy of the picture?

How can she get it to them.

Here's the picture that angie posted on facebook and we picked up and showed on

Nobody recognized the couple.

But they did stephen.

>> i contacted the couple.

And then everything through e-mails, everything happened!

[laughter] .

>> reporter: enter jonathan of salt lake city and the former alison squires, now husband and wife of a blended family of eight kids.

They found angie within four days.

>> she said that's me, omg!

>> it takes us back to the moment to see the pictures again!

>> reporter: now the clans have a big picture in the mail!

>> in this instance, i have to give it to them.

Because they made the magic happen.

>> it's really the beginning moment of our life together.

So we're incredibly grateful.

>> reporter: it's artistic proof that no deed should ever go unparagraphed or for that matter, goes unplayed.


>> reporter: in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc seven news.

>> glen: see how social media changes our lives?

>> surae: seriously.

And you love solving a mystery.

They're here locally.

>> glen: a new arrival at the denver zoo, surprised even the zoo keeper.

Why the delivery was so unexpected, next.

>> glen: a baby giraffe was born at the denver zoo.

Officials announced dolby is the newest giraffe calf, born tuesday, five-feet tall and 73 pounds.

>> surae: denver zoo has a policy of not announcing when animals are expecting.

But officials said the pregnancy was unplanned and dolby's mother was actually on birth control!

Mother and baby are resting in the zoo's giraffe building.

The zoo hopes to make them available to the public soon.

>> glen: hmm, birth control and no one knew!

What was going on?

>> surae: that's a big surprise.

>> glen: that happens on the human end as well, right?

>> surae: yes, it does!

>> glen: thank you for making us a part of your afternoon.

The news at 5:00 is coming your way next.

Have a great night!

Realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company swallow trial... but the judge denies it.

[a3]anchor hello-2 shot don now at five... a call for a mistrial in the john swallow trial... but the judge denies it.

[a3]anchor hello-2 shot don good evening.

I'm don hudson.

Kim f and i'm kim fischer.

Thanks for joining us at 5 o'clock.

Kim f two days of deliberation... and still no verdict in the trial of the former attorney general.

At one point... there was concern the trial wouldn't continue... because of a confusing jury instruction.

Good 4 utah's marcos ortiz is live at the matheson courthouse.

Marcos, what was the problem?

Marcos the instruction told them that a certain charge was dismissed when it hadn't.

It confused them... so the judge with the help of attorneys fixed it.



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