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Thursday, 23 September 2021


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((dan))<<skywatch network camera.valley temperatures.

Forecast first.

Snow moving in overnight, light south, heavier far north.

Changes to rain by monday afternoon.>> ((sadie)) as we spring forward today in time...we also take a step back into winter... which could mean danger on the roads for some counties.

Plus... jewish communities over the nation are subject to a serious threat.

((sadie))good evening and thank you for joining us for wtwo news at 11.i'm sadie all.

We're under a winter weather advisory...that's for northern counties.dan reynolds joins us again...with more on our top story.((dan))<<winter weather advisory covering fountain, montgomery and vermillion counties.esp live radar.

Snow moving in from the northwest.

Snowfall forecast.

Lighter south, heavier north.

Some will experience slick travel monday before snow changes over to rain in the afternoon.>> ((sadie)) a bomb threat made near rochester new york...has been taken very seriously by law enforcement.the threat was made against a jewish community center.a press conference earlier today states that 300 people were inside the jcc when the threat came in.

State police, fbi, and brighton police all conducted a joint operation and cleared the center.

<<mark henderson: "we do believe that this is a part of a larger picture... the fbi is involved they are assisting us.

It reaches beyond the borders.... >>((sadie)) the center opened back up earlier today.the fbi is reportedly investigating this incident.several jewish community centers across the country got a threat at the same time that the brighton jcc did... ((sadie)) including one in indianapolis.police gave the all-clear earlier this afternoon...they say nothing suspicious was found.the threat comes during the jewish festival of poor-iam.

((sadie))dozens of indianapolis police units responded to a different scene... just before midnight on saturday.according to police reports a large crowd gathered in the street near rochester avenue.they say about 50 people, most believed to be teenagers, were fighting.

According to the reports, at least two police cars were damaged by teens throwing bricks through the windows.

One report details $9,000 worth of damage.when our sister station wish t-v arrived on scene, they said police were using pepper spray to control the's unclear if any arrests were made or if anyone was seriously hurt in the mob.

((sadie)) the name of a terre haute man killed in porter county over the weekend...has been released by indiana state police.the pickup truck of 37 year old daniel evans was hit by a semi... on interstate 94.

That's in north west indiana.

Evans was standing outside of his parked vehicle along the outer shoulder.the driver of the semi... 72 year old james moore of michigan went over the white fog line....hitting evans vehicle which then hit and killed him.

Evans was pronounced dead on the scene.

((sadie)) later this week on tuesday....the vigo county council will vote on a highly debated topic...the new jail.

Right now... there's discussion on an income tax increase to pay for the 68 million dollar jail construction.the proposal could double the tax... to 2-- point--5 percent.there is also the possibility the county could increase the tax... but at a lower it stands now..

Vigo county's 1 point 2-5 percent income tax ..

Is on par with most counties in indiana.

((sadie))if you're feeling a little off kilter today, it could be the adjustment to daylight saving time.the 'spring forward' can be tough... but this time of year should play an important role in your family's safety.

Rebecca brumfield explains.

<<rebecca brumfield, reporting: yep, you guessed it.

It's that time of the year again.

Daylight savings time began at 2 am sunday.

But here's a tip for our wabash valley viewers: use this time to switch out batteries in all of your smoke alarms when you go back to change your clocks.

Diana price, firefighter/ paramedic terre haute fire department: "everybody remembers to change a clock..

It's a perfect time to make sure we change the batteries.

According to the national fire protection association, three out of five home fire deaths result from smoke alarms not working.

Smoke alarm batteries need to be changed twice a year for optimum usage.

Matthew graham: "that's why we have innovation.

Innovations like that are to keep us all safe.

So so um, no, it's not really a surprising statistic at all."

They always say that 10 years in a milestone..

But it's also the special number you need to remember when it comes to your smoke alarm.

If the manufacture date is more than 10-year-old, it's needs replaced.

Because, over time..

Sensors lose sensitivity and the ability to detect smoke.

Diana price, firefighter/ paramedic terre haute fire department: "we want to make sure we're staying safe.

If you hear the 'beep' in your smoke detector that means are low.

It's time to change.

We like to get ahead of that though."

It's always good to check smoke alarm placement as well.

Matthew graham: "well, i've gotta kid and he's turning five here in just a few days.

Um, and i do.

I've got a cat and two dogs as well.

So you know, um, it's super important to keep your famioly safe.

And um, keep yourself save."

And while you're at it..

Some spring cleaning may not even be the worst idea.

Diana price, firefighter/ paramedic terre haute fire department: "it's a good idea to always change your um, air filters and everything.

It's one of the biggest things to cause fires.

Also underneath the refrigerator.

Everybody always forgets to clean under the refrigerator... all the dust collects throughout the year.

It's a good time to do some good spring cleaning."for more information about smoke alarms and home fire safety.

I've added a link to our webpage.

Just look for this story and you'll find it there.

Sadie?>> ((sadie))thanks's good to remember that smoke alarms should be placed inside and outside each bedroom or sleeping area.

You may even want to consider using interconnected smoke alarms in your home.

((sadie))local musicians are honored today...through the 24th annual wabash valley musicians hall of fame.18 musicians over the age of 50... who've played in the valley for the past 25 years were inducted to the hall of fame.

The event took place at the zorah shrine center... by noon there were already 300 in attendance.

<<rick waggoner: "we honor them for their dedication they are the players if you will, the musicians, that sometimes back the front singers in the band.">>((sadie))money raised from the event will go toward...shriner's hospital for children... and help with the arts in the valley,like music programs. coming up... the fight continues in washington over replacing obamacare.find out what issues they're still battling.... later in sports...get those brackets ready..

March madness is all set to begin.brett edwards prepares us for the craziness to come in college basketball.

The proposed health care plan that would replace obamacare... is receiving pushed back by senate republicans and democrats.and a congressional committee has asked the justice department to come forward...tomorrow with evidence of whether or not president obama ordered a wiretap on president trump.

Nbc's jennifer johnson reports from washington.<< vice president mike pence spent the weekend pushing the white house and republicans new health care plan.l/ louisville, kentucky, saturday (:07 - :12) sot mike pence - no super needed"the obamacare nightmare is about to end"...while democrats and the gop squabble over the bill.

Several republican senators say the house plan is dead on arrival.s/ sen.

Tom cotton (r-ar) (:20 - :27)super already on screen in upper corner: abc this week"this bill in the house of representatives cannot pass the senate and i believe it would have adverse consequences for millions of americans."some studies show the plan would leave up to 15 million americans without health coverage.s/ sen.

Cory booker (d-nj) (:34 - :39)super already on screen in upper corner: cnn state of the union "i don't understand what their strategy is...because this is bad politics but deeper than that, it's bad policy and bad process."democrats say they're willing to work on a better bill but some doubt the two sides can get anything done.s/ gov.

John kasich (r-oh) (:46 - :54)super already on screen in upper corner: nbc meet the press"i believe the political parties are disintegrating before our very eyes.ááá"and the need to invite the democrats in because we're talking about lives."as president trump remains in washington this weekend....the house intelligence committee has given the justice department a monday deadline to show evidence of his claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower during the presidential campaign.s/ rep.

Adam schiff (d-ca), house intelligence committee (1:08 - 1:18)super already on screen in upper corner: abc this week "there are one of two possibilities here.

Either the president quite deliberately, for some reason, made up the charge.

Or perhaps, more disturbing, the president really believes this."the justice department has indicated it will not meet monday's deadline.jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington.">>((sadie))that house committee plans an open hearing march 20th to investigate the president's allegations....questioning the director of the fbi... among others.

((sadie))over in the land of lincoln...cursive writing has not been a mandate in schools for years.people say technology is evolving and it's not needed.but now there's a house bill to bring it back.but some lawmakers believe elementary students aren't learning all the materials they will need in the future.supporters believe if children don't know how to write it, they won't know how to read it.

<<sue scherer, representative: "they need to at least be able to get their way through it.

I mean how they are they even going to sign their name.

I don't think it's a good idea for someone to print their name.

I think it's good to do your name in cursive, your signature.">> ((sadie))representative scherer says without this skill it can lead to losing a generation of learners.

((dan))<<temperature almanac.>> ((dan))<<scattered snow ((dan)) <<scattered snow showers moving in after midnight.

Precipitation threat will continue to spread across the area duringthe day monday.

Near surface temperatures will probably get above freezing towards midday monday and on into the early evening hours, which may allow for more in the way of mixed precipitation during that time.

A winter weather advisory includes fountain, montgomery and vermillion counties from monday morning through late monday evening.threat for snow shower activity may linger into tuesday as a secondary trough drops through the great lakes.

Will go with a dry forecast for tuesday night and wednesday as uppertroughing pulls off to the east.models suggest the highs on monday and lows monday night may be a little on the warm side.

Will bump up the guidance in those periods.

Later periods look ok for now.despite lows dropping to near or below freezing over the next couple of nights, it appears potential for a more damaging freeze with temperatures in the teens is apparent towards the middle of the week.surface high pressure will be over all of the ohio valley through the first half of the period, thus only mid/high clouds expected mid week.

Thursday looks nice for now as does the start of friday accompanied my comparatively milder temperatures.

It looks like the last mentioned short wave trough though will bring in a chance for snow, but mostly rain, on fridayinto saturday.

The last of this latest spell of below average temperatures isexpected to wane going into friday as a warm front moves through for friday when temperatures will range from the low 30s into the mid 40s, then be into the upper 40s to low 50s for sunday.mostly cloudy tonight with scattered snow showers after midnight.

A low of 27.snow monday, light amounts south, heavier north.

May mix with rain as temperatures warm, then all rain by afternoon in most areas.

A high of 41.

Scattered rain-snow mix during the evening with a few snow showers overnight into early tuesday.early snow shower here or there tuesday, then mostly cloudy.

A low of 26 and high of 33.mostly sunny wednesday.

Temperatures of 19 and 35.

Mostly sunny thursday.

Temps of 17 and 40.mostly cloudy friday with scattered showers, might mix with snow early.

24 and 50.partly cloudy saturday.

31 and 52.partly cloudy sunday.

36 and 56.>> ((brett)) already filled out my first bracket and i'm positive it's a perfect one.and we say goodbye to high school hoops until next year.but also two great seniors who were near the top in scoring this season.

Good evening folks welcome's a great day for college basketball fans.the brackets are set..

And everyone feels like theirs is the best and nothing will change that.we ran through the midwest and east regions earlier..let's catch you up on the other 2 brackets.the tar heels get the one seed in the south... and play texas southern in round one.arkansas and seton hall face off.


One of 7 big ten schools in the dance..plays middle tennessee.and the butler bulldogs draw a 4 seed..

To play thursday in milwaukee against winthrop.

Bottom half..

Cincinnati will play the winner of kansas state and wake forest.


A 3 seed gets kent state.the dayton flyers will face wichita state..shockers making their sixth straight tourney appearance.they'll play in indianapolis this friday.also in indy..

The 2 seeded kentucky wildcats will face northern the west..

Where gonzaga is the 1 seed..

Zaga plays south dakota about the northwestern wildcats..

Making their first ever appearance in the n-c-a-a tournament..

Cats play vanderbilt.notre dame gets a 5 seed and the irish take on the ivy league champs in princeton.west virginia will face bucknell.the remainder of the west bracket goes as follows.maryland and xavier.florida state verus florida golf coast university in orlando..

That should be a fun one.saint mary's and v-c-u.

And arizona the 2 seed to play north dakota state.we told you butler will be in milwaukee on thursday..

So will the purdue boilermakers.purdue draws the fourth seed in the midwest region..

To play thursday night against's a few bulldogs after the selection show: <<avery woodson says, "this is the time of year when competitors arrive.

Players should be at their best.

Coaches are at their best.

We kind of let excitement and anticipation take care of that.

Andrew chrabascz says, "that's what makes butler so special too.

We have some great fans, as you saw with the support tonight.

It's great to have everyone around.

This tournament makes it more special.

We're going to have a great turnout with milwaukee too so looking forward to it.">> ((brett))the high school basketball season is officially over.and while we unfortunately say good bye to hoops until next year... we also say goodbye to a pair of prolific scorers here in the wabash valley.cloverdale senior cooper neese...ends a remarkable four year career with the clovers.neese tallied 2,496 career points..

Which is best for 7th on indiana's all-time scoring list.he's not only the school's all-time leading scorer but also putnam county's.his senior campaign was another unforgettable one..

Filled with a 53 point output earlier in the year against southmont.he averaged 27.2 points per contest..

Best for fourth in the state..

Just behind his teammate jalen moore.neese drilled 115 three point field goals..

Best for 21st in the nation.this fall..

Neese will head to butler to play for the bulldogs.

Definitely a preps career he can be proud of: <<cooper neese says, "just trying to take in the moments that i had in my 4 years.

It's kind of hard to do in one day.

I just want to thank the cloverdale community.

They've been behind me since my 7th grade year.

It's been unreal to get to play for cloverdale.

Saturday also marked the final high school game for shakamak's tanner yeryar.the laker had 26 points against the state's number one team in shakamak's regional semi-final loss.what a senior year he had..

Yeryar poured in just under 22 points a night..

Putting him in the top 25 among hoosier scorers.1,333 for his career...that puts him at third on the school's all-time list.we'll see tanner on the baseball field in the next coming weeks.

((brett))from the hardwood to the diamond.indiana state's baseball season is well underway.sycamores out west taking on the 12th ranked washington huskies.and it was quite a solid four game series for have to feel good about a split with the nation's 12th best team.i-s-u won the series opener on friday night..

4 to 2.lost game one of yesterday's doubleheader..

But bounced big time in the nightcap on saturday..

Getting a 5-3 victory.and tonight..

The sycamores lost on a walk off single by the huskies to even the series.

Successful weekend nonetheless for the trees.

We'll see them at bob warn field this friday for their home opener...first pitch at 3 p-m.indiana state softball also at home on friday..

It's a 4 p-m start for the team as they start conference play against illinois state.that's it for sports.the reynolds wrap is next.

Hi i'm dana winklepleck..

It's a tale as old as time.

A performace of beauty and the best will be taking place here in the valley..

We'll have belle..

And the best in studio..

They'll tell us where some of us may find it hard to leave the house over the weekend...but this 103 year old ballroom dancer in utah is putting us to shame.karl tinggaard was born before wwi.

Every thursday night you'll find him at the heritage center senior dance with a variety of partners.

((dan))<<esp: live radar, the reynolds wrap and 7 day forecast.snow moving in after midnight.

Light amounts south, heavier as you go north.

Changes to rain by afternoon.>> ((sadie)) thanks for making wtwo news at 11 your source for news.join dana and robyn in the morning for wtwo news today.for updates anytime... follow us on facebook..

Or... go to my wabash valley dot com.we're going to leave you with a performance today from the wabash valley hall of fame induction.have a good night.

((take music))

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