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Monday, 27 September 2021

Eyewitness News at Eleven

Credit: KGPE CBS 47 Fresno
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Eyewitness News at Eleven
Eyewitness News at Eleven
Triple Murder Investigation Team Coverage

Ken: tonight... we are getting our first look at one of the victim's of today's triple shooting in fresno... he is 34-year-old " zackary " " randalls"... a pg-&-e employee... ken: he was in the passenger seat ..

Of a company truck when he was shot.

Kathryn: and we are learning more about the suspect in today's shooting spree... kathryn: past acquaintances of 39-year-old "kori ali muhammad" are talking tonight... describing "unstable" and "disturbing" behavior... kathryn: a series of "four shootings" took place near downtown fresno this morning.

Shots were fired at a homeowner - but he was unharmed... but the three other shootings ended in death... ken: we have team coverage tonight... cbs 47's "justin lum " ..

Has more on the background of the suspect .... from social media..

But first cbs 47's ' matt mendez ' has reaction from a friend of one of the victims..

And show us how the shooting started..


Matt: fresno police say this gunman was on a mission to kill.

Three victims shot and killed today... others dodged bullets.

And tonight we spoke to a good friend of one of one of those victims. tonight.... a name and face to one of the men gunned down in cold blood.

Friends have identified the p-g-and e worker killed as zackary randalls... police say he was a father to a three and four year old... doing a ride a long when gunman kori ali muhammed opened fire... 2:36 he was one of my best friends... so obviously it really hurts.

2:42" friend jonathan gilbert says randalls was excited to start his new job at pg and e and thought it would not be safe.

3:36 he wanted to work there because he considered it a safer job than something like corrections 4:42 the shooting rampage began around 10;45 ... 16-shots rang out... police say muhammed targetted and killed three white men in less than two minutes tuesday..

And on his facebook page, indicated hatred for white people.

Police were already hunting for muhammed for allegedly murdering a security guard last thursday.

Chief jerry dyer "1:05:25 he made a decision to himself that he was not going to go to jail for killing a security guard, he was going to kill as many people as he could today and that's what he set out to do 1:05:36" tuesday's shooting spree continued on mildreda avenue where police say he shot at a man walking out of a house, but missed.

Police say muhammed then shot and killed two more men..

On fulton..

Including one man in the catholic charities parking lot.

Police then captured muhammed who gave up..

And who says he ditched his gun.

And is still missing at this hour..

Police speculate someone else picked it up..

This video shows police escorting him away in handcuffs.

Police say he yelled "allahu akbar"... and in a strange twist..

Even gave an apology.

"1:07:22 immediately upon seeing me he made a spontaneous statement saying "i'm sorry chief," then was placed in the back of the car 1:07:29 matt: police say, during the shooting spree..

Muhammed threatened two women..

A hispanic grandmother, mom and four year old child... but did not shoot.

Ken: fresno mayor lee brand spoke at tonight's press conference.

Kathryn: he's calling for compassion and "unity" in the face of today's shootings.

Lee brand / mayor of fresno "fresno stands united against violence and compassion for the victims and for this one senseless act of violence, every day there are thousands of acts of compassion and goodwill in this community."

Kathryn: "pg&e" released a statement on the death of "zackary randalls"... it reads -- in part... "our hearts are very heavy today... as we have lost a member of our pg&e family.

Our thoughts and prayers... are with the family of our employee... and all those impacted by this tragic event."

Kathryn: continuing our team coverage... we are learning more tonight about "kori ali muhammad."

Ken: ' a ' member of our cbs 47 staff attended classes with the suspect at ... fresno city college.

"always a litte uncomfortable he was very very unstable."

"what's wrong with you?

Can't you do that at home?

You shouldn't be doing that at home that often anyway."

Ken: that light- hearted tone - from a class at fresno city college - turned into some bizarre behavior captured in series of facebook videos.

Cbs 47's " justin lum " joins us live in downtown fresno with more... justin... justin: you're exactly right guys... we spoke to a man who worked with muhammad who says the kori he knew was polite and soft spoken... but this is where kori muhammad unveiled his dark side... shooting and taking three innocent lives here in downtown fresno... innocent lives here in downtown fresno... a snapshot into the mind... "man, that's crazy."

Of a future murder 'suspect.'

"that's perfect."

Derek bavin says he took classes at fresno city college with kori ali muhammad.

He says he distinctly remembers muhammad calling his teachers racists.

Derek bavin/muhammad's former classmate "he would accuse the instructors of of not treating him fairly, of being racist."

"there's a philosophy of hatred from white supremists that i haven't seen being addressed."

Jojo romelo worked with muhammad at a public access tv station in fresno.

He also says muhammad claimed to be muslim and hated white people.

Jojo romelo/worked with muhammad "he saw the white man as his enemy, as his oppressor.

That was it."

"we will continue to bring destruction and wrath upon american until we establish a kingdom of infinite peace and progress."

The destruction and wrath muhammad talks about on his facebook page... became a reality this morning.

Police say the 39-year-old went on a shooting spree in downtown fresno.

Targeting four white men at random, killing three of them.

Chief jerry dyer says muhammad's attack was motivated by race.

"you might not want to destroy the white man's world but we still do!"

Romelo says muhammad tried to contact him four months ago but he ignored his message.

"that's what is gonna eat at me for the rest of my life.

I don't know if he wanted to talk something out.

I don't know what it was but he wanted to talk to me about something.

I don't know what it was but i ignored the guy.

And so i don't know.

That's a hard thing to live with."

Justin: i spoke to a muslim community leader today... he says he reached out to fellow leaders across the valley... he claims - none of them have ever met muhammad and they want people to know this violent act does not represent the islamic faith... live in downtown fresno...jl cbs 47 ewn... ken: we have more reaction tonight... from ' a ' witness who was close to one of the shootings... ken: ' a ' man was shot and killed in the parking lot of "catholic charities."

It's an organization that is run by the catholic diocses of fresno... ken: " linda sanchez " was taking classes inside the building when she heard the gunshots.

She says the ..

Entire building was paralyzed with fear.

Linda sanchez, client, client at catholic charities "all of a sudden they said hit the floor they're shooting turn off the lights and then we were just scared 1:19:15 ken: the diocese of fresno says there are concerns about safety in the area... but "catholic charities" should be open again tomorrow.

Kathryn: fresno police had been searching for "kori muhammed" since thursday night.... when they identified him as the suspect in the murder of security guard 'carl williams' at the motel six... on blackstone and ashlan in northeast fresno.


Eyewitness news spoke with william's family and friends... about the fact that his accused killer is now behind bars.

Kathryn: flowers and candles sit on a curb at the motel 6 in north fresno... where carl williams was shot and killed.

His sister, ashley, told us by phone, the family was at the funeral home making arrangements when they heard about the shootings near downtown fresno.

On the phone: ashley williams, sister of carl williams my mom was actually talking to an investigator on the phone and he had got the phone call that they had possibly captured the suspect that did this vicious murder to my brother police had been searching for 'kori ali mohammad' since thursday night.

That's when they identified him as a suspect in carl williams murder.

Williams' family had hoped muhammed would be caught before anyone else was hurt.

On the phone: ashley williams, sister of carl williams knowing that this guy is locked up, and that unfortunately what he did to other people it doesn't bring any kind of it doesn't bring anything better because of what he did now carl williams' family says he was working two jobs, trying to save up money to buy a house with his girlfriend.

A friend said he had recently gotten a promotion at his other job, at toys r' us.

Kadi sanders, friend of williams he worked security part time but he was working to be full time at babies are us, toys 'r us he had just got promoted two weeks ago to be an assistant store manager williams' family says the community lost a good man when carl died.

It hurts that my brother's not here, that's probably the most thing because me my brother and sister were so close.

We did everything together kathryn: his family says ... funeral services for carl williams are planned for this saturday.

Carl williams was just 25 years old.

Kathryn: meanwhile..

Members of the local faith community gathered today to pray..

Sing and denounce today's deadly shooting.

Earlier today - members of the islamic cultural center of fresno "condemed " the shooting ..

While a local church turned its tuesday night bible study - into a candle light vigil for the victims..

David mark/ member on ramp covenant church 01;29;02..


They said they where going to do something different we really need to pray for the community..

And be present in the community and we said that's what we really want to do..

01;29;09 nat signing..


Nat sound signing..

Pan..nothing but the blood of jesus..

Christian hymms filled the air..

Not far from where earlier tuesday morning..

Gunfire echoed through the streets... singing..


01;09;26 three candles burn for three victim... 01;12;18... god... as we stand up today..

We say no more... no more violence in this neighborhood 01;12;24 they prayed for peace... 01;12;28... and god we declare your shalom and your peace in this neighborhood..

Even among us tonight god..

Your unity in this this church god..

01;12;35 for over 50-people ..

This simbolic and spontaouns guesture - struck a cord of unity and peace ..

On a day of violence and renewed distrust ..

... because the suspect yelled 'allahu akbar' - or god is great which is part of a prayer for the muslim community..

Nancy key/ dean espiscopal church 01;12;59..

We episcopalians stand with all of our interfaith brothers and sisters in condemning this act of violence..

01;13;06 earlier at fresno city hall..

A simlar message of hope ..

And unity was advanced at this interfaith gathering - spearheaded by the islamic cultural center of fresno..


Reza nekumanesh/islamic cultural center 01;16;15..

The average person will correlate what he did with a religous we ask people to rise above that..

Don't correlate what he did with a religion his own personal hatred 01;16;27 01;16;45..

It defiantly destroys us..

Crushes us..

Pulls us down because literally every single day... we're trying to combat that kind of ideology..

01;16:51 nat walking..

01;08;58 and whether at city hall..

Or in an alleyway near the deadly shootings... people of all faiths - are left asking one question..

David mendoza/lives in area 01;21;56..

What kind of man what type of man type of woman do you think can do something like this..

Do you wake up in the morning and just decide your going to kill somebody?

01;22;07 ken: be sure to stay with eyewitness news... and "online"... at "your central valley dot com"... for continuing coverage of the triple murder investigation.

Kathryn: turning to weather... we started off our day with rain... will we see more tomorrow?

Ken: chief meteorologist " marina jurica " ..

Joins us now with our pinpoint forecast.

Rain has now come to an end and the foothills and higher elevations got hit the hardest as rainfall totals varied from 1/4 to an inch of rain in the valley to up to two inches in the foothills and above.

We will see clearing and cooler temps tonight as this system moves out.

We will enter into a dry and warmer pattern the rest of the week.

And above.

We will see clearing and cooler temps tonight as this system moves out.

We will enter into a dry and warmer pattern the rest of the week.

To two inches in the foothills and above.

We will see clearing and cooler temps tonight as this system moves out.

We will enter into a dry and warmer pattern the rest of the week.

Kathryn: fresno police are investigating a double shooting tonight... lt.

Carl mcknight / fresno police department "they were uncooperative they were confrontational towards us."

Kathryn: police say the victims are being less than helpful... we'll have more on the investigation.

Ken: plus... a fresno state instructor ... has taken a leave from his job - with pay..

After he tweeted out that president trump must hang.

Kathryn: but first here are the winning numbers for tonights mega millions drawing.

It's worth 37-million dollars.

We're back in a little over a minute.

Kathryn: we have breaking news in downtown fresno.

Police are on the scene of a deadly accident involving an amtrak train and a pedestrian.

It happened in the area of "fresno street" and "mckenzie" near community regional medical center... kathryn: according to police... the victim is an eldery woman... who was spotted standing on the tracks with a walker.

The accident is under investigation.

Ken: new at eleven... fresno police are investigating a ..

Double shooting.

Officers were called to the area of "cedar avenue" and "weldon" .... around six o'clock tonight.

Ken: investigators say... two men were hit several times by gunfire.

The shooting may have occurred at ... clinton and cedar... and the victims ran and collapsed a few blocks away.

At last report... the men were in critical but stable condition... officers say they were not cooperating with the investigation.


Carl mcknight / fresno police department "they were uncooperative they were confrontational towards us officer were trying to administer first aid to them, get the ambulance ems over here as quick as they could and their friends came out, started yelling at the officers.

Ken: police say the shooting may be gang related.... and they are looking for a dark-colored car that was seen leaving the area.

Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at 498-stop.

Ken: ' a ' fresno state professor who tweeted out that president trump "must hang"... is taking a "voluntary leave of absence" ... for the rest of the semester.

Kathryn: that's according to a statement released today by fresno state.

Dr. lars maischak's classes were cancelled monday... and university president joseph castro says... maischak will be on "paid leave" in accordance with a union agreement... kathryn: today's statement says in part... "during his leave of absence, dr. maischak will no longer have a teaching role, but will be conducting research off campus."

Substitute faculty will be teaching his classes for the remainder of the semester.

Ken: your tips are making a difference.

We have our crime stoppers arrest of the day.

Ken: 33-year-old " vicente " " garcia " was featured on crime stoppers.

He was arreste by "parlier police" on a felony charge of spousal abuse.

Ken: law enforcement is now looking for ... 33-year-old " gary meeks..."

He's wanted on a felony warrant for "robbery."

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call crime stoppers at 498-stop... ken: and... you can see more of the "most wanted" at ""... and download our crime stoppers app to see re- enactments and submit an anonymous tip..

It's available in the apple and google stores.

Kathryn: still to come... chief meteorologist "marina jurica" has more of our pinpoint weather forecast.

Hour by hour tonight we will clear and dry out.

The 40s overnight return with a cooler but sunny start to our wednesday.

Tracking a warm up with your full pinpoint forecast brought to you by clovis nissan after the break, but first heres a look at your allergy forecast brought to you by dr. am aminian of the allergy institute.

Several bands of light to moderate showers moved through central ca today.

Much of the district received rainfall with radar estimating the heavier and more widespread amounts towards the merced yosemite area.

Southwest wind are in a favorable direction for orographic lift over the sierra mountains.

Wind combined with subtropical moisture resulting heavier precipitation amounts across the sierra nevada.

During the past 24 hours gauges registered 0.5-1.5 of rain along the sierra foothills of the central sj valley and up to 2 inches in the sierra mainly north of the kings river.

Satellite ir images show some cooling tops towards yosemite at the moment.

Think a rumble of thunder still possible this afternoon.

While satellite water vapor images indicate drying at the upper levels from the west and north.

Thus any threat of thunder will be brief with forecast models decreasing precipitation by early this evening as trough axis shifts to the east.

For wednesday and wednesday night drier air and some very weak ridging move over the forecast area.

Then on thursday the next weather system is progged to move into the pacific northwest and drag a frontal boundary across northern california.

The stronger upper level dynamics will quickly shift east of the sierra but the southern extreme of the front will clip the yosemite area and provide a threat of precipitation.

Most of the district will remain dry thursday with a pick in winds and strong wind gusts below the mountains passes of the kern county mountains and desert.

Models then build a high amplitude ridge over the area friday and then move another shortwave trough across the pac northwest sunday.

This feature should be so far to the north that maybe some increased high clouds will be about all that occurs over the central california interior.

Models indicating a weather system moving through the district next tuesday possibly bringing some precipitation to the sierra and breezy to windy conditions across central ca.

However canadian model progs a ridge.

Thus forecast confidence remain low this far out.

Be sure to visit our website... "your central valley dot com."

Kathryn: coming up in sports... kathryn: a familiar 7-footer stopped by chukchansi park to see the fresno tacos play tonight.

Julia lopez has the highlights coming up next in sports central.

Confidence remain low this far out.

Central ca.

However canadian model progs a ridge.

Thus forecast confidence remain low this far out.

Be sure to visit our website... "your central valley dot com."

Kathryn: coming up in sports... we begin with the big news from the triple homicide... former fresno state quarterback derek carr went to twitter and had a message for his college town saying... "i love the city of fresno and will forever!

I'm so sad to hear what happened there.

Stay strong fresno!

Praying for you!"

Julia our thoughts of course go out to the families and friends of the victims. the grizzlies paid tribute by holding a moment of silence before their game at chukchansi park in downtown fresno.

And it was the first tuesday game of the season which means... the return of the fresno tacos.

Julia to chukchansi we go.

The squad busting out the new-look "tacos" jerseys... n-b-a star and fresno-native brook lopez in the house... supporting his hometown triple-a team.

Las vegas got five off fresno starter keegan yuhl in the top of the 2nd... but in the bottom of the inning... the tacos plate a run... thanks to jon kemmer... top 3... 5-1 las vegas... check out the amazing grab from fresno's tony kemp... looks like trouble, but look at that concentration.

In the 4th though... the 51's add to their lead... gavin cecchini takes yuhl over the wall in left.

His second homer of the year.

Tough night for the tacos... but a good night if you were a 7- footer in the team store.

Fresno loses it's 5th straight... 6-1.

In single-a... the visalia rawhide fell to the san jose giants, 3-2... they're now 6 and 5 on the season... the two will play in a doubleheader on wednesday because monday's game was postponed due to rain... first pitch of game one is at 5:30.

For the first time since the epic 2014 world series, the kansas city royals played host to the san francisco giants.

The giants won in 7 games that year... but the royals won the world series the following season.

---------------------- buster posey back in the lineup after being on the 7- day concussion list.

In his second at-bat he knocks a lead-off single... he went 3 for 5 on the night.

------------------------ in the 6th... the g-men down one... two on, two out.... hunter pence pushes it through the right side... that brings in joe panik and it's knotted at one.

------------------------- this game would be decided in extras.... top of the 11th... two out, runner in scoring position... panik hits a liner to right-center... that's gonna fall... an rbi-single... good for the ahead... giants snap a 2-game losing skid, winning 2-1 in eleven.

To the nba playoffs... where we find brook lopez's brother, robin.

Game two between the 8th-seeded bulls and number one seed celtics.

--------------------- and lopez was all over the floor.... he had a solid outing... he finished with 18 points, 8 boards, 2 steals... meanwhile, jimmy butler and dwayne wade had 22 points each.

The bulls win, 111-97 and head to chicago with a two-game lead over boston.

Game three will take place on friday at 4 o'clock.

Back to you.

Ken: still to come on eyewitness news... ken: caught on camera... a police officer has a run-in with a goose!!

The story - straight ahead.

Ken: a confrontation between an indiana police officer and a goose was caught on surveillance video.

Kathryn: the detective stepped onto a sidewalk outside the department, and the goose quickly let him know he was in the wrong place.

The officer attempted to side-step the goose, trying to get by.

In an instant they both go down.

They sprang back up, and, the detective high-tailed it into the building and safety.

A last look at the 7day forecast, rain ends this evening and we are dry and warm as we head into the weekend.

A last look at the 7day forecast, rain ends this evening and we are dry and warm as we head into the weekend.

That'll do it for this edition of ' eyewitness news ' at eleven.

The late show with stephen colbert is up next.

Have a great night.

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