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Thursday, 23 September 2021


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"utica police talk safety after an arrest was made in downtown utica."

((ang))the oneida county sheriff's office remembers one of its own...six years after he was killed while protecting the community.

"elementary students learn the fun of science and education."

((mike))good evening everyone-i'm angie pavlovsky ((ang))and i'm angie pavlovsky thank you for joining us.

On june 7th, 2011... deputy kurt wyman of the oneida county sheriff's office lost his life in the line of duty.((mike)) deputy wyman was shot and was killed during a standoff following a domestic and friends remembered him this afternoon in front of a facility named after him...the deputy kurt wyman law enforcement building.

"yeah it does get easier, it's different.

You don't necessarily ever get over it but it's different.

You go longer periods of time where you know, you don't get sad feelings or you don't get a little depressed or you know it gets a week to get you know, you you have a hard week you gotta get through.

I don't wanna say you get over it or it gets easier, it's just gets different."eyewitness news reporter grace fernandez will have the full story on our sister station, wfxv, at 10 tonight...and right here on wutr after game three of the nba finals.

((ang))following a story now sweeping social media and the downtown utica area.

Utica police addressing an arrest tonight after a local woman was leftfearful of her safety.

Eyewitness news reporter nicole todd brings us up to speed.

((nicole))"it started as flyers around downtown utica then taking to social media alerting women about safety utica police dept.

Then making an arrest."

A complaint filed with the utica police department left officers on the hunt- following concerns of an unidentifed man alledgely stalking women around the downtown area "statistically speaking downtown is probably the safest nieghborhood in the city but as always everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings.after further investigation- officers made an arrest in the case, the victim identifying 36 year old dewayne denis, a level 3 sex offender, as the man who followed her.

Dennis is currently behind bars at the oneida county jail but officers believe this situation is a reminder to stay alert.when someone is alone to travel in a lighted area make sure the phone is on you stay in a populated area if you see anything that seems out of the ordanisry or seems unsafe we are a phone call away."officials say that public input like this is a key factor in keeping the city streets safe.

"first and foremost i would make sure that a police report is filed there are certain perimiters that have to be met for a stalking charge and it has to be repeated activity filing a report with us when it occurs may not suffice to a criminal charge at that time but makes us aware of the individual and if we dont know who the indivual-learn about who they are and nip it in the bud."

((nicole))"the utica police dept wants to remind you that if you see something to say something and you can call upd with the number on the bottom of your screen.

And more information will be on our website at cny homepage dot com.

Reporting in utica nicole todd eyewitness news."

((mike))applications are now open for the excelsior's a highlight of this year's state budget.

And it could provide you with tuition assistance at a state college or university.

Eyewitness news albany correspondent nick perreault... ((stinger))walks you through the process.

???nat???studentsthis morning i went back in time about a decade and pretended it's time to apply for scholarships again, like the governor's execelsior scholarship.

???nat???once i logged into the site, i found it's easy to use.

All you need to do is click here where it says 'excelsior'.

A box on the right-hand side will appear.

Click 'apply now'.

Check that you've read the notice, and you're in the application process.

Instead of showing you the application, though, i want make sure you're eligible for the program.???nat???

First, to receive any money toward a two or four-year suny or cuny college degree, you must have lived in new york for the last year, have a high school degree, and your parents can't make more than 100,000 a year.

If you're already a college student, you must have completed 30 credits in your last semester.

You won't be eligible if you're trying to pursue a second associate's or bachelor's degree.???nat???if you're approved, to keep your "free tuition" you must maintain at least12 credits hours per term and 30 for the entire year.

You must also sign a contract, agreeing to stay in new york for the amount of years you receive tuition.

If you don't, your free tuition will be treated as a loan that you'll have to pay back.

There's a frequently asked questions tab too if you need more information.

As for me -- it's reality check.

It's time to get back to albany nick perreault eyewitness news ((mike))nasa is taking to the skies in the mohawk valley... testing their new technology for unmanned aircraft at griffiss tech park in rome.

Four drones successfully took off and landed this morning to kick off new ideas for companies.the president of nuair says the old expression, "the sky's the limit", represents the future of instant delivery of all kinds of consumer goods... from groceries, to pizza, to shopping purchases on amazon prime.

"similar to what we have with regular air traffic, air traffis controllers watching those flights making sure in all those flights- it all starts with a flight plan so they put in a flight plan says heres where im starting heres where im going heres the altitidue heres the air speed.

It figures all that out and keeps other aircrafts from being in the same peice of sky in the same part of time.

Nasa has been tasked to do the same thing in the low altitude structure in the unmanned aircraft so that the pizza delivery does not run into your computer being delivered by amazaon."((mike))nasa will take what it learned from this year's tests...and come back again next year for more tests.

((ang))third grade students from hughes elementary school spent the day at hamilton college dabbling in a day of science.

Eyewitness news reporter julia leblanc brings us a closer look.

Good evening julia?

((julia))there was nothing but smiles today when the kids went through a series of experiments and simulations to get them excited about science.

"did you have fun today?"

Yeah!"bruce wegter says the main point of the event is to spark some interest in the young learners.

"probably hopefully saying, mom, dad, i can't wait to go to college.

Or at least take some science courses."david gapp started the program over 20 years ago.

He says hamilton college has plenty of resources for local schools to use."we have a lot here that we can offer the students.

And i think more than ever we need to stress science education."the students went through a series of simulations where they learned about topics ranging from the nervous system to chemistry and biology.

Joseph mungari was quick to share the many facts he picked up.

"i learned that air around us is 2,000 pounds."but his favorite?

"the volcano."the volcano is the big finale, made up of simple house hold products and some liquid nitrogen.

Wegster says the explosion takes about 20 seconds to occur, but the kids were being patient.

(video of explosion)even with all the excitement, wegter says it's all about walking away with more knowledge than before.

((julia))and the kids certainly did have their fun today while also learning something new.

The event is held at hamilton college with more than seven different schools each year.

Reporting, julia leblanc.

Eyewitness news.

((ang))the sights and sounds of the utica zoo are hard to miss- but the facility has just added a new sign that may grab your attention as you are heading down the parkway.

The new digital sign is 5 foot 10 foot wide sign was installed overnight- zoo officials telling us that the project was two years in the making and they are very excited to finally see it come to life.

"if you drive down the parkway and you haven't been to the zoo in a long time, you may not know what's going on up there, you don't really get a sneak peak of what's up at the zoo so this project is to make sure people know what's going on we'll be able to display our new animals, our events up on the digital display board and draw a lot more attention to the zoo and make sure people take that right hand turn when they're on the parkway because you can't really see any part of the zoo unless you take that trip up the hill."((ang))the digital display will be up within a few days and the zoo will host an official ribbon cutting with all contributing parties.

((mike))coming up on eyewitness news at six:the clock is ticking- if your taking on the boilermaker this yearhopefully you've been practicing.

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