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A BLOCK 6 PM SHOW 6-26-2017

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A BLOCK 6 PM SHOW 6-26-2017
A BLOCK 6 PM SHOW 6-26-2017
A BLOCK 6 PM SHOW 6-26-2017

Nazy did you feel it?

Rio-dell -- getting a 4.1 magnitude earthquake on saturday.

With the shaking -- starting around 2-20 in the afternoon... and it's not the only earthquake we got this weekend.

North coast news max rodriguez is in the studio with more.

Max... max well earthquakes are not rare in the state of california.

In fact, we are inside a ring that gets about 90 percent of the worlds earthquakes.

Pkg end "i felt it and i'm glad it wasn't one of those long ones that i've been in many times."

Barbara maxon says she was in her home in humboldt hill during this weekend's earthquake... "i was actually sitting on the couch ready to make a phone call and the couch shook a nice big jolt."

Data from the united states geological survey says there's been six quakes in humboldt county this week alone... --in studio-- here's the location of saturday's earthquake... and there's been two others since.--- there was a 1.7 magnitude in hydesville and a 2.2.

In ferndale.

------------- valalrie sahakian, is a researcher with usgs... she explains the pacific west is located within the ring of fire... "a lot of that area is at the boundary of two tectonic plates and so very often you have earthquakes there and in some cases tsunamis."

The ring of fire is the zone of earth quakes surrounding the pacific ocean... usgs research says about 90 percent of world's earthquakes happen there.

"you could have a very large tsunami if you have an earth quake on the cascadia subduction zone, which is right where you are."

So i asked a few locals, how ready are for an earthquake?

"you know if it happens, it happens, something we can't control" "i do not have pictures hanging behind my headboard of my bed, i'm sure i have a clear path out and that i would have something on my feet in case of broken glass."

"just make sure the family knows the whereabouts if something happened go under door ways and strong tables, things like that."

End max sahakien says there's no way to detect future earthquakes but she says the u- s-g-s can use data to check the probability of an earthquake... and because we sit on a subduction zone... meaning one tectotnic plate moves under the other our probablity for earthquakes as you know... are high... live in the studio, max rodriguez, north coast news.

End end stinger nazy thanks max.

Now a tragic accident in mendocino county... one person is dead after a weekend boating accident.

Mapvo deputies telling us -- two boats collided on lake mendocino on saturday... at about 10-30 pm near the north boat ramp dock.

Deputies say -- a 26- year-old man died from major injuries from the accident.

The mendocino county sheriff's office detective unit is investigating.

Deputies saying the significance of the darkness and speed -- the boats might have played in the accident.

But also looking into if the driver of one of the boats fled the scene.

According to deputies -- there were about 3 people on one boat... and up to 7 on the other.

Four people in the collision were treated for minor to moderate injuries.

End stinger nazy and in mendocino county... a 65-year-old man was rushed to the hospital... after crashing his motorcycle on the highway.

Mapvo in willits - yesterday - the california highway patrol... says a man was riding a harley davidson at about 3:44 p-m when he was traveling east bound on sr-20.

Officers tell us he was riding at an unknown speed and he slowed for a curved and rough road.

He was unable to maintain control... and officers saying the motorcycle overturned - ejecting him.

Chp says dui not a factor and the man was wearing a helmet.

He was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital.

End stinger nazy new tonight... lanes are closed again on the 101.

Mapvo caltrans says the northbound lanes of highwat 101 are closed.

Emergency work is underway from cummings road undercorssing... to marion lane undercrossing bridge..

After cal trans - telling us - they are paving roads after a slide.

We checked - and caltrans expects the lanes to reopen around 8 tonight.

We'll have updates for you tonight at 10 and 11.

End stinger nazy and speaking roadwork new tonight... epic, the non-profit conservation group -- is suing cal trans... over a project they proposed at richardson grove state park.

Caltrans says -- epic has been filing complaints against the project since it was first proposed back in 2007.

Alex is live in the studio with an update for us... alex... alex thanks nazy, i spoke with representatives from both cal trans and epic about the lawsuit both of them -- having much different perspectives on how this project should play out... pkg end l "back in 2017 we proposed a project that would allow industry standard trucks to pass through richardson grove, we've got some curves where staa length trucks can't properly make the turns on the highway."

Caltrans representative -- eli rohl -- talking about a project, proposed by caltrans... meant to allow industry standard trucks -- to safely pass through richardson grove state park.

"we can see there is some off-tracking due to the geometry of the roadway, which off-tracking is a fancy way of saying some part of the truck at one point or another crosses into oncoming traffic."

Rohl says the project -- first expected to cost $3 milllion dollars -- is now costing $30 million... roadway, which off-tracking is a fancy way of saying some part of the truck at one point or another crosses into oncoming traffic."

Rohl says the project -- first expected to cost $3 milllion dollars -- is now costing $30 million... since caltrans has been in an ongoing legal battle... with the conservation group -- epic -- about what kind of impact the project will have on the enviroment.

Epic's program manager -- tom wheeler -- unable to go on camera... but we did speak with him -- about why epic is fighting for this land.

"we have so few of these forests left, these ancient redwood forests, and they are incredibly precious.

They have been standing for over a thousand years and to harm them, to pave them is an affront to deeply held values."


But caltrans says they've spent years conducting environmental impact studies on richardson grove... then in 2012 -- an appellete court told them they needed to conduct more -- to counter epics lawsuit.

"basically what the appellate court said was we can't support your finding of no significant impact, without further environmental studies and so we went back and did another 3 years of environmental studies."

Caltrans says they have no intenetion of directly removing trees though.

"we will not remove trees but wheeler says -- despite conservation efforts from caltrans -- he believes redwood trees will still be harmed.

"the project will result in harm to ancient redwood trees and that fact is indisputable.

The degree to which this harm occurs is perhaps up in the air."

End alex as of right now -- there are no court dates set... as epic waits for caltrans to respond to their most recent complaint.

Caltrans biggest argument being that adjusting the road for larger trucks will economically benefit business in humboldt.

Epic responded to this saying highway 5 is the optimal route for shipping and the benefits are not greater than the risks reporting live in the studio... alex hasenstab... north coast news end stinger nazy new tonight... swithcing gears now -- to politics.

Senator harris today - calling the new healthcare bill -- immoral.

Gfx harris says we should make it easier for americans to increase... access to quality affordable health care - not make it harder.

She says the republican bill kicks millions of americans off their health insurance.... in order - she says - to provide the wealthiest americans with a tax cut.

Saying quote - "the priorities of this bill are backwards... it cuts $772 billion from medicaid programs that help seniors... pay for nursing home care that support children with special needs... and that allow americans to access opioid treatment" - end quote.

Harris - adding that it will cause premiums to increase by twenty percent.

All why she says the bill must be rejected.

Governor jerry brown along with senators diane feinstein and kamala harris.... will hold a press call tomorrow to discuss the new bill and the effects... they believe it will have on california.

End end nazy in the sacramento area... authorities in california are investigating two separate incidents... outside mosques as possible hate crimes.

Vo investigators say -- a burned quran filled with bacon... was discovered near the masjid annur islamic center saturday.

It's the largest mosque in the greater sacramento area.

Authorities say someone waved down a deputy and showed them this... the quran with bacon inside - hanging by a handcuff from a fence.

And in a separate incident - investigators say it was reported friday night... that someone threw pages torn out of a quran at the islamic center... of davis during ramadan prayers.

End end nazy an iranian man turned away during first travel ban -- reaches settlement with u-s.

Vo iranian immigrant -- ali vayeghan -- was denied entry to the u-s at lax... the a-c-l-u says he was deported back to iran in january -- during the trump administration's first muslim travel ban.

Mr. vayeghan reportedly had a visa to enter the u- s... and was ordered by a federal court to be allowed back into the country.

He returned in february -- where officials say where he was greeted by l-a mayor eric garcetti.

Since then -- they say he's been granted a green card and lawful permanent residence... based on his previously issued visa.

The a-c-l-u says tofay's settlement... guarantees that the government's attempt to cancel mr. vayeghan's visa -- will have no effect on his immigration status.

End end nazy president trump does a victory lap on the supreme court travel ban ruling... and demands an apology on the russia investigation.

Jim acosta has more on those and other developments at the white house.

Pkg end end president trump is all but declaring victory... after the supreme court gave a temporary green light to part of the administration's travel ban on six majority muslim countries.

Even though the high court could eventually strike down the ban, the president was feeling supremely confident...saying: "it allows the travel suspension for the six terror-prone countries and the refugee suspension to become largely effective.

As president, i cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm."

The white house indicated administration officials are now studying how to set the ban in motion.

Sean spicer/ white house press secretary "right now we're just pleased with what the supreme court has done, and once we have a better idea of its full impact, we'll be able to have a better analysis of that."

Mr. trump is also sensing a win on the russia investigation... demanding an apology... and accusing former president obama of doing nothing to stop kremlin interference in the election..

Tweeting: "the real story is that president obama did nothing after being informed in august about russian meddling.

With 4 months looking at russia..under a magnifying glass, they have zero "tapes" of trump people colluding.

There is no collusion & no obstruction.

I should be given apology."

The president said that lack of action from obama amounts to collusion... a line of attack echoed by the white house.

Voice of sean spicer/ white house press secretary "they were the ones who, according to this report, knew about it and didn't take any action.

So the question is, if they didn't take any action, does that make them complhink that there t answereat and when."

Brump who seemed toto hack into hilma donald "russia, if you'i hope y just a joke, the white house insisted.

Sean spicer/ white house press secretary "he was joking at the time.

We all know that."

An obama administration official responded saying: "the situation was taken extremely seriously, as is evident by president obama raising this issue directly with president putin."

Adding: "the administration's attacks on president obama's response to russia cyber meddling is a transparent effort to distract from the terrible impact of their 'obamacare repeal bill.'" white house press secretary sean spicer once again insisted on answering these questions off- camera... a continuation of the administration's crackdown on news coverage of the administration.

Jim acosta/ cnn: "you are a taxpayer funded spokesman for the united states government, can you at least give us an explanation as to why the cameras off?

Reporter: "so we can get this out of the way, can we address the cameras issue?"

Sean spicer/ white house press secretary "yeah, some days we'll have them, some days we won't.

The president's going to speak today in the rose garden, i want the president's voice to carry the day.

You know, and i think, you know, so, look, this is nothing inconsistent with what we said since day one."

End with what we said since day one."

End end nazy speaking of healthcare... the white house said the president was busy over the weekend... calling concerned republican senators who say the bill... is either too conservative or too moderate.

Sean spicer did say the president would like to have a bill to sign... to sign before the august recess -- which is of course... when members of congress typically go back to their districts... to hear from their constituents.

End nazy near the bay area... people are working on getting rid of a controversial judge.

Vo activists in california submitted their formal "letter of intent" today... to recall a judge for claims -- that he's too lenient on sex crimes.

Judge aaron persky sentenced ex- stanford athlete - brock turner... to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

Turner's release three months later sparked a nationwide debate about the judge... and the state of the country's legal system.

End end sot "it is so wrenching to me to see judge persky equate the rape of emily doe to just a minor misdemeanor.

Rape is so much bigger than a traffic ticket, shoplifting, joy ride or graffiti.

Rape should never be treated lightly.

We need judges who understand an properly weigh the harms of sexual assault."

Contvo signatures will be collected and submitted to appear on a june 2018 ballot.... for a countywide vote on persky's position.

Persky has said he is "fair to both sides" and launched a website in his defense.

End nazy family of the woman killed by seattle police... after officers said she came after them with knives... have met with the police chief and the mayor.

But charleena lyles' family members say -- they still have unanswered questions.

As hana kim reports... they believe police used unnecessary deadly force... against the pregnant mother of four.

End today the sentiment outside charleena lyles apartment is one of distrust and anger towards seattle police.

Charleena called 9-1-1 to report a burglary but police say in the middle of gathering information the 30 year old came after officers with a knife.

Mos: family members believe it was a psychotic episode.

Mos: if she had a knife you could have knocked it out of her hand.

Mos: if worse came to worse you'd use a taser instead of a gun.

5 days into the investigation... charleena's family still feels the same way.

They've hired attorneys saying charleena's race played a part in her death.

Sheriff john urquhart, king county, wa: we don't just shoot somebody because they are black or any other race for that matter.

King county sheriff john urquhart is not involved in lyle's case but he's weighing in about the use of tasers.

Sheriff john urquhart, king county, wa: there is a time when a taser if very very valuable.

It's better than a night stick because you don't have to get so close.

All street deputies in the sheriffs office are required to carry tasers and mace on their belts as non lethal tools.

Many seattle police officers carry tasers but it's not mandatory.

So the question is should it be?

Sheriff john urquhart, king county, wa: i'm sure seattle now will decide should we equip all our deputies with tasers?

But even if seattle police were to change its policies... sometimes urquhart says tasers are either not effective nor the answer in moments of real danger to officers.

Sheriff john urquhart, king county, wa: we don't know if a taser would have worked in the seattle shooting either.

We can't jump to that conclusion.

Wait for all the information.

Don't rush to judgment.

End nazy several seattle information.

Don't rush to judgment.

End nazy several seattle city council members are planning to hold a town hall style forum tomorrow -- to talk about the lyles case.

End nazy coming up on north coast news.... vo changes coming to a popular social media app... snapchat unveiling a new "snapmap" feature that has people peeved over privacy concerns.

End wipe vo nazy and - a local school program that gives students home construction skills is on shaky ground... after the break we tell you why.

End wipe vo nazy plus - another beautiful summer day on the north coast, but how long will the sun stick around?

Rain might not be far off.

First alert meteorologist rob elvington will have more coming up!

End nazy and now you can get the coverage of the north coast in the palm of your hand with the north coast news t-v app.

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