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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Sunday Morning Matters panel- Bee reporter targeted

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Sunday Morning Matters panel- Bee reporter targeted
Sunday Morning Matters panel- Bee reporter targeted
Jim Verros Simone Cranston-Rhodes Tate Hill

Morning matters on ksee 24 your local election headquarters.

>> we're back.

Back with the panel.

Glad to have them.

Before we finished i wanted to bring up.

For me i thought it was an incident that involved a friend of the panel a friend of the show mckensey mace.

She's a reporter for the fresno bee.

She wrote a story about drag queens reading to children.

She wrote a story about it.

Trevor carry is a local conservative radio talk show host.

Called her.

Told his listeners to call her.

We have to bleep some of the stuff out.

Mckensey put online talking about this after she was bombarded by trevor.

I was called a dumb expolitive.

Another expolitive.

A spineless female.

Another insinuated i must have a lot of sex.

This was something -- since then councilwoman was going to go on trevor carry's program.

She pulled out there's a fine line i think when it comes to listen -- mckensey when she writes -- when reporters write stories for the bee they have phone numbers right there.

I don't think there's anything wrong with let this person know how you feel.

It's how you do it and maybe what you're talking about.

You heard about this.

>> definitely i think the concern that i have is about o we become uncivil in our discourse on.

We have a different perspective.

There's a way to do that.

Demonstrates some of the real issues that we have within our community when people have the different perspective it always goes to the extreme perspective and the language i think was unnecessary.

They were trying to convince or to sway someone in a different direction i don't think any of those individuals were effective in doing that.

>> they were attacking someone.

Is what they were doing.

They weren't trying to convince anybody.

They were attacking.

>> i've known tatefor a while.

I enjoy his company.

I enjoy talking to him.

You used that word properly.

That's an uncivilized thing to do.

You can disagree with mckensey with something she writes.

She's a reporter.

You're not always going to agree with a newspaper or television show.

There's a way to have a conversation.

Somewhere along the line we have lost our way in regards to that.

I don't want to agree with everybody.

Next time she's on the show we'll talk about it.

To sick your listeners on someone even in the parameters of a phone number divulged on the newspaper.

What are you hoping to gain from that outside of being a bully?

If you're entertained by bullies you've got a problem yourself.

I don't find that acceptable.

>> back it up further to say that it doesn't make sense that mckensey is a journalist and she's reporting on something.

What she's reporting on isn't about her opinion.

>> it was not a column.

>> it was an editorial.

>> to have people attack her for writing an unbiased piece about an event that was going on in fresno it doesn't make sense to me why people would attack a journalist for reporting what was going on.

>> drag queens reading to children.

That is news.

This society progressed in an open manner to that point that .

The fact that she reported on it is a good thing.

The unknown things we're not comfortable with is scary at times.

Maybe we can move past them.

>> when did journalists attack other journalists for the content that they provided.

>> the bigger question the question of why aren't we engaging this issue the need for young children to be able to learn how to read and how do we support them in their reading and education.

>> exactly.

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