Better Boundaries files redistricting ballot initiative

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Better Boundaries files redistricting ballot initiative
Better Boundaries files redistricting ballot initiative

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>>> though wake congressional districts are drawn in utah could change if the ballot initiative success successful.

Glen mills has details.

>> the goal of the better boundaries campaign is to create an independent redistricting commission.

They want voters to decide and today they got the ball rolling.

Utah's congressional districts are drawn up by state legislature.

Some say it is a flawed process.

The leagues of politicians choosing their voters instead of voters choosing politicians.

>> there is a natural and inherent inherent conflict of interest.

Legislators look out for protecting their seats.

And they were protecting their party affiliation.

>> ralph becker a democrat and jeff wright eight republican are cochairing better boundaries.

The group has officially started the ballot initiative process asking voters to approve a seven person independent redistricting mission.

Legislative leadership from the majority and minority rock part parties would evenly appoint six commission members.two would be unaffiliated.

The governor would appoint the commission chair.

>> this is a no-brainer.

Bipartisan issue.

Because democrats have abuse those and republicans have abused it.

Nationally, and locally.

I think we want a better process and a fairer process in a more transparent process.

>> the initiative creates a clear set of standards the commission would be bound by when drawing federal and state and school board boundaries.

The commission's recommendation would go to the state legislature for an up-and-down vote.

>> this creates one more check and balance and it creates accountability.

>> if successful, the initiative was up on the ballot for the general election in 2018.

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