TMN List: 7-31-17

Video Credit: WSYR ABC 9 Syracuse - Published
TMN List: 7-31-17

TMN List: 7-31-17

NewsChannel 9 has the sweet history on a summertime classic!

Celebrate Cotton Candy Day with some fun facts, from the website

Jennifer: chances are if you catch a ballgame or plan on heading to the fair later this month you may be indulging in some cotton candy at some point.

Today is national cotton candy day so to celebrate we will share some fun facts about the sugary treat.

Jeff: tennessee candy- makers william morrison and john c.

Warton invented the world's first cotton candy machine in 1897.

In 1904, morrison and wharton took their cotton candy to the st.

Louis world's fair.

Lindsay: morrison and warton initially called cotton candy "fairy floss."

Jennifer: maybe not surprisingly, cotton candy contains only one ingredient: sugar.

Jeff: but even still, cotton candy doesn't contain all that much sugar - merely as much sugar as one would get drinking a can of an average soft drink.


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