40 years of stained glasswork

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40 years of stained glasswork
40 years of glasswork


One abilene man has been working to make homes and churches a bit more colorful.

Colorful.he's refurbishing and creating original stained glass pieces..and tonight as our jon mcmichael is finding ou.


His works are making positive changes in abilene. the mid 1970's michael mccormack started working for a glass company and the glass just kind of fell into place and it felt likes that the direction i ought to go.

Shortly after he went into business for himself wheeling and dealing in stained glass windows and he's been doing it for over 40 years.

And i never learned to do anything else.

He's created stained glass pieces for plenty of venues, but the majority of his work has been for churches all over the lonestar state.

I've done 15 churches, all the windows in the churches, over the years.

Including many churches right here in the big country... additionally he has spent a great deal of time refurbishing stained glass windows, even for a few churches in abilene.

And i've spent more time than i care to admit on scaffolds and ladders.

Looking to the years ahead and thinking of retirement, mccormack simply hopes that his work will last and make an impression.

I'm hoping that there is going to be artwork out there that is going to inspire people and put a smile on somebody's face.

Reporting, jon mcmichael, krbc, abilene's local news.


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