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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Memphis Tigers Beat Ranked Team At Liberty Bowl

Credit: WATN
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Memphis Tigers Beat Ranked Team At Liberty Bowl
Memphis Tigers Beat Ranked Team At Liberty Bowl
Memphis Tigers Beat Ranked Team At Liberty Bowl

I'm rudy williams the memphis tigers football team has done it again!

For the third straight year...the tigers beat a ranked team at the liberty bowl...on national television.

This time...winning 48 to 45 against the u-c-l-a bruins.

Around 46- thousand people came out to catch the game.

Local 24's mary jo ola joins is live from the liberty bowl with a look at the excitement today.

Mary jo!

Mary jo: electric...energetic..


That's how fans described the atmosphere in the liberty bowl the tigers defeated number 25 ucla.

Mary jo ola reporting: nats--fans cheering university of memphis tigers fans were fired up the team took on the ucla front of a national audience on abc.

Glenn rogers jr./former tigers football player: "it's a beautiful day here in memphis."

Barbara clenin/former tigers mom: "i've been up since 4:30.

I stopped loading my car last night at 11 so go tigers.

We had to get here to see the team walk."

With no rain in sight, university of memphis tigers fans were thrilled to be tailgating at tiger lane.

Barbara clenin/former tigers mom: "we've got coffee.

We've got juice and water and we've got mimosas wine and beer you name it."

This was pent up excitement.

Three weeks ago..the first home game was wet and messy as the remnants of hurricane harvey moved through memphis.

The second game in florida was dropped due to hurricane irma.

After pulling out a win against the say it shows the tigers have what it takes to take on top teams. glenn rogers jr./former tigers football player: when you play national game like this it tells recruits you're on the map.

Janis floyd/tigers fan: "we think it's going to be a winning season for sure and i mean we just...every year that we come, we just expect better and better and better because that's what their showing us."

Meanwhile...local24 shared this exciting news!

Veteran broadcast journalist richard ransom was on the sidelines as tigers came through with a victory.

Ransom ... who is joining the local 24 news team...comes with two decades of experience in the bluff city.

He will co-anchor the evening newscasts...starting monday september 25th.

Mary jo: leaving today's game still a lot of energy among tigers fans who are looking forward to the next game.

Live at the liberty bowl... mary jo ola... local24 news.

Rudy: mary jo thank you.


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