Me Too Movement - Year in Review

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Me Too Movement - Year in Review
Me Too Movement - Year in Review

Headlines across the country... but it wasn't a new conversation or movement.

Local organizations say it is important to know how you can help ... and here's why.

Headline... after headline this year .... opened the door for the discussion of sexual misconduct , harrassment, and assault.... and soon after the me too movement began trending all over the world.

Protests ..... rallys..... panel discussions..... marchs...... with many hitting the streets, but also taking to social media.

People posted their story with the hashtag #metoo..... a movement was reborn because in fact it's founder tarana burke created it back in 2006.

But in october, with the help of alyssa milano, the phrase was tied to millions of stories from men and women all over the world.

"i have been silenced for 20 years..."

Silence that is often called into question with each allegation and report.

Bergen aldahir with partnership in chattanooga says one of the reasons that a survivor may choose silence is not understanding the process and not knowing where to go first.... "i didn't understand what rape was i thought rape was a stranger in an alley and coming through this and getting to the other side of assault, i have learned the sadly, i am not the only one" like the hundreds of survivors who came forward sharing allegations in hollywood, on capitol hill, next door..... thousands of men and women keep this tramaus a secret.... one that aldahir knows all too well.

"i didn't go to the hospital, i didn't have cuts, i didn't have bruises he didn't physically harm me, he emotionally and physicologically destroyed me for many years, thankfully no longer."

Aldahir says that her process took about two years to get to where she could tell her story.... destroyed me for many years, thankfully no longer."

Aldahir says that her process took about two years to get to where she could tell her story.... danna vaughn with the chattanooga police department says no matter what route the survivor chooses... "we encourage them to take their time, i mean just take your time.

We are not in any hurry.

You make yourself comfortable.

You make yourself comfortable in this process and we... are there for you."

You can report assault to a dispatcher like whitney galloway through the non emergency number or 911...... or walk into the partnership facility on 8th street..... or if you just need to discuss our options, you set a time to talk to a counselor at no cost.... 423.755.2700 "reporting is not easy... just having that number in your phone and knowing where to go.

We are on 8th street, that is where our rape crisis center is in downtown chattanooga.

You never have to go to a hospital.

This is the exam room that we are in."

Aldahir says there are many misconceptions that come with reporting a rape... and local first responders want you to know that there are resources available close to home..

"i really hope that others can find that peace too because i know it exists and i am so proud of our organization for offering that too people who are in need."

"never be afraid to tell.

Because it's never your ...the victims fault... don't be embarrassed... if anything a scared person may need this interview right here to just to be that push.

So don't be afraid.

We are always here to help anybody.

"whenever you are ready... call the investigator... whenever you are ready call your chaplain... it's on their timeline."

The people i interviewed for this story say it's important to know the process so that you can help a survivor in need if you encounter one.

Statistics from rainn, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, say 1 in 6 women are effected and 1 out of every 10 rape victims are male.

So there is a chance that you know someone who shares this pain, so speaking personally, i urge you to get educated about the topic so that you can help or so that you know where to direct them to someone who can.

We'll be back with more news 12 now ... after the break.


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