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Sunday, 26 September 2021

Neighbors concerned over South Hill development plans

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Neighbors concerned over South Hill development plans
Neighbors concerned over South Hill development plans

After a roaring success in Kendall Yards, Greenstone Homes wants to develop another part of town - Spokane's South Hill.

Developers are eyeing a chunk of vacant land on spokane's south hill greenstone homes is hoping to turn the natural landscape into an urban neighborhood with hundreds of new homes.

But-- the plans aren't sitting well with some neighbors who fear it will bring more crime and traffic into the area - removing the area's natural beauty.

The 25 acre lot sits just a few blocks south of 29th avenue near southeast boulevard.

Kxly four's kyle simchuk is working for you... he spoke to neighbors today including a mom with three young kids who enjoy playing in those woods.

Nadine it's unclear when construction would begin - or how long it would take.

But greenstone homes already has a name for the development - the garden district.

The developer says it plans to integrate the natural landscape using pedestrian trails to connect homes and businesses - but that's still not enough for some neighbors.

Nats trafficjust a few blocks south of 29th avenue -- nats birdssits 25 acres of land with more birds, than people.

23:16:28 lindsey edwards - homeowner "we look for ladybugs, and sticks, and we usually do our scavenger hunts down here."

:06it's exactly why lindsey edwards moved here with her husband and three kids last may.

23:14:03"we live across from this untouched area that we can go - it's like woodsey for us - i mean who wouldn't want that."

:05but a local developer has plans for the vacant property.

23:10:57"everyone is pretty upset, i will say that."

:03 greenstone homes wants to develop the land into a new neighborhood.

With several businesses and more than 200 single family homes and apartments.

For edwards, that means hundreds of new neighbors, and more traffic.

23:09:36"houses maybe, but the other stuff no.

I just feel like it would just really ruin the aspect of living at this location."

:07greenstone homes calls the new neighborhood the garden district.

The project would include extensive trails and open space focused around pedestrians.

23:09:16"and i mean that sounds great, i mean the walking path, leaving the trees..."edwards says she and other neighbors just aren't comfortable with all the apartments.

23:10:38"i'm looking for that more family neighborhood and that is what's tough when you put apartments across from a family neighborhood."

:05 greenstone homes developed most of kendall yards - and told the spokesman review newspaper that the garden district would resemble a smaller version of it.

23:08:55 "it's kind of a hidden gem up here - and so i would hate to see any sort of development, to be honest, up here."

:04as long as construction crews are away - edwards and her family plan to keep on playing.

23:18:02 "you guys climbing on the rocks?

You gusy want to get on the rocks?"

:05 we called greenstone homes more than 10 times today hoping to speak to someone there-- we left a message as well.

They did not respond to our request for an interview.

Live in studio, kyle simchuk, kxly

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