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Midmorning With Aundrea - April 3, 2018 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - April 3, 2018 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - April 3, 2018 [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

>>> be sure to tune in toyou' hea you've heard the news by now.

Toys r us is closing.

And, some advice to fight seasonal allergies.

Plus, if you're following the ncaa tournament, you'll want to meet this team chaplain.

Midmorning starts right now.

New udy a new study out today is shaking up the bottled water business.

It found plastic particles floating in some of the most popular brands.

The "worl health organization" i now looking into the risks.

Here's anna werner.

Scientists found tiny pieces of plastic in more than 90 per cent of the 250 bottles of water they tested., virtually all were too small to see, the largest about the width of a human hair.

The study identified some of the plastic as polypropylene -- the same type of plastic used in bottle caps.

To find those tiny pieces, scientists used a special dye that sticks to plastic....those lighter bits you see floating?

They say that's the plastic.

Professor sherri mason ran the tests commissioned by non-profit journalism group orb media.

If you are drinking only bottled water and you do this every day over a year, y'know, you are literally talking thousands of pieces of plastic you are ingesting simply from the bottled water you are drinking.

The water came from 11 different brands in 9 countries, and the report says the amount of particles varied from bottle to bottle, even among packs from the same brand.

But the bottled water contained twice as much plastic as in a previous study of tap water.

Neraons generations of children have shopped at toys r us... and soon that will be nothing but a memory.

Laura podesta reports from new jersey on the downfall of one of the nation's most well known retailers.

Shoppers at this new jersey toys r us are taking the news hard.

:07-:12 how often did you go to toys r us?

Very often.

Very often.

I guess i'll have to look for other stores the 70-year old retailer is shutting down its u-s operations, closing 740 stores in the coming months.

More than 30- thousand workers could lose their jobs.

:23-:27 i just put myself in position and i just keep moving forward and whatever happens, i'm prepared.

In the internet era, amazon along with retail giants walmart and target have shifted consumer trends, leaving toys r us behind.

The company filed for bankruptcy last fall and a lackluster holiday season was the final straw.

:44-:53 "the end of toy r us could start a domino effect that hurts toy makers, especially smaller companies, which will have to find a new way to be discovered" :54-1:02 i think the smaller toymakers may have some problems because they need to be seen.

And in toys r us they could get their product and maybe have it visible the toys r us web site will run for the next few weeks, giving consumers a chance to use their gift cards.

The other retail chains are now on high alert.

The big concern in retail right now is in the dept store chains.

They have tons of sq footage but not enough customers toys started as a single store in 1948, then ballooned to more than 2- thousand outlets.

The end of toys r us marks the end of an era.

Lp, cbs news, secaucus new jersey.

The ceo told workers in the u.s. they'll get paid for the next 60 days if they show up for work, but after that all benefits and pay will be cut.

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In san francisco, i'm vanessa hand orellana, for cbs news.

Sniffling, sneezing, watery eyes.

Allergy 2 ess u.

Bless you.

If you're one of the millions of people who have seasonal allergies it means congestion, runny noses,and itchy, watery eyes... seasonal allergies can make you miserable but before you barricade yourself inside this spring, our victoria bailey looks at how to cope with allergy season.

" you can't really contro what you're breathe in.

Pollen's going to be out there; the flowers are blooming" with that being said... there are ways to cut down on this season's symptoms and the experts says it starts with the simple things.

Dorthy "good hand washing, makin sure they do check the weather before you leave the house to dress appropriately" matt " in the cars keep the a c o recirculate.

If you have it where air from the outside in all those allergens get in" the asthma and allergy federation of america shows more than 50 million people in the u.s. suffer allergies during this season.

"which basically is a inflammation of the nasal passage which is causing a lot of those symptoms because it's inflamed and it's causing symptoms to occur such as sneezing and this post nasal drainage which is mucus draining in the back of your throat."

Noxubee general nurse practioner dorthey bester says to cut down on symptoms, you must be on guard everywhere.

" if you're going to cut grass wear a mask, if you're very sensitive to pollen dust and stuff like that,when you know it's going to be a bad day for pollen try to stay indoors.

Another thing since it's the spring time of year we would suggest doing some spring cleaning.

Doing dusting cleaning your windows cleaning you're ac filter.

That will really help" if you are already experiencing spring hay fever... bester says drink plenty of water and take medicine.

But stewart center physician assistant matthew bills says if the issues continue head in assistant matthew bills says if the issues continue head in for a visit.

"if you're not being helped ou by your allergy medicines you can always be allergy tested for specifically what's going on.

More common things here in the region you can be tested for" allergy season is already here, even though spring doesn't begin officially until march 20th..

Here's a way to make yourself feel better.

And, it's the hottest new trend in hot yoga.

Some yoga studios are using infrared heating to warm their classes and as chris martinez explains, the technology could help boost your health.

"and three, bell button in."

At sync yoga & cycle, instructor alyssa mann is turning up the heat- in a new way.

"it warms u from within, it's like doing yoga in the sun&" this is infrared heated yoga, a class that uses infrared technlogy to warm the room.

Mann says the advanced method is more beneficial to the body than conventional heat.

"it's amazing fo your skin, it increases metabolism by raising the core temperature, and it just feels a lot better."

Research also suggests infrared heating may boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and help lower blood pressure.

Most traditional hot yoga classes use blower systems to force hot air into the room, which can spread dust and allergens and make the air dense.

Infrared heat is generated from these panels - providing a sun- like warmth to the body itself - rather than the air around it - and can gradually raise a room's temperature to more than 100 degrees.

"it's a completel different ballgame&" student erika meier says she finds the infrared warmth more tolerable.

"it's warm an cozy and you already come in to it feeling like you can go deeper in to a practice."

At sync - the infrared class has become one of the most popular.

"this infrare kind a takes it up a notch!"


A different - healthier way - to feel the burn.

Chris martinez, cbs news, glendale california infrared technology has long been used by hospitals and medical treatment centers for years, to warm premature babies and help care for wounds and injuries a louisiana town that is home to more than 60 plant nurseries just invited spring planting with their annual nursery festival.

Sherman deselle spoke with a couple of organizers who said they're happy to host some visitors for a good cause.

Chief terry stokes of the forest hill vol fd, along with the rest of the village of forest hill have been preparing for their nursery festival for some time now.

Sot - stokes: "they got rides for th children, everybody comes out."

In the festival's early days, proceeds from the weekend would go towards the neighborhood school...and years later, exclusively to the local firehouse-to keep equipment updated and up to code.

Sot - stokes: "you pay for homeowner' insurance, that helps, by having decent fire equipment."

It's also the time for the nursery capital to shine bright...bringing out the best in plants, art and crafts from vendors.

Sot - young: "we have inca, we have hangin baskets, any color you can imagine."

Samantha young of doug young nursery has been a part of the festival since its inception.

Sot - young: "festival is kind of the sprin into spring.

It lets people know the flowers are ready, and it's time to get in their yards.

It's warming up, and it's a beautiful time of the year to start planting your plants."

The fire department truly appreciates the support...and the funds raised help the community in a big way.

Sot - stokes: "the pil comes in, and they rat you...we want to have a decent rating, so this helps us keep up decent equipment.

I really enjoy this" carnival rides, food and flowers all planned for a beautiful weekend.

She's the heart and soul of the loyola ramblers.

Fi figer fire fighters from mississippi are on their way to help put out wildfires in another state.

Shay o'connor reports on the team headed to oklahoma.

The mississippi forestry commission says its all about helping those in need.

So when they found out colleagues in oklahoma need help fighting active wildfires, there was no question of whether they would assist.

Randy giachelli: "we are in a compac agreement so when oklahoma calls for help, we help them out.

God forbid mississippi needs help they would return the favor."

Grant crenshaw has been working mfc for 6 years... he says the team usually steps in when water is not enough.

Grant crenshaw / firefighter mfc "you cant always get wate everywhere and if you are riding down the road and see a patch of woods you wouldnt drive your car through there.

Its the same way with a fire truck you cant always get it to where you want it.

A hose will only stretch out so far.

Thats where we step in with heavy equiptment push it down.

Get down to bare dirt and stop the fire m."

Standup: shay o'connor / wjtv the mississippi forestry commission travels in trucks just like this one to put out fires to put out fires in mississippi and others states depending on the need.

Those with mfc say they only want to serve their purpose in oklahoma.

Grant crenshaw / firefighter mfc "if its three weeks four weeks we'll be there til they tell us to go home.

We just want to help.

Shay o'connor wjtv 12 news they may not make it all the way.

But loyola of chicago started out strong with a win at the buzzer-- 64-62 over miami -- in the first round of the n-c-a tournament.

The victorious ramblers surrounded the team's special inspiration -- 98- year-old sister jean.

She, the coach and and some of his players talked to cbs sports.

Sr. jean is our team chaplain.

She's our team comfort blanket.

She's our team scout.

She's just a blessing, the way she prays for us, smiles when you walk in a room and see sister there, you just feel good.

Sr. jean sot my full name is sr. jean ?


But everyone calls me sr. jean.

I'm 98 years old.

Aundre jackson 98?

She's got more energy than some people i know my age.

Donte ingram after every game she send out emails, like donte you did this great tonight.

They were out to get you but you handled it well, and we need that next game.

I mean she's like another assistant coach.

Sr. jean i scout the opponents and then just tell them who we should watch out for.

Because they're making too many threes or overpowering somebody.

I tell them give it to the fellow who's hot tonight, because sometimes the best are cold.

And we don't want that.

Sr. jean with bracket i'm not an expert but i've been doing brackets for years now.


I'm not in a pool or anything like that because i'm connected with athletics and that kind of behavior is not permitted by ncaa.

And that's fine with me, because i just have a lot of fun doing it.

Sr. jean i have loyola going to the sweet 16.

But i have a second bracket, which i call the cindarella dream bracket, where i have them going to the final game.

One man went in search of a special airplane.

When he found it, he brought it home.

As as john kosich reports, if you are in the cleveland area you may want to stop by for a tour - and before long - lunch.

"there are very few of thes around the world and as a matter of fact there's only one of these planes in the whole world flying," sai show manager steve legerski.

The 1953 aircraft that saw duty in the ohio national guard in the 1960s was acquired by the i-x center last year after it sat for nearly 40 years at the military aircraft storage and disposition center at the davis-monthan air force base in arizona.

It was painstakingly disassembled by a group of former race car mechanics leby fme led by former a.j.

Foyt crew chief william "tex" powell a shipped by truck to cleveland where i-x center mechanic rocco bevelacqua got to work on the 1:1 scale model.

"i was a nervous wreck, i ha never put a plane together before," said bevelacqua.

Bu he said the instructions written out by powell made the process much simpler than he thought.

"let me tell you those guy were awesome, " he said.

" thought we were going to be up there for four or five months, in actuality, we probably were three and a half weeks and that plane was together."

To date, 800 hours have been put into the restoration of the outside of the plane to its original state.

Plans are eventually to build a pad on the south outside of the building where the plane will eventually be converted into a restaurant for the public to enjoy making it as much an icon at the i-x center as the indoor ferris wheel.

Owner ray parks wanted to celebrate that history.

"we searched the whole worl for other b-29's, we really couldn't find a b-29 per se, so we found what was the next generation of b-29s the c-97," said legerski.

"i think it's a great piece o history in cleveland, as is the ix center.

I mean there's not too many b-29 assembly plants and tank plants around the world and we're fortunate in cleveland to have one right here in our backyard."

A second chance leads to long overdue reunion of our ries our series " more perfect union" aims t show that what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us.

A man panhandling at a transit station as a means to live discovered a ?new?

Life thanks to some people who gave him a chance.

C-b-s san francisco station k-p-i-x started following this story last year.

Elizabeth cook shows us how it's never too late for a second chance.

I've been living a life as alone as a person could possibly be.

A loner ... that's how mick myers describes himself.

No kids.

Never married.

The only love he knew&his adoptive mother.

Homeless for 30 years&mick gets by playing for tips at a bart station in the bay area... thank you and god bless you all.

... and panhandling along the highway.

That's where sheriff's deputy jacob swalwell caught up with him last year.

He warned mick several times to stop.

The next step was to issue a citation.

But instead of issuing him a citation you asked him a question.

I asked him what's it going to take to get you off the street because at that point me writing him a citation is not going to help him closer i realized he was a senior citizen.

He said well you're 67.

How come you're not on social security and i sez well i can't get it because i can't even get an id, you know.

I got nobody to help me // ???and he says well you've got somebody to help you now.

Even with swalwell's resources at the alameda county sheriff's department, it took three separate trips to the dmv for mick to get an identification card.

It made me realize we need to utilize more resources that are available to us to help others and if we can do that, we're doing the right thing as law enforcement officers.

Swalwell's persistence paid off.

Mick is now on medicaid and has applied for social security benefits.

It makes me feel good that there actually people in the world who acknowledge me because very few people have before.

But mick's fresh start was just beginning.

Private investigator mark askins volunteers for miracle messages, a non profit devoted to reconnecting the homeless with their loved ones.

When he learned of mick's story he wanted out to help.

Ma: it was thrilling, very thrilling to find this information.

Using the little information provided, askins was able to find mick's birth mother polly living roughly 250 miles away in eureka, california.

She was just so anxious to see him and to talk to him.

A true mother's love.

It was just beautiful???

12;02;01;17++ i found one more person to love!???

Polly didn't have an easy life either.

After leaving her husband, she was a teenage mom struggling to support three kids.

Mick was sick and needed surgery.

So when he was 2 years old, polly gave him up for adoption to her mother's friend who could afford to get him the help he need.

12;04;50;11 i feel this sadness that he had to go thru this - to feel so alone.

But at the same time.

I'm proud of him because no matter what happened..

Like me he's a survivor.

Deputy swalwell and mark askins arranged for mick to fly to meet the mother who gave him up 65 years ago and the family he had never known.

We we na well we finally meet.

Polly's home is now full of family ready to embrace mick.

He didn't just get a mom.

He had a whole family and they all descended him at one time ???

11;05;25;21 ???to have you back puts a piece of my heart back and it means the world to me.

// you're a part of my life now and i hope that you always will want to be.


For mick, the future may be uncertain... ... but the past is finally resolved.

???after a lifetime of waiting what i thought never would happen - happened.

// a 67 year old man meets his 85 year old mother - who'd had thought that something like this can happen to anybody let alone me.???

I once was lost but now i am found was blind but now i see.

Theext on the next midmorning.

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