How to Beat the Looming Income Tax Deadline

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How to Beat the Looming Income Tax Deadline

How to Beat the Looming Income Tax Deadline

There's still time to get your taxes filed under the wire, and file an extension if you're cutting it too close.

There are just a few days left until the april 17th income tax filing deadline .... julia done yet, you're not alone ... and there's still time.

Action news now reporter hayley skene joins us with some tips and advice from local experts, hayley?

Reporter yes, you still have time to file!

If you head in to see your local c-p-a today ... don't forget to bring your social security card, license or i-d, you w-2, k-1s if you have them ... and really, anything you've gotten in the mail recently that's stamped "imporant tax items enclosed".

We also have a little extra time this year ... the 15th is sunday and monday is "emancipation day" ..

So you just need to get this done by tuesday next week.

And if you're filing by mail, you just need that envelope post marked on the 17th.

So ..

There's no need to stress, just sot full there are multiple tax preparers here for the rest of the week and just come in and we'll file your taxes for you - if you can't find your w-2, from your employer you can go to the irs for a transript and they'll provide you that so you can still come in and file ### vo to prevent any delays ..

Make sure your write in the correct form numbers and your social security number on both checks your write to state and the feds... and you can also file online ... which can make it easier to catch errors.

Reporter live you can't really put off the payment without penalty ... but there is away to buy a little more time to get organized.

I'll tell you how, coming up.

Hayley skene, action news now.###

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