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Monday, 18 January 2021

Man who shot Centerville police officer taken into custody

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Man who shot Centerville police officer taken into custody
Man who shot Centerville police officer taken into custody

A standoff between police and the man who shot a Centerville police officer ended Saturday morning.

Perry Baggett is alive and in police custody after shooting Centerville police officer Jeremy Mashuga, according to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office.

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A shoot out in a "centerville neighborhood that lasted nearly 10 hours is over... but gbi agents and police in house-ton county are still combing through the crime scene.

41nbc's joi dukes has the latest details.

0:01 0:06 2:00 "no one ever thought that thi would happen...that's kind of the craziest thing about it.."

For residents like freddie holmes, friday night was one they'd never forget.

A quiet night in turned chaotic when a neighbor opened fire on a responding police officer.

" neighbor heard some people out in the yard going in and out of the house yelling and screaming and it was to a level where a neighbor felt like 911 needed to be they called."

Jt ricketson says what started as an argument between the gunman, perry baggett, and his girlfriend quickly escalated when officers got to their home on jeannette place.

"when the officers showed up they did not even have a conversation with him.

When they showed up, he stepped out and immediately opened fire."

" heard what i thought were fireworks going off but then i walked out my front door and they were actually shooting."

The stand-off lasted several hours... "i'm guessing they had sniper on that roof over there and they were shooting and it was loud."

Baggett' girlfriend was safely evacuated but one of the responding officers, jeremy mashuga, was shot in the stomach and foot.

" warner robins pd officer was the first one to get on the scene.

This officer was also trained as a medic so he started rendering first aid to the injured officer."

Mashuga wa taken to houston medical and then to navicent health in macon.

Agents with the gbi are still examining the crime scene.

"we've actually seized thre weapons from inside the house that the individual was using to fire at the officers."

Th gunman was eventually caught in his attic.

"we used a gbi robot to go up look in the house and check the door."

Baggett was arrested an taken into custody and is being charged with aggravated assault on a police officer..

In centerville joi dukes 41nbc news.

C1 3 b15 the officer who was shot is listed in stable condition.

Officers from several departments helped centerville pd


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