Stitch-by-Stich: A forgotten skill in the modern world

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Stitch-by-Stich: A forgotten skill in the modern world
Stitch-by-Stich: A forgotten skill in the modern world

Non-stop in this busy, in this busy, non-stop world...the simple vintage skills don't fit in anymore.

Take sewing for instance.

Clothing is so inexpensive now a-days...who needs to sew?

And similar trades in the workforce are being replaced by automation.

But there's one company in terre haute that still relies on hand-made.

Making their product for worldwide distribution "stitch-by-stitch".

[take pkg name: stitch by stitch part 1 outcue: stitch by stitch duration:1:28] < dixie king describes herself as a stickler for quality.

...i've been here 31 years..... at age 74...dixie still puts in 40 hours a week at a job she loves.

A job she says she needs.

...i think this keeps me alive.

It gives me a reason to get out of bed.

My mother's gone.

My husband's gone.... but the need is mutual.

Dixie works at glas-col in terre haute.

She and dozens of others hand sew heating mantles for laboratory and industrial equiptment.

The company's a hidden treasure at 7th and hulman.

Nearly 80 years in business.

Now...a worldwide leader in their trade.

But glas-col has one major problem.

Finding people who know how to sew is becoming more and more difficult.

Dixie says she learned how to sew in high school.

And her mother worked at this same company for 33 years.

But she's seen this vintage skill vanish over the years.'d be surprised how many people come up here and don't even know how to thread a needle.

They don't teach it anymore at school.... dixie king says she'll continue to work here as long as they let her come.

Helping the local economy stitch-by-stich.> glas-col can't afford to see workers like dixie retire.

In fact, they have more demand for their hand-made products than they can keep up with.

Tonight on news 10 nightwatch...i'll take a closer look at how vital a home trade education is to this local

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