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Shopping With Linda - 11/23/18

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Shopping With Linda - 11/23/18
Shopping With Linda - 11/23/18

Join us as we take a trip through area stores to find the best Christmas gift ideas for the holiday season!

It's a wonder i'm stilleverne.


Open; here are wonderful gift ideas from great places near you now on wcbi's holiday shopping with linda.

Liza tye liza tye and company is a vendor mall.

We have over twenty vendors here; anywhere from louisville, madison, even somebody from arkansas, granada& even columbus& yes actually columbus.

We have lots of jewelry, local artists, little boutiques, we have some mud pies, some gourmet dip mixes, just all kinds of things - something for everyone.

Come to liza tye on highway twelve in starkville.

Hallmark susan's hallmark store in starkville is not your typical hallmark store.

It's more like a boutique, angie& that's absolutely right.

We have a lot of cute clothing styles, we have corkys shoes, a great selection of hobo bags, uh we also we have collegiate here and uh gifts and t-shirts.

Linda, this year in our willow tree, we have two new figurines - butterfly, great for anybody just a beautiful piece - sister mine, great for sisters.

Then we have our two thousand eighteen ornament, great for any tree, and my personal favorite is magnolia, it's not new but it represents our state flower and i think it's just a great piece.

Hailey, everbody loves to give candles for christmas& well, here at susan's hallmark we have a couple of different selections.

We have our swan creek and their new line, we have their traditional over here as well and we also have wood wick, that the wood wick themselves actually make it e it sound like a fire's crackling.

And, you know, i hear too that you can reuse the jars and the containers& yes ma'am, once they burn all the way down you can repurpose them for whatever you like.

Amber, i've got a party coming up.

I need to get the word out.

Can you help me& of course i can help you.

Here at susan's hallmark, we have a variety of selections of different invitations that we can do for showers, birthday parties, graduation, and even christmas parties& and you print them right here& yes ma'am& and you can have it ready fast& of course i can have it ready by today.

And nancy and i are admiring the great renaldo selection here at susan's hallmark in starkville and i love the bracelet of the month for november.

It looks like a fresh water pearl and it's special priced and for december - the trinity bracelet and what do you have right there& i have a special also, linda.

It's a mississippi state bracelet that's eighty dollars off.

From all of us at susan's hallmark in starkville, merry christmas!


Parkerson jewelers if you're shopping for christmas in starkville, you've got to come by and visit jaime at j.

Parkerson jewelry.

Jaime's been in the business for like, thirty-two years, and he is the expert, and if you have any questions he can help you out with that.

Tell us what's hot this christmas!

One of the hottest things going this year is the diamonds by the yard, known as the station necklaces now.

They were really hot 6-8 years ago and are making a really strong comeback this year.

I've had a lot of calls for those.

I've got them in 14 carot and even sterling silver.

We've got a wide array of anything you might be looking for, anything from stocking stuffers to the big wow!


Really come by and give us a shot you know, before shopping online.

We have everything to pick from and if it's not in stock, it's just a phone call away.

And jaime, don't forget your custom studio, where they can design their own!

Goregeous engagement rings, anniversary rings... anything.


So, jaime, tell them where you are!

We're in college park on russell, come see us for christmas this year!

Starkville nutrition what do you have there, what are you drinking& this is the, ah, funfetti - the funfetti shake& funfetti shake& yes ma'am& thanks, i'm gonna have to try one of those.

Oh, my goodness, we have come into starkville nutrition.

It's kind of upstairs, ah, in the cotton crossing district you know there and it's on russell street and i understand i'm suppose to ask for jackie& jacqueline& jacqueline, okay, and casey, and tell me about the drink that he had in his hand that looked wonderful& that is our funfetti shake.

Um, it's one of our many shakes.

They're all twenty-four grams of protein, two hundred - two hundred fifty calories, low carb and low sugar.

I use it for a really good afternoon snack& what about your loaded tea.

What is that& they are awesome for whenever you feel run down in the afternoon, zero sugar, good for energy, for focus and plus they have vitamins in it so it's really healthy& woo- hoo, that is good!

Don't forget starkville nutrition and, for great stocking stuffers, just load up one of their gift cards.

Luna bella have you ever been in luna bella& they're in cotton crossing in starkville.

This is luna bella's owner, alaina.

We've never been i the store before, tell us about it& well, we're a, um, merle norman cosmetics studio and a full service gift shop.

We carry just a little bit of everything& you sure do and when you say 'full service' you do gift wrapping and everything; babies and& babies, um, home d?cor, kitchen items, fragrances, jewelry.

You name it, we carry it& and, oh, i love your christmas things& oh, well, thank you.

We love christmas.

It's probably our favorite season and, linda, we also have a great selection of gourmet foods: appetizer mixes, dips, cheese balls& yummy, but tell me about this now, ah, these are gorgeous& yes, it's our grandmother's buttons; everything is handmade, it's all vintage and antique buttons made into jewelry& how unique!

Come into luna bella in starkville right off of russell street in the cotton district.

Doodlebugs doodlebugs!

Just a premiere children's clothing and general needs store and just watch your little one's eyes light up when they step inside this christmas wonderland.

And this is just one example of what i'm talking about in doodlebugs, i mean, they have boys and girls; everything that sparkles for the little girls is here and you know they even have a 'tree mendous' art project that you can do with your kids.

Emily blain has just loaded up with brand new things and if you use her baby registry you receive a free - goodness, that's heavy - heavy duty diaper caddy and it also has a carrying case for wipes!

And from zero all the way up to twenty-four months, the babies outfits are just gorgeous and the heirloom line.

You're gonna find a great selection of the cutest christmas pajamas for all the kids in the family all the way up to size ten for the boys and up to size sixteen for the girls.

And if you're a bulldog fan, you're gonna want alkl the kids in the family to be decked out in the best 'msu' outfits; you'll find those at doodlebugs as well.

Doddlebugs also has the best selection in town for your tweens and, believe it or not, for him as well - they've got collered greens, properly tied and all the other brands that you'd expect.

Doodlebugs is going to have a great seletion of shoes for all the kids in the family, from those tassels to the sparkly and even leopard print.

And olivia is helping with the display of the 'love poppy' jewelry that's made right here in starkville.

Olivia loves the jewelry and the bows and everything in your mom's store, don't you.

How many bows do you think your mom has in her store& a hundred billion trillion& exactly and she also has her own name brand.

It's doodlebugs christmas pajamas for little girls, hold your's up real good and high, and little boys and the whole family!

So come to doodlebugs in starkville on main street!

Babyland we are in tupelo today.

We are in baby land.

I am really excited to meet chereth.

She is the new owner of baby land for about a year.

I am seeing baby furniture and nursery furniture.

You have so much.

Tell us about it.

Well we carry franklin and binn.

All the beds, dressers, and chest are carried best of story time series.chairs you can pick your color and fabric.

Style we have plenty to choose from.

Sometimes shoes can be a mystery, but you can count on baby land to fit your feet perfectly from infante to toddlers.

And look at this she has great selection on children clothing.

And just about anything can be monogramed.

From the brand new willow tree.

To peace of mind.

She has it all at baby land on south gloster just across from walmart neighborhood market.

Diamond o western outlet today we are at diamond o western outlet.

You found it by the heards last year you can find it again this year right between houston mississippi and vardaman.

Now while you're taking a little meander around inside the diamond o western outlet..

Yee haw..i'm going to explain something to ya.

This ain't your city fide boutique..this here is a bonafide warehouse full of outlet priced, top of the dag gum line, western clothing and accessories east of the mississippi.

Now just in case you don't know what top of the line means..

That means tony lama, justin, dan post, nakoma, carroul, lucasey, durango, rocky, john beard, wolverine, wrangler jeans..diamond o western outlet.

Now you might not find your size in every style and you might not find your style in every size but that's because it's an outlet.

But partner, when you do rope a find& you're going to ride off into the sunset singing the happiest trail tune anybody every sang& and hey did you know that jessie rhodes works here at diamond o.

Jessie tell us about some the items that you carry.

We have a wide variety of wranglers and we carry a few cinch and..

We have cruel girl and route fourty seven.

We have a big selection of kids boots& and..

Square toed, men square toes and work boots&but speaking of kids& who is this little angel.

This is swazy jo.

She's wearing a little dress.

You have a lot of little children's items here don't you.

Yes mam.

If you're born in the usa and you want your baby to wear spurs you've got to come to diamond o western outlet.

They are right between houston and vardaman on highway eight.

Frye tile we are in colombus today!

And we are at the busy corner of 21st street and 82 main street.

We've come to see kenny frye at frye tile.

I have looked high and low in frye tile for our kenny!

I cannot find him anywhere, i understand he's busy someplace, out on site building houses!

Is that for real?

Yes ma'am!

This is liza, by the way.

She just knows everything that's going on.

This is new to me!

Tell us about it.

We are now building homes, custom homes for people.

We have two subdivisions!


Being built in caledonia.

Prime location, caledonia school district, for families.

They're beautiful custom homes.

That is exciting!

So whereabouts are they located?

One is off of ridge, and one is off of north wolf.

Ridge has nine about homes, and we're hoping to fit about 37-40 homes off of north wolf.

They've got the custom cabinets in the kitchen, granite countertops, beautiful kitchen islands, tiled showers, just beautiful.

So somebody could just come to you and tell you what size home?

Yes, how much square footage they want, we can fit them into the budget they have, and choose their style.

But besides that, you can also do remodels, like the kitchen.

We can put your new custom cabinets in, do your countertops or sinks, all your plumbing fixtures, i mean, it's a one-stop shop.

Come here, we can tear it out and put your new one in.

You don't have to go anywhere else.

Bathrooms too?

Bathrooms also!

We still do small remodels, we can do just backsplashes, we can do just the floor.

We can do any job, size small or large, whatever you need!

That is wonderful!

You know, kenny has been doing this now for 20 years?

Yes ma'am.

That is awesome.

You've got to come into frye tile and get with the new styles, they've got it going on here.

Come to frye tile in columbus!

Park place where have all the name brands gone in columbus.

Park place.

I can't wait for you to meet your columbus neighbor.

This is gale stevens and oh, tell me about your store.

I see that when you first walk in the door there are ladies fashion galore.

Yes, we have ladies fashion statements.

All of your pieces for the ballgames still we're still getting through ballgame season bowl season coming up and holiday fashions.

And then shoes.

Great shoes.

Otbt, blowfish and then you're little cutesy for the young girls.

Oh and speaking of young girls.

Those name brands they've been looking for them everywhere and you have them now.

We do.

Name them off.

Patagonia, southern marsh, southern marsh, properly tied, mountain khakis.

Mountain khaki.

Mountain kacki.

Got the guys covered.



And gail on the other side of the store great gifts.

Mockingbird pottery.



There's just so much here at park place on main street in columbus.

Boat gallery come on..

Step into the boat gallery.

Here on bluecutt road in columbus.

I want to introduce you to donald barksdale.

Donald i've been in here looking around and i am shocked.

I mean i thought boats boats boats, but you have all these great four wheelers for the youth.

Tell me about them.

We have all kinds of kids four wheelers and go carts.

And let me tell you that's the best christmas present a kid can wake up and see on a christmas morning.

And of course you have accessories.

We do.


And we, we have a full sevice department also.

We work on everything we sell.

And donald you know what.

As the diamond ring is to the lady.

So are these to the man.

If you want to give your man a diamond ring.

These are all yamahas.

They are seven hundred fuel injected.

A lot of power four wheel drive.

Do you have an automatic.

Yes, they're all automatic.

Oh, oh.

Oh yes.

Well, what about those outside.

Oh, those are the vicking three seaters and six seaters side by side as they call them.

You can put more people in them.

Carry several people to a duck hunt or just get out and trail ride.

They are four wheel drive.

They've got tops on them.

You can get them with power steering.

They are cool.

That's great!

Of course you have all the boats for archery, shooting fish and every kind of specialty you can imagine for your water sports.

You're just all man toys period.

But there's one more thing you've got to see.

And linda this is it!

This is the new yamaha one thousand y x z.

Whooo& this is the ultimate trail ride&are you kidding me.


This thing..

How fast will it go.

This thing will run like eighty plus miles an hour.

Whoo, wow.

And it's four wheel drive.

Oh my goodness& and power steering.

It is the ultimate man toy.

It is the ultimate.

My goodness.

It's awesome.

I tell you what.

For all your man toys you've got to come to the boat gallery on bluecutt road in columbus.

Thank you so much donald.

Well thank you very much.

You guys come see us because we've got all kinds of toys for the kids and uh again we've got the man toys.

Col vacuum sewing we are in columbus vacuum and sewing and amanda's gonna tell us about the hottest gift us quilting ladies would love to see under the tree& yes, this is the 'p-r-s-one hundred' and you free motion quilting on this embroidery machine.

You can also embroider caps, um, all kinds of different things, it does a thousand stitiches a minute and& self- threading& and it's self- threading and everything& it brings you coffee& well, i don't know about all that, but, you know& this machine right here, it sews and embroideries and this is the 'n-q- thirty-six hundred-b' and it comes equipped with 'disney' already downloaded into it.

This is the 'brother v-m- fifty-one hundred' it comes with a luggage software and scanner, it embroideries, sews and quilts, so for all you quilting lovers, this is the machine to get, right here& wow and it too has the 'mickey mouse'& yes, you can also download 'disney' into this machine also& that is awesome!

You've got to come to columbus vacuum and sewing right here on main street in columbus freddies furniture we're on busy gardner boulevard in columbus where we've stopped to check in on the sparks at freddies.

It's so good to see mary and freddy again.

And we've been featuring family owned businesses and to mary and freddy everybody's family.

But um let me ask freddy what is new that is going on at the furniture store this year.

Well, we've got a wide selection of sofa and loveseat.

We've got the new grannel material on it.

It's the type of material that don't peal.

This year we're featuring a lot more of the higher seating couches.

We've got three pieces available with the accent chair or either the chase lounge.

A lot of different brands we have in.

We have a lot of different payment options that are available for our customers.

We hope they come in and complete an application and we'll see where it goes.

And don't forget freddies has a great selection of recliners.

If anyone can beat me rockin these prices down&you can have my chair&and that's for shore!

Westmoreland cosmedicenter i'd like for you to meet jennifer, regina and rita; they're the professionals at the cosmedicenter - located here in columbus at westmoreland's dermatology center.

Regina is in the process of doing a hydro- facial.

Tell me, what are the benefits of that& exfoliation and it also infuses antioxidants into the skin.

Jennifer, what other procedures do you offer at the cosmedicenter& we offer microneedling, sublative and sublime, we also hav an herbal body wrap and scrub and free consultations.

And regina has me all set up to do some laser hair removal& that's right, linda, we also offer skin tightening ansd also rosacea treatments and much more& and rita& yes, we have, ah, access to two doctors, two nurse practioners and a staff of nurses& and a room full of medical grade products& yes, the 'zo' line by doctor obagi& we offer our gift cards.

Let us help you get ready for christmas& you gotta come and get ready for christmas at the cosmedicenter in columbus emerson animal hospital emerson animal hospital it is known best in the south.

This is doctor karen, stephanie, and mary.

With all our friends tell us what is going on for christmas.

Well we have so much going on for christmas.

We have a lot of different packages.

Treats you can come get for your pets.

They are totally safe.

You should know if give them they won't get an upset stomach on christmas morning.we have really good dental chews.

Differents types of detal chews.

Your own brand.

Yes we also have a full own brand of all kind of products.

Shampoos, from treats to everything.

We also have a wonderful boarding place.

If you are going out of town.

You want your animals to board somewhere really safe.

And we offer daycare.

Thats excellent.

I understand you are giving away gift package.

Yes, we are doing a christmas basket worth 150 dollars.

When you come in for a visit with your animal you actually can put your name in for a drawing.

It will be drawing a week before much to talk about here.

You are a full service animal hospital at emerson animal hospital in west point mississippi on broad street.


And remember your pets will thank you.

Petal pushers christmas is happening right here at petal pushers in west point!

Scott reed, you are amazing.

Tell us what the trend is this year.

Well, we've got a lot of exciting things for christmas this year.

We've got everything from the vintage farmhouse look, to glitz and fancy and all that kind of stuff, so anything anyone needs for christmas this year.

And scott, christmas started in the manger.

So farmhouse is just natural, am i right?

That's exactly right, its perfect for christmas, we really enjoy looking for unique nativities to bring back to our customers here in west point and in golden triangle, and with a farmhouse theme, there's nothing that goes any better than that.

Of course, anything that lights up with the color of christmas is perfect for any family that has children that will be guests this christmas.

Children or adults, i don't know anyone that doesn't enjoy lights at christmastime.

We can't talk about christmas gifts without talking about our hobo bags that we carry.

Everyone loves the hobo handbags.

We have wallets, shoulder bags, game day bags, just about anything for anyone on your christmas list.

And scott, i understand that these bags are really hot right now.

These are a hot item on everybody's christmas list and on our list, because we can't even keep them in stock.

This is the new bogg bag, it's just about indestructable, you can clean it, it comes in a lot of different colors, couple of different sizes.

They are great for pool bags or beach bags or teacher bags or laptop bags, just about anything.

And you even have an insert!

An insulated insert that goes in either size and turns it into a cooler.

This whole tree reminds me of my childhood.

This is one of my favorites in the store, this is our vintage look this year.

It really makes you think of christmas past.

But we haven't neglected christmas present, we've got a lot of trendy things in the store, a lot of great popular gift items, our voluspa candles, which are always so exciting.

We have corkcicle, we have our traditional christopher radcoat ornaments, the timeless cuthberts and christmas china, we've got something for everyone here at petal pushers!

B & b furniture just take a gander..take a look at this..

Oh..we're at b and b furniture and living room suits.

They are gorgeous.

Living room, bedroom, dining room, we've upgraded everything to the new styles.

We've completely re-done the floor um.

So we're hoping everyone will come in and hopefully see something for christmas.

And this time of year everybody needs new mattresses for that company coming in.

Whatcha got?

Oh we have jamison, capital, ashley, serta all sizes from firm, sof t, medium so.


And you need to wrap these gorgeous bedroom suites around those mattresses.

Great deals on the bedroom suites right now for christmas.

And guess what.

Keith said that if you'll come in and mention swl, which is shopping with linda, then you'll get up to twenty percent off anything in the store.

Swl at b and b furniture.

Lann hardware do you know that lann hardware has been open here in aberdeen since 1879?

And 50 years of that, they've been popping popcorn every morning for their hungry customers!

Did you know, this is a trench shovel?

I mean, you're going to find tools at lann hardware that i challenge you to find anywhere else.

And lann hardware is the perfect spot to come and find things for christmas!

Like this tree- wheeled tricycle for adults, all kinds of cookers, from propane fires to smokers.


An incredible selection of all kinds of knives!

These are old timers.

And of course the case, highly collectible case knives.

And you can get instant heat if you come to lann hardware, because they have the portable propane, they have mr. heater in several different sizes, and even the infrared quartz tower heater.

And for sprucing up the house for the holidays, there's no place like lann hardware.

The have the valspar paints, a complete collection, even the valspar spray paints.

And did you know, that next year lan hardware will be celebrating their 140th anniversary?

It's quite the spot.

Come to aberdeen and explore lann hardware!

Buxton jewelry & music stressing and freating about what to get her this year.

Stop it and step into buxton's.

Buxton's selection this year is unmatched.

And bonnie has made sure that you have a lot of financing options available to you as well.

So go for it guys.

This will be the christmas you steal her heart.

Diamonds, precious stones, silver, gold and platinum.

Buxton's has the piece you're looking for.

Perfect for the puctual person.

Choose from buxton's excellent selection of watches.

For the executive, the casual, the sportsman or how about a dazzling diamond watch so you won't miss the clock stricking midnight.

Nothing goes better with that little black dress than pearls.

So make this the year she gets her very own.

Look for buxton's online and then make a b-line for buxton's on main street in aberdeen.

Buxton music central& and lane is playing a yamaha p45 88 key weighted digital piano and deshman is playing a blue ridge br 160 adarondak spruce top acoustic..


And you may not know that buxton music central is one of the oldest and best stocked music stores in the state.

That's right linda.

We've been here since 1950 and we carry a large selection of peavy gear&yamaha keyboards of all types&takamini ventura blue ridge guitars, yukalalees, hanar harmonicas, and music accessories of all types.

One of the largest inventories in musical accessories in the area.

And i love that you have it even for the little ones, the children as well.

That's right.

Beginner guitars, violins we..we have it.

That's in aberdeen.

Come see lane at buxton music central.

Ashley's hey everybody!

Here comes eli in his easy rider!

Eli's coming& to ashley's!

And boy eli did come into ashley's didn't he and so should everyone else.

She's right here in aberdeen.

And you are the new toys r ashley.

Yes, we have tons of toys for girls and boys.

Madam alexander.

We have dinasaours, john deer, robots.

Un uh.

Everything you can think of for a girl or boy.

So many dolls.

Beautiful dolls.

And big ride on toys from big to small.


We have a wide variety of shoes for boys and girls.

Miss katie is wearing livy and luku.

We also have mini melissas and also balto for tweens.

Twas the night before christmas and all the kids were dressed in the cutest pjs.

We have a large selection of boys and girls pajamas that are available to be monogrammed.

We do a great monogramming in store.

They go from new born all the way up to a size sixteen for girls and boys.

I bet eli is the best dressed young man in aberdeen.

He sure is.

We carry a large selection for boys in our store.

Starting from under armour all the way up to properly tied.

Also a lot of dress button up shirts for young men.

We also carry j bailey.

Boy ashley you can tell you have a lot of little divas in your family.

You know how to bring in the fun stuff.

Yes, we have lots of sparkle in this store.

From bows to shoes to clothes& we also, we start from new born all the way up to tweens for all of our clothes.

We have lots of brands from ppla for tween also bana split for our younger girls.

We have a lot to choose from here.

These are quality things too.

You're gonna even find a nativity done in smocking here.

It's beautiful.

Yes we have a great selection for boys and girls for all ages.

Come see us at ashley's.

On main street.

Ruth's warehouse you can not come into aberdeen and not come into ruth's warehouse!

As soon as she's finished with this customer, we're going to go over and find something that she made just for me!

Look at this, isn't it absolutley to die for?

She made it just for me!

They do all kinds of beautiful custom, custom things.

Anything somebody can dream up, you can come up with it.

And the coolest thing about ruth's warehouse is that you can come in and pick out your own materials, anything that catches your eye, hand it over to cindy or william, and a plain wreath can turn out as beautiful as this!

And they have so many other exciting things to find at ruth's warehouse.

And hold on!

Don't leave ruth's yet!

You've got to step right next door to this!


It's huge!

It's a 23- vendor sort of mini antique mall.

It's called c and j's.

But not just antiques, you're also going to find several different boutiques with the latest fashions and accessories and jewelry!

Even crafty items that would make great one of a kind gifts!

So stop in ruth's c and j warehouse


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