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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Charles Toney attorney press conference

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Charles Toney attorney press conference
Charles Toney attorney press conference

The new civil rights attorney for Charles Attorney says the deputy seen on video punching him while cuffed, should be fired and fired.

A man who was arrested after being punched and kicked by a hamilton county sheriff's deputy is speaking out.

Civil rights attorney lee merritt traveled from philadelphia to look into the case.

News 12's robyn estabrook joins us live in the studio with the latest today charles toney was joined by his lawyer, family members and friends who spoke out in support of him.

They say toney was a victim of police brutality and they don't want anything like that to happen again.

We first met charles toney back in june on let's chatt.

He is a rapper and goes by the name interstate tax.

He was promoting a charity kickball game that encouraged men to be role model for children.

"there is a chance to be a fatherly figure to someone else.

So here to tell us more about it all is steve bedford and brandon woodruff and they are organizers of the event.

I want to welcome you guys.

We also have interstate tax.

There you go."

Recently video surfaced of toney being arrested.

You can see a deputy, who was identified at blake kilpatrick, kick and punch toney while he is handcuffed.

"i was outraged.

I was angered.

I unfortunately have to see videos like this far too often."

His attorney lee merritt wants toney's charges dropped and kilpatrick fired.

Lee merritt/ civil right's attorney "we want his badge.

We want him behind bars where he belongs."

He says a report stating toney spit at deputieis is false.

"regardless when you have a handcuffed suspect, in the way that we saw in this video there is simply no justification for the use of that kind of violent force."

According to meriit, this incident shouldn't have happened in the first place because toney had already arranged to surrender.

"their presence there alone was an abusive force.

They allege it was apart of a wider warrant roundup.

Mr. toney should not have been involved in any kind if warrant roundup.

That in of itself, the initial encounter was a violation of an agreement between the party and illegally violated his civil rights."

Toney's friends say they will continue to speak up until there is change.

Brandon woodruff "i promise you we will not let up and if that means we have to turn chattanooga into ferguson, we will.

And i promise you we are not playin."

Merritt says toney sustained several injuries including a collapsed lung.

The hamilton county sheriff's office says the medical intake report showed none of those injuries.

Kilpatrick is one of several deputies who named in a lawsuit by the family of a man who was killed in an officer involved shooting in 2017.

Live in the studio robyn estabrook, news 12 now.


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