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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 11, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 11, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 11, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, the Department of Justice has charged hundreds of people who had allegedly defrauded people over 60.

It's the largest crackdown in the Department's history for elder fraud schemes.

And Fitbits are being used to monitor post-operative patients and their walking habits.

It's helping hospitals determine the length of time patients will need to stay.

And we introduce this week's Educator of the Week Celsie Staggers who has a novel approach to teaching her students how to read music!

Plat woing working from home.

It sounds like a great deal.

But watch out for scammers.

And, a new basketball shoe for little girls--thanks to a little girl.

Plus, another "world o mothers" installment.

Midmorning starts right now.

The department of justice has brought charges against hundreds of defendants who allegedly targeted people over 60.

Attorney general william barr and other law enforcement officials say it's the department's largest-ever nationwide crackdown on elder fraud schemes.

Demarco morgan reports.

The justice department is taking aim at financial scams targeting older americans.

"this is particularly despicable crime, because, and it's a massive and growing problem..."

Attorney general william barr on thursday announced the results of the latest federal crackdown on elder fraud.

"... it's despicabl because the people involved are vulnerable and because of their stage in life, they don't have the opportunity, frequently, to recover."

In the past year, criminal and civil charges have been filed against 260 defendants... "... who allegedl defrauded more than two million americans of more than three- quarters of a billion dollars..."

Officials say the scammers will target nearly anyone... among their would-be victims was 95-year-old william webster, the former head of both the c-i-a and the f-b-i.

"my husban received a phone call from someone claiming to be the head of a mega millions lottery.

// "the catch was bill needed to send him $50,000 in cash to pay the taxes on the lottery."

The caller's tone soon went from solicitous to threatening.

"when i got o the phone, he basically said that he was going to kill me."

The swindler was arrested last year.

"i feel so sorr for older people who get this good news of the money they've won - and they're gonna be terribly disappointed."

The d-o-j says older consumers are more likely to fall for scams that involve computers and the internet... because many aren't tech- savvy enough to recognize them.

Demarco morgan, cbs news, new york.

Anyone who suspects they're being targeted by scammers is urged to contact the fbi or other law enforcement officials.

A new report from better busines bureau looks at the riskiest scams and finds employment scams are now number one.

Anna werner shows us how one man became a victim and is now paying the price.

Brad helding wanted some extra work.

So he posted his resume on some job sites and soon got an email from a company calling itself 'delta express couriers' 12:18:55 it certainly sounded appealing to me at the time the job?

An offer to work from home as a 'purchase clerk', buying electronics in large quanties, then shipping them to the company's clients, mostly overseas the job paid over $72 thousand dollars a year, plus bonuses.

And helding says he did his research&&chec king the company's website and sacramento location& it all seemed up front to me.

The company then sent him two-thousand dollars - so he bought iphones at this best buy&.and shipped them off as instructed.

He says for the next batch of purchases, the company told him to temporarily use his own credit card - but provided bank account and routing numbers he could use to reimburse himself for those expenses.

It worked - until he called his card company a few weeks later: she says i need to tell you that this account is stolen and you are not authorized to make payments from that account.

When he reached out to the company... emails came back undeliverable... and phones calls went unanswered.

"thank you fo calling delta express courier" it turned out, all the transactions were fraudulent - including that original two- thousand dollar 'payment'.

Now, brad hendling is out what he paid for the electronics: over 35- thousand dollars.

It was horrible, it was a horrible feeling he's one of thousands of americans who fall for employment scams. the better business bureau's melissa trumpower... 13:56:45 scammers definitely use at home opportunities, because they know people are looking for those opportunities adam levin's company cyberscout has been looking into helding's case, which he says shows indications of criminal syndicates& because they're laundering money.

So they get him to buy 30- thousand dollars' worth of electronics and they go and sell the 30- thousand dollars of electronics and they've got clean money.

So // now the money is clean.

It's been laundered.

Work at home job scams are extremely common and the bbb says you should be very, very careful about them - especially if the company contacts you, as they did in this case.

Anna werner, cbs news, new york.

Did you negotiate pay with your last job offer?

If so, you're not alone.

A new report shows more professionals are asking for higher compensation.

Mary moloney has a closer look and tips for negotiating your salary this year.

This 20-19... know your worth and put your bargaing power to work.

More professionals are asking for higher pay this year compared to last year.

That's according to new research from the global staffing firm "robert half.

The data finds more than 55- percent of surveyed professionals tried to negotiate a higher salary with their last employment offer.

That's a 16-point jump from the firm's 2018 survey.

Beverly harzog, us news & world report // "some peopl are finding that they're living month to month, barely making their expenses and they feel like they need a raise."

If you're a job seeker-- experts say follow these three tips to negotiate your salary.

Number one: look up what your pay should be based on your experience and industry.

Beverly harzog, us news & world report // "do you research.

And don't be afraid to ask for what you're worth.

You deserve it and you should get it."

Number two-- arm yourself with that information and write up a formal proposal to your boss.

And finally-- when it comes to negotiating money-- never give out the first number.

Beverly harzog, us news & world report // "keep you number to yourself.

Make the boss talk first.

Get what the company thinks they should pay you."

Experts say it pays to be familiar with industry salary trends-- because you can demand more based on what others are getting in your same position and experience level.

For consumer watch-- i'm mary moloney.

The survey also found men and younger workers were more likely to request a larger salary.

Mission accomplished.

A little gir's letter to an nba superstar ---an his response when midmorning returns.

A loange a los angeles hospital is using fitbits to measure how much patients walk after surgery.

As chris martinez explains, doctors say it's helping predict how quickly a patient will be discharged.

"nice big ste with the left foot, yeah&" less than 24 hours after hip surgery, richard carpenter is back on his feet.

A fitbit on his wrist - counting every step.

"it's the bes medicine to tell you the truth, because with hips you'll get a limp and if you don't exercise regularly, they can't get rid of it."

Richard is among a number of patients at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles wearing fitbits to monitor how much they walk after surgery.

"one of the mos important criteria for getting patients to leave the hospital and be able to be at home is to make sure they're walking and they're able to walk on their own."

Dr. tim daskivich led a study tracking patient's post surgery steps and found... for every 100 steps taken, the patient decreased the length of their hospital stay by 4 percent.

The study focused on 8 different surgeries - and revealed walking was critical for recovery across the board.

"what we foun was the closer your step count was to a thousand steps on the first day after a major operation, the lower likelihood that you were gonna be in the hospital for a prolonged amount of time."

To help encourage walking - cedars- sinai created an app that guides patients on tours of the hospital's art collection and tells them how many steps it takes to get to each piece.

Tv monitors in rooms also display the patient's progress.

"good, good& richard says tracking his steps motivates him to keep going.

"you get up an play the game, i've got a goal& 1,000 steps by 6pm, we'll see if i make it j" he hopes each step gets him closer to going home.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

Patients are also encouraged to walk after surgery to try and reduce the risk of blood clots.

An australian woman's quest to complete 100 marathon in 100 days didn't go exactly as planned but what happened instead may be even more inspiring.

Nikki battiste has her story, it's part of cbs this morning's series "a more perfec union" which aim to show that what unites us is far greater than what divides us.

48 year old australian native mina guli wants people to know, she didn't set out to run 2- thousand-six- hundred twenty miles for the exercise& mina guli: "&whe i tell people i'm running 100 marathons, instantly they think i'm running 100 marathons because i like running& nikki battiste: "&do you lik running?

Mina guli: 10:35:34 no.

First race in running dry marathon series the 100 marathon challenge was born out of what guli calls: "necessity".

S is the founder and c-e-o of thirst, a non- profit created to help battle water scarcity around the globe.

By the year 2050, the united nations says as many as 5.7 billion people ácouldá be living in these areas, without easy access to one of life's most essential resources.

Mina guli: most people have no idea.

So i wanted to run because i wanted to make saving water famous.

First race in running dry marathon series "&one down, 99 t go&" guli's journey began at the new york city marathon this past november& london, paris, jordan, australia, india and continued to log her miles in some of the most iconic and remote locations on earth -- winding her way through six continents, all spots that have suffered dangerous water shortages.

But after 62 days in, her body hit the brakes& &i'd had quite severe pain in my leg.

The pain had gotten so bad that i couldn't walk.// i was diagnosed with having a-- fracture in my right femur.

Nikki battiste: what are you feeling in that moment?

Mina guli: i felt that i had everybody down.

Nikki battiste: and then you got on your social media.

Mina guli: messages started to come through on my phone // it was people who i didn't know who offered to donate distance to the campaign.

We've had people on all seven continents, including antarctica, running for us, running for me, for water&" being pushed in wheelchair whether they were "literally helping ápushá guli toward her goal -- or running on their own -- strangers from around the world collectively completed nearly 20 thousand miles in only 38 days.

All culminating back in new york city -- for the 99th and 100th marathons -- where her unthinkable mission began& mina guli: "&th support from around the world has inspired me to keep going even when i thought all was lost.

It's shown me that even though each one of us is an individual, together we can make a huge change&" in all, strangers from around the world ran 748 marathons in mina's name, far surpassing the remaing 38 she need to complete her goal.

Nikki battiste, cbs news, new york.

Mina embarked on this journey against the advice of her doctors who cautioned her against running so many marathons, citing her age and physical health.

There has been a lot of buzz around women this month and their contributions to society.

Sometimes those contributions come from unexpected sources, like a nine- year- old girl who wrote a letter to n-b-a superstar steph curry.

She wanted to know why his shoe line was not sold to girl to girls in the ágirls' sectioná of the under armour website.

Dana jacobson has this update.

"no fraction this week?

Nope ..."

9-year old riley morrison is like most 4th graders: lots of home work ... puts filter in tank ... chores around the house, and, her favorite past time, basketball.

Makes shot, high 5, "ohhh!!!

But last november, her life changed forever when she noticed sneakers designed by her favorite n-b-a player, stephen curry, apparently weren't available in girls' sizes.

"i was thinkin this isn't fair ..."

So she wrote a letter ... to steph curry himself.

"i hope you ca work with under armour to change this because girls want to rock the curry fives too ..."

"look at al your stuff on the windows!"

"that's cool!

Three months later that letter is bringing riley and her family to this under armour pop-up store in oakland, the hometown of curry's golden state warriors.

"i'm so proud o you ..."

"when yo wrote that letter, what did you want to happen?"

"i just wanted i to change cause i didn't think it was fair" "did you expec to hear from him?"

"no, i didn' expect it" "can i ad something?"

"i heard yo were back here talking ..."

It turns out not only did curry read the letter, but it inspired him and under armour to change the way they market the shoes to girls.

"how you doing great to see you ..."

"good to see yo ..."

But they didn't stop there.

They invited riley to design the artwork on the inside of a new version of the shoe.

"i wanted t make sure she was a part of that, and so it's awesome to be here to see the entire story come full circle" "it's two girl playing basketball and some encouraging words behind it" "i'll let you d the honors, just pull straight down on that lock ..."

And now it's time for riley to see firsthand what writing a simple letter can do ... "it's cool!

"... and it's cool right?"


"it's definitel built up my confidence.

Before i wasn't very confident.

I was really shy.

So this definitely helped that" "how much prid do you take when you see that, knowing it's yours, can you even describe what that's like?"

"no ..

... i can't!"

"that's good.

I means you did something special!"

"i'm gonna gra your ... i'm like the foot locker specialist ... i'll grab that for you ..."

"yeah the timing of riley getting her shoes is no coincidence.

Later tonight, she'll wear these new kicks center court at the warriors game, on international women's day, right alongside her idol and part-time pen pal.

"i want when grow up to be just like him// i just wanna be able to do -- well, at least be as good as he is" dana jacobson, oakland, california.

Inur s in our series, "the world o mothers," we ar looking at what motherhood means around the globe.

This morning, our focus is on a community healing from tragedy.

Debora patta visited a small village in northern kenya, where a group of women have come to live together.


Debora patta - foreign correspondent - johannesburg, south africa 4.

Judy lelumbe - umoja mother time: 01:08 - 01:15 7.

Lucy larapora - umoja mother time: 02:45 - 02:57 10.

Debora patta - foreign correspondent - johannesburg, south africa time: live in our series, "the world o mothers," we ar looking at what motherhood south africa time: live in our series, "the world o mothers," we ar looking at what motherhood means around the globe.

This morning, our focus is on a community healing from tragedy.

Debora patta visited a small village in northern kenya, where a group of women have come to live together.

Men are ánotá allowed there.

She is in johannesburg, south africa, where she is based.

Script: it's hard enough to be a woman in samburu& but without a child here, you are regarded as nothing.

Diana lekanta proved her worth by having three children - including six month old baby tau.

Like so many women in african countries - where there is poverty - children are your riches.

Couns countries - where there is poverty - children are your riches.

It can come at a cost though.

Lekanta's husband beat her constantly.

No longer able to stand it - she fled here to umoja - the village where men are banned.

Dp: 'how does it feel to be a mother here without men?'

Dl: 'fantastic - no stress' she says dp: ' yes, i understood that' 'stress- free is a word you hear often in umoja ... what it really means is that these women no longer have to fear the men who hurt them.'

In samburu a woman has a 95 percent chance of being beaten by her husband.

Judy lelumbe was 12 when she was forced to marry a fifty year old man.

'he was beating me again... so that's why i came again here and i say i decided now i cannot go back again' now three months pregnant, judy already has two daughters - her dream is that they will get the education she was denied as a child-bride.

Umoja has set up it's own school where children receive a free education.

Curiously for an all-women community - there are a lot of children around.

Jl: 'it's a good life because we believe that if you don't have child then you are not a women'// 'it's allowed for young ladies like me to go and find your boyfriend outside but you cannot bring the village.'

Dp: 'so the boyfriend stays there and you can fall pregnant?'

Jl: 'yes, if i want a baby i can go out to get.'


It is the women who make all the decisions here.

They build their own homes, with woven twigs for walls - dried cow manure for the roof... ... and sell beautiful hand- made beadwork - the money earned, shared equally.

What is left is put away for emergencies.

When lucy larapora's two year old son fell ill with malaria - that emergency fund meant she could take him to a clinic and buy life-saving medicine.

But umoja provides so much more than financial stability... the village elders provide a sense of community and even fun.

They are also there to help turn these young women, into young mothers ... 'here it's ok because one mother can come and show you how to breastfeed... they come and show you what you have to eat... everything' lucy grew up in umoja - her mother was a founding member - she got pregnant with a man outside the village but chose to live here - she wants her son jeremy to break the cycle of bad samburu men.

: 'i just encourage him to be a good man, don't beat your wife, dont give her any stress.'

The women of umoja don't have a lot - but they have each other.

And thats enough to make sure no child goes hungry and growing up, they never experience the torment their mothers went through.

Patta tag: deborah patta, cbs news, johannesburg, south africa.

When we return, our educator of the week.

Mid en re w,tu when we return, our educator of the week.

Mid morning will be right back.

Pre eparto g prepare to give an encore to the teacher who's classroom is her stage, and whose students are her thespians.

Here's renae skinner with the educator of the week.

Track: if you don't know how to read music--it turns out--in misses celsie staggers class--you can learn with your-- feet!

Vo over sot--" have a flare for the dramatic and i really enjoy the wallflower--to come out and away from the wall" o yeah--and the game gets faster by the minute.

Track: consider it a trick to plant the seed of music--to these 2nd graders.

Sot: celsie staggers/eow--" was introducing the musical staff there is 5 lines and 4 spaces from the bottom going up and they get to jump to different lines and spaces based on what i say..butted sot "next week wil transition to the letters that goes with that...abcdefg...t he musical alphabet that repeats" track: misses staggers is a drama and music instructor at annuciation catholic school.

Once the melody stops---it's time for an acting lesson.

And boy do they get into character!

Sot: misses staggers/eow--" hey start with their eyes down..and we say 3- 2-1 look...and they look up and they lock eyes with someone and they can't move their eyes.

But if the person starring back at them isn't starring back at them they have to and fall to the ground" tr cacinur track: curtain call for her--means getting her kids ready for the spotlight-- whether it's on the stage or in the real world.

Sot: misses staggers/eow--" we'll do activities like intros and applause where they stand up and they do an introduction of their name and one thing about themselves..the n they have to stand there while the whole class claps and they have to just stand there and drink it in" track: misses staggers didn't know she'd be playing the same game--after i walked in to give her the educator of the week award.

Mrs. staggers class will be putting on a production of willy wonka, april 4th and 5th.

We'll be right back to wrap things

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